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Official Tiger Car Crash/Infidelity Thread

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So what you are saying is that his family would need to suffer even more for his nefarious actions? Small children usually do not travel very well. It would make their lives even more miserable..including Elin's.

This is an important point. Kids have their own friends, social activities and routine. What they want and need is stability, not just to be dragged along; not usually a good idea to make their lives revolve around a parent's schedule. Besides, going to events will mean spending time to prepare properly and I don't see how this translates to quality time with the kids.

I think the folks at Augusta will take a wait and see approach. If things begin to quiet down, I could see him playing the Masters. They are uniquely able to stifle undesired public commentary, including by the TV media at the event. If we are still hearing wild comments, then they might communicate to Woods it would be a good idea for him not to play in 2010. I could easily see him playing a reduced schedule. He can be sincere in his stated intentions, but such competitive people have a very hard time truly giving it up altogether.
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WHOA!!! back the truck up Dude. He doesn't owe me diddly. I give a fat rats azz, my only heroes have won medals for bravery on the field of combat. I live in a glass house, I was surprised a person with such dedication and commitment to excellance would not be able to carry that over to all areas. I guess, we be dogs on the prowl.
But all those inner city kids that so desperately needed a male role model for life skills, and of course his family, were let down. That is what most comments are about.
With that said, whenever he comes back I will still marvel at his ability to play golf, everything after that is a mute point to me, now I know where the dog sleeps.
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Here's My take on the Tiger situation:

First of all, they guy was out partying in vegas with MJ and Barkley, and well temptation, as a guy, takes over, I mean you got all these hot women at your beck and call. Tiger is out traveling alot, while Elin stays home with the kids.

But then again, Elin is hot as hell, wtf was he thinking? I'm not really a Tiger fan, but I do enjoy watching him when he's lightnten it up.

Golf needs Tiger, and Tiger needs golf. I don't know how you can repair a marriage, but Kobe Bryan comes to mind, "he honey, I got you a $1M dollar ring!!!, Please forgive me?"

Every day something else comes out on this story, and how many more women come out of the woodwork. Tiger's arrogance got him into this, he thinks he is invincible on the course and off. I mean come on, you have all these women, and thinking he can keep that under raps? Allrightythen....
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There may be more floozies out there. So long as Tiger is in the public eye, they will keep coming out of the woodwork. Taking time off makes their stories uninteresting. This will never blow over 100% -- Tiger's reputation has suffered permanent damage -- but it will blow over enough for him to be able to focus on his family AND golf. The question is how best to get things on track. I think what Tiger is doing is getting some SERIOUS therapy and that takes time to show results. Nobody knows how much time. It's clear from his actions and his pathetic text messages that he has some deep and troubling personality deficiencies. He's going to have to fix his realationship with HIMSELF before he can even know how to have a healthy relationship with his wife. (Note: Part of being a good father is being kind and respectful to your kids' mother - he's got work to do as a parent, clearly). Tiger has a lot of healing to do, with himself and with his family. Taking time away from work (in this case, golf) is a smart move.

All this stuff was clearing bubbling up well before the most recent report. I have no doubt his frustrations with his personal life were showing themselves on the course. Club throwing, anyone? Time off will be good for his golf game as well.

Who is to say what Tiger's lasting legacy will be, both in sports and in society? That lies in his hands alone. We are a society that loves to build up heroes and loves to tear them down. We are, also, a society that loves stories of redemption. So we will all just have to wait and see how his life plays out.

Meanwhile, I find it curious that anyone would think that Tiger 'owes' them anything, much less an on-camera apology. He needs to apologize to his family and his sponsors, and that's it really.
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I think the "indefinite" time out of golf will be over some time in the spring, just before the Masters. Bay Hill with Arnie there and close to home, and then the Masters with its tight control of things are when I figure he'll be back. By then, it should be clear if things are going to be worked out or not.

In the mean time, Merry Christmas Phil et al....
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A lot of posts now days start like this - so here goes...

"I'm not a Tiger fan," but...

Typically after a period of time - indefinite, of course - the public either forgets, forgives, empathizes or doesn't care about celebrities' transgressions. Athletes like Jordan and Kobe, Presidents like Clinton, Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson. Others like Alexander Hamilton - who remembers Maria Reynolds anymore?

A lot of people have piled on Tiger. Like they themselves are Jesus II.

It will pass. Tiger will be back to king status. He'll always reign in golf.

He may sit out a while, but he'll return with a fierce vengeance. A lot of people a bagging on him, hardcore. Any wise tour player would STFU.
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But then again, Elin is hot as hell, wtf was he thinking?

