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What Are You Working On?


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I'm still having golf lessons with an instructor, so i would say i'm currently working on everything:

1. How to swing, pitch and putt
2. Learning the rules of the game
3. Knowing golfers, equipment, etc.
4. Entering the brand new world of golf

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Right now im working on my back swing. Trying to get one actually. Right now I take about a half back swing, if I bring the club any further up I have no idea where the ball will go. Or if I will hit it..ugghhh....

I can nail about 4-5 out of 10 in the driving range. So its getting better. I try out a full swing about once or twice every 18. Depends on how many balls I lost that day...

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After one lesson - one thing.

Swing more on plane - flatten my downswing - setup, posture, takeaway all okay. My favourite new irons need to be bent more upright and my favourite old irons are back in the bag (for now).
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I went to the range today with a couple things to work on.

1. More hip rotation in the backswing, and starting more with the hips instead of the hands on takeaway.
2. Flat left arm and wrist.

I was at the range twice previous and looked like I'd never hit a ball in my life. Shanks, fat shots, and slices. Those two things really straightened things out. I'm still hitting off the heel more than I like, but at least I'm not shanking anymore.

Also, testing out a 10-finger grip with my driver (interlock usually). I'm one of those guys who plays a fade with my irons, and a pull-slice with my driver. The 10 finger felt more comfortable, and combined with the two things above, most of my drives we're "playable". My miss was a pull, but at least I could square up the face easier. I might give it a try on my irons.

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Im working on hitting my fairway woods.... why? because I have never been able to hit them (I dnt know why?!?!), I have posted a thread about it... I feel im loosing yards on long par 5s!
I want to be able to have the confidence to pull my 3wood and put it somewhere around the green! I'll giv myself till the end of summer to get this sorted!
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Staying behind the ball. I have a tendency to slide forward a bit sometimes, which comes from going after it too much and I can even shank a couple that way. I can tell when I'm doing it cause I'll see my ball flight come down noticeably. If this happens, then I know I'm a few swings away from shanking if I don't correct it. When I stay behind the ball and rotate correctly my ball flight is high and very straight which makes life a lot easier on my home course where the greens are hard to hold and there is OB everywhere.
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I'm sort of a re-starting newbie, so I'm really working on just about everything connected with my golf game. Specifically, I'm concerned on how EVERY shot with EVERY club starts way left.

I'm going to find a good teaching pro and start with some lessons and go from there.
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I am currently focusing 80% of my time on chipping and putting. The last couple of years have been nothing but full swing practice, and I think it's time to focus on the "make or break" part of this crazy game.
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Releasing my wrists. My instructor is pleased with my swing plane, after working all winter, and now were working on keeping that swing, while learning to release my wrist at the right time. My timing isnt horrible he says, but its not right either. As soon as the greens open up, i'll be working on my putting a lot, because its the one thing I havent really been able to do all winter, besides my 6 foot putting mat, which I dont really consider practice.
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Everything, particularly making consistent, solid contact with the ball with all of my clubs. Which means taking my time with pre-shot routine and practice swings. And proper address. Keeping my right elbow tucked and taking the club back more slowly. Keeping my head down through impact. Let someone else track the flight of my ball. I have bad eyesight and hate to miss the trajectory, hate to rely on someone else to locate my ball after every hit, so tend to pull my head up too soon. I have a lot to work on, just started playing last year, went to the range maybe ten times, and played 5 rounds, including some very tough courses (Cog Hill #2, and Palmettos Dunes- Robert Trent Jones).
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Note: This thread is 2377 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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