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Who do you want for your "swing guru"?

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  1. 1. If money is no object, who would you hire to be your "swing guru"?

    • Butch Harmon - Tiger's First
    • David Leadbetter - Faldo, Price, Els
    • Sean Foley - Mahan, O'Hair, Tiger
    • Hank Haney - Tiger, Barkley, Romano
    • Mike Bennett/Andy Plummer - Stack & Tilt
    • Michael Breed - Golf Channel's "Let's Do This!" Guy
    • Jim Hardy - The Plane Truth
    • Other

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I am not surprised with B&P; leading the way here. I chose other because I am not sure that I am drawn to any of them.  I guess I will cheap out a little here and kind of use Eriks response and say I would go to each of them and then decide which I prefer