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Does any one here carry 5 wedges?

I love my Vokey wedges and I love taking full swing shots.... so I've carried a 45* PW, 52* GW, 56* SW and 60* Lob wedges. I just recently picked up a *48 Vokey wedge. I'm thinking about taking out my 5-wood to make room to put the 48* in the bag.

Is that nuts to do? I guess I can't say I've found myself stumped in the 80-100 yard range and torn on hitting a PW or a strong GW..... but a full swing 48* would fit that situation perfectly.

I don't know....I'm torn.... I just love my full swing wedge shots and the 7* gap between my PW and GW seem inviting for the 48*

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4 wedges: PW (45), GW (50), SW (54), LW (58).  That's enough for me.   

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Does any one here carry 5 wedges?

I think you are nuts if you do it, but it is your game. To become a better golfer, you need to learn to hit 1/2 and 3/4 shots.

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. . . so I've carried a 45* PW, 52* GW, 56* SW and 60* Lob wedges. I just recently picked up a *48 Vokey wedge. I'm thinking about taking out my 5-wood to make room to put the 48* in the bag.

I'd say perhaps a little nuts, but how often does your 5-wood see action? My opinion is based on the fact I use my 5-wood (or 19.5* Fybrid depending on the day) quite often.

Did you ever consider a 50* wedge?
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I've carried 5 at times. I really don't consider a 45 degree PW a wedge. It is just a weak 9 iron. I find hitting half shots hard if you don't play alot so I see no problem with it. For a while, I carried a 52, 56, 60, 64 plus the PW with the set. My 56 and 60 were worn so I got a 58 in that spot. I might go back to 5 if I get a new 54. Right now 100 to 105 is really in between the 58 and 50. Yeah I can hit the 50 but hitting it so softly it has no hieght. So I have to make adjustments to hit it high and short which is a little guess opening the face from 100 yards in terms of aiming it to get it close. This thread makes me want a new 54 but my wife wouldn't be happy if I buy another golf club. But what iron do I drop. I am guessing 4 since I use the 3 off many tees and second shots on 5 pars.
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Jesus...and here I was thinking 3 wedges were a lot. Thinking about cutting down to a 52 and 58 and calling it good.

That is how I roll and it is working good.

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I have 4 in the bag now:

PW (48)

I am considering adding a high-bounce sand-wedge because my moe course bunkers are overly fluffy and the lower bounce 56 I like off the fairway tends to dig.
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I'd break it down to which you would realistically use more often. If a 48* wedge would save you more shots than your 5 wood, I'd make the switch.
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Play whatever your course and game demands. I don't even carry any fairway woods, I have a driver and a 2 hybrid, I hit one or the other off the tee. I have room in my bag for another club, going to add a wedge sometime. I currently have 3 wedges, including my PW.
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IMO, 5 wedges is excessive. I carry 4 wedges now and theres rounds where I dont use all of them. I couldnt imagine having a need for a 5th wedge.
IMO, instead of a strong PW youd be better off with a 64*.
A better idea yet would be to learn how to hit 1/2, 3/4 and open-faced shots with the wedges you already have.
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I would work on a knockdown shot. There is a lot you can do with shots if you can hit more than a full club. To your question....if you don't hit the 5w I guess it doesn't hurt anything.
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Im still in the stone age I guess. I play my stock PW and a 56 degree SW. Most of the guys I see using 4 wedges have no idea what they are doing. A better player can benefit from them..........but most weekend players just need to learn the basic wedge shots 1st.
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I guess I've got 4 now, though as others have said, the stock PW is really more like a weak iron than a strong wedge on most sets, my own certainly included. But if you count that, I've got 46, 52, 56, and 60. I've just added the 52 and the 60, so I'm not sure whether I'll keep them all or not. I do like having the full shots between about 60 and 110 covered with these. Full swings check in at arond 60, 75, 90, and 110, give or take a bit. That's usually good enough that I can figure out how to hit the greens I need to hit, and perhaps with some practice it'll go from just hitting to getting close.

I do plan to stick with one, probably the 52 since it's the lowest bounce, for most finesse stuff. I've already caused myself some trouble trying to get clever with more than one wedge in a round. There's not enough hours for me to master all three true wedges for touchy stuff.
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Throw out the 45* PW and have your irons bent to players specs-not hackers

Then you have 4* between clubs. You can do a Ryan Moore and 5* if you want.

Add 64 * wedge if you play course with elevated, fast greens
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