I'll answer this with a quote from Eddie Murphy..... "No matter how hot a woman is, there is some guy out there that is tired of fu*king her." I say Tiger shows up at the Masters and doesn't talk to the media....even after he wins.
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The talk that Tiger needs (or will need) the money is probably garbage. The fact is he lives in a ~$2 million dollar house, on a $100 million a year income. That is like someone who makes $100,000 living in a $2000 house (which does not exist outside the hood in Detroit). He also appears to drive GM vehicles, not exotics. He may own a few exotics but obviously his daily driver is a typical middle class pig mobile with almost no maintenance costs (its a Chevy truck after all). I know about the estate in Jupiter and the yacht but those combined are probably worth only a 3rd of his annual income last year.

His largest expenses were actually probably employing his entourage and private aviation and all that goes along with that (maintenance, crew, etc).... all that goes away if he walks away from the game and stops traveling as much - even if he started flying netjets or something that is way cheaper than owning your own plane (I'm a commercial pilot and you wouldn't believe the costs of owning something even as simple as a turboprop King Air). If they settle down quietly in Sweden or something I can't see them needing more than a business manager and maybe a lawyer/accountant on the payroll. Face it - he grew up middle class in a military family and he appears to be quite frugal given his level of income, I am certain he could walk away today and be just fine.
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Golf needs Tiger more than Tiger needs the tour. If he does not come back soon tournaments will be cancelled or not renewed. It is possible that the generation of players he spawned will eventually bring the game back but there will be a difficult period to get through.

Tiger rocks, he is one of the few famous people I can think of I would like to hang with; now more than ever.
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Two quick comments.

To your first point: he didn't just cheat on his wife, he cheated on his family the minute he was unfaithful. No good father does that. Any man that cheats is a selfish man.

And your second: He will be involved in legal action this year, maybe not in the courtroom, but he will be in litigation nonetheless. Koolaid days are over Iacas.
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Best Quote out of all the thread! Any wise tour player would STFU! Tiger will be back he may not be the same but he will be back. Chances are since he isn't out sleeping around he might have time to practice and learn how to hit the driver straight!
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  • Administrator
To your first point: he didn't just cheat on his wife, he cheated on his family the minute he was unfaithful.

You missed the point (or, rather, it seems you are so intent to push your point of view that you ignored it). Again, by all accounts, he is an incredibly doting father. His kids will eventually learn of this, but to assume as you've done that he's "checked out" as a father is stupid - it's 100% assumption.

Some cheaters even do the opposite of "check out" - they show more interest in their wife/husband while they're cheating as a subconscious means of justification or something. So not only are you assuming he "checked out," you're assuming that he was a poor father during the time, too. I don't really care for assumptions.
And your second: He will be involved in legal action this year, maybe not in the courtroom, but he will be in litigation nonetheless.

Never drank the Tiger Kool-Aid off the course. Never cared much about him off the course. Still don't.

If you think Tiger's legal stuff will tie up substantial portions of his free time, you're off your rocker. Heck, even if it did take up free time (it won't) aside from his lawyers occasionally saying "we're handling it," then it's bound to take up a whole lot less time than it took to keep these secrets in. That's not Kool-Aid. That's common sense and reality. Saving their clients from having to worry about it or spend time on it is something lawyers do for rich people.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

To your first point: he didn't just cheat on his wife, he cheated on his family the minute he was unfaithful. No good father does that. Any man that cheats is a selfish man.

I like how you are one to judge. Are you perfect? Ever make any mistakes in life? Do you condemn a person for life because of a mistake, which is not a crime? It's sad that people feel better about themselves because a person made a mistake and acted like an ass. I agree that what he did was wrong and is not repairable, but I believe in second chances and lets see what he does to try and right this ship.

And about the courtroom. None of this will make it to court. All these lowlife girls want is money. Show them a couple g's and they will shut up.
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Like I've said before, and like someone sort of added in this thread, golf was only considered a gentlemen's game because the people playing it were typically men who were well off (land owners and such), had liesure time, and were allowed on the course. There's no implied connection to gentlemanly behaviour.

If Tiger played NHL hockey or NFL football in 2009, he'd likely be suspended for violating their codes of conduct. He'd probably also be required to enter a substance abuse program. The PGA Tour doesn't seem interested in holding him accountable for embarassing the sport.

I hope he stays away long enough for the sh**storm to die down (TMZ? WTF?), but progress made on his marriage while away in seclusion in Sweden will be hard to maintain back in the US. Even though I was also never a Tiger fan, I wish him well - for his family's sake
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Note: This thread is 3998 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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