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Heard of Maltby/Golfworks?

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Maltby/GolfWorks has basically three parts to its operation.

First, it serves as a wholesaler and retailer of standard golf components such as shafts, grips and golf shop assembly hardware and related materials. They handle wholesaling for True Temper, Mitsubishi, KGB and most major shaft makers, as well as some Maltby in-house shaft designs. (Note: They do not handle proprietary shaft models custom made for a specific OEM club model - no Callaway-only or TaylorMade-only shafts).

Second, it produces component heads for all categories of golf clubs. They do all their head design in-house. You can got direct-to-customer to them and have them build the clubs for you, or you can get the components and do it yourself. Related to head design is testing of OEM irons and shafts to get the Maltby Playability Factor ratings.

In our area, if you want a reshaft, smaller golf shop will often have you order the shafts and grips from GolfWorks and bring them to the shop once they arrive.

Third, it has basic through advanced training on club and shaft fitting, assembly and repair. Along with brand specialty schools offered by OEM such as Callaway and TaylorMade, the GolfWorks Academy is a major source of professional training in this area.

I attended the basic three-day fitting, assembly and repair course in 2012. Half the class were OJT industry pros, the other half (including me) were golf hobbyists who wanted to learn more about working on clubs.

As far as Maltby-component clubs, they are durable and can undercut the major club manufacturers by 25-50% on cost. Only drawback: resale or trade-in value is not very high, outside the Maltby users community.


History note: Golf Galaxy bought the Maltby/GolfWorks operation in 2006, and Dick's Sporting Goods bought the Galaxy operation in 2007. Original owner and designer Ralph Maltby is largely retired.

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  • Completed KBS Education Seminar (online, 2015)
  • GolfWorks Clubmaking AcademyFitting, Assembly & Repair School (2012)

Driver:  :touredge: EXS 10.5°, weights neutral   ||  FWs:  :callaway: Rogue 4W + 7W
Hybrid:  :callaway: Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  :callaway: Mavrik MAX 5i-PW
Wedges:  :callaway: MD3: 48°, 54°... MD4: 58° ||  Putter:image.png.b6c3447dddf0df25e482bf21abf775ae.pngInertial NM SL-583F, 34"  
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    • If you carry your 7 around 170 why do you want players distance irons? Just for the forgiveness? Clearly you've got some speed so you don't necessarily need more distance.  Obviously this is hard to say without seeing you hit any shots, but I think you'd be a great candidate for something like a P770, T150, Apex CB, or at least a combo set. Have you hit all of those clubs you mentioned? It's difficult to list pros because everyone's swings are different. What you need out of an iron is going to be different than what I (or someone else) needs. The "pros" to switching would be evident in a fitting. Tighter dispersion both horizontally and vertically, improved turf interaction, more appealing to the eye, etc. I can't say if you will get any of those things as a result of switching or not. I had just kind of assumed you'd get fit before making the switch. 
    • Picked up two away birdies today at Jamestown CC in RI. Short par 4 third hole and the par 5 sixth hole. 
    • I carry my 7-iron around 170 yards. The ground is really soft here in Upstate NY so not a lot of run. @klineka The fairway/hybrid gapping isn’t as much of an issue as one would think. I get flyers with the E722s from the fairway. Are there pros to switching?   @ChiTown It might be a good idea to get fit, because what do I know I’m just a 7 handicap.
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    • I thought it was a little premature in the messaging to be preaching the dangers of gambling. I agree with the premise of the content and it is surely a problem for him and his family. Maybe they didn't lose a house or whatever but there has to be a psychological and emotional toll on his family. But lets see you not bet more than one day in a row before you get on the bandwagon.  I like Phil as a player/personality, but this just rubbed me the wrong way. I don't think he should get the pats on the back for doing the right thing just yet. Put a track record together, help some people out, and let someone else bring the attention to the situation. 
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