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Favorite TV Show(s)

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Personally, I like "The Office" and "Family Guy" because they are histerical. "The Office" uses more smart humor, whereas "Family Guy" is just "stupid" humor, if you will.

Wanted to see what show(s) everyone else liked and why.
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Yea, in the novel they are slow zombies. A ton of fans of WWZ are having a huge problem with this change; however, nothing churns my stomach more than a group of fast zombies coming at me at full spee

Ahh! We're fixed now. :-P For all you crazy people who haven't seen it yet.[/quote] Jamo is to Jesse Pinkman as Erik is to Walter White :-P Tiger is Gus Fring. Hank is Dave Wedzik. Mvmac is Gomey.


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Some of my favorites, with video assists from Hulu...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (raunchy, madcap comedy)

Psych (prognostication meets buddy movie, with a liberal dosage of 80s pop culture references)

Parks and Recreation (strong ensemble cast with a Midwestern sensibility)

Community (hits close to home to a perpetual college student; plus, Ken Jeong is the man)
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Television begins and ends with The Wire . Season 4 in particular is a masterpiece.

Its fan-base is comprised of people with legitimate attention spans who read books regularly. If you don't fall into this population, don't even bother. The writers spoon feed you nothing.
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The Office because it's hilarious, and House because it's my favorite hospital show, and everyone needs to have a hospital show.
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NCIS . Every time I start watching it, I can't stop. And they have 3 or 4 straight episodes on USA (I believe it's USA) a few nights a week. Just can't pull myself away from it. I also enjoy House .
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Right now it's Big Love. It's amazing the way Bill manages to weave his way through the complicated situations he encounters in business, and religion, yet still manages three wives.
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Arabs with nukes,,Russians with nukes,,,LA gets blown up,,,NY same same..Jack gets caught Jack gets tortured, 10 min later Jack kills bad guy...but I still watch every week..

2nd choice,,,joel mchale The Soup.
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could not agree more about the wire. i think that every season was great television. i have the box set and will start over from the beginning every so often just to pick up on new things. Such a great show all around exposing the drug game. not to mention it takes place in my hometown.
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    • Not sure about middle schoolers, but I found out at some point early in my golf playing that the high school I went to was notorious for cheating at golf.  Supposedly the coach had players cut a hole in a pocket so they could drop a ball.  I didn't play in high school, but I know who the golf coach was when I was there and it wouldn't surprise me if he did that. I didn't realize there was a reason to not clean one's clubs.  After a shot, I'll almost always wet then dry the face of a club, and I'll check if a face is clean before I hit and will give it a quick wiping before hitting if I think it needs it.  I thought that I did was far more common practice. 
    • No clue how to repair something like that, but I am wondering how a club gets a dent like that in it. That is a serious crater.
    • I’m not an expert on this subject by any means but I would say no it can’t be fixed. Caught my attention because I have the g400 3h and it’s a great club. 
    • I know this is a rare bird and there may not be any help other than trashing the head after pulling the shaft.  On a whim, I found a Ping G400 4h real cheap on the 'bay ($30 plus $15 so I am about $ 50 in).  I knew there were some serious scratches on top, but did not really look at the photos to notice it has a major dent on the top near the toe side.  It is on the way here, so I don't have any actual photos to share.  Here is the photo from the auction.  My real questions are - can the head be repaired (I have been researching this and there is not a lot out there as it relates to golf clubs)?  If repaired, does it become a "non-conforming" club per USGA rules, I don't think it matters as I am not planning to enter any tourney's any time soon.  This may be a grand adventure as I have read that applying heat with a heat gun, followed by Dust-It type spray (CO2) to super chill will get the metal to move.  Will have to see....  
    • Day 284: Worked a bit on my priority pieces with a new drill to feel the left leg push back. Then worked on tempo.
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