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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

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Goals For 2009:

  1. Get my handicap down to 1 or better
  2. Win at least one of my 2 clubs championship
  3. Find the perfect putter (fat chance of that happening )
  4. Practice much much much more
Think i have a good shot at them all except maybe No. 3
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- Multiple wins on the Golden State and Pepsi Tours

Got win number one out of the way. Have a good idea of practice vs play ratio. Didn't qualify for the Buick, got LA tomorrow. Have, unfortunately, had some 3-putts.
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-#1 goal for 2009 is to break 80. I shot an 80 twice last year and had at least 10 rounds in the lower 80s last year.

-Be more consistent. I have a problem with having lobsided front and back 9s. For example I played last weekend and shot 56 on the front, 42 on the back. Then the next day I shot 45 on the front, and I stopped counting on the back.

-Perfect practice daily. I don't care what it is or how short it may be, but I want to practice something in my game at least once a day and do it the right way.

-Get my handicap below 12. I know it's possible despite what my current handicap says.

-Look like a good golfer. My swing and mannerisms on the course make me look like a hacker. I want to become a true player of the game.

-Learn as much as possible about the game of golf. From reading books to talking to PGA pros and other players, I want this to be a year of learning.

-Get a hole in one. I know this sounds like an absurd goal, but I like setting challenges for myself and what better challenge than the elusive hole in one. And who doesn't want to be a pin seeker on par 3s?
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Started playing August 08.

-By August 09 I want to be breaking under 80 regularly. (Will still be happy if by 2010 I accomplish this.)

-Figure out how to average a 270yd driver carry.

-Get my 5i distance to 190-210.

-Get an Eagle.

-Complete my golf bag -- need about ~$500 more to put into it.

-Be good enough to rock an awesome animal headcover without be judged :)

-Consistently be able to stop and check the ball on short chips.
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1. STOP BUYING EQUIPMENT! (except maybe a new driver with less loft and a stiffer shaft)
2. Bring my handicap to the single digits, preferably an 8 or lower, which shouldn't be too difficult from a 10.2
3. Take my time with each and every shot instead of just walking up and hitting it like I do for 90% of all my shots/putts.
4. Actually think about course management and stop going for the gusto regardless of how improbable the chance of me successfully executing the right shot.
5. Don't hit into the group ahead of me :(
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Hit more greens and less putts.
Hit the small ball before the big ball(planet earth)
Hit more fairways and less trees.
Drink more beer on course and less water.
Avoid slow play and get out of the bunkers in one shot.
Try to look and feel excited when practising chipping.
Make more friends during match play than life long enemies.
That's mine, good luck with yours.
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1. Get much better in pitching and chipping
2. Improve consistency with 5i and 6i
3. Break 90 consistently and get handicap to 15.

If I am fairly succesful with 1), number 3) should come automatically.
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I'll give myself a "B" if I can get to single digits. That is my main goal, to shave just 3.2 strokes.

I deserve a "B+" if I can get to 8.9 (more pars than bogies).

I'll only give myself an "A" if I get to 7.1. To do so I only need to shave one stroke every 3 holes. Easier said than done.

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cap under 7.5


Cap under 5 Shoot Even or better 3 times Play 100 rounds 3 Top 10's on Titleist Tour Qualify for Nike Tour Other set wasnt shootin high enough. If you never fail miserably how do you expect to achieve greatly.
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2009 Goals:

Originally it was to enjoy golf, and play well.

After a few rounds, I've reset my goals:

1) Get my handicap down to 0, but I'll settle for 2 or 3

2) Go the entire year without buying a new driver. (I actually think this won't be too difficult.)

3) Break 70 from the tips of my home course 6968 yards, 73.3/136
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Note: This thread is 4306 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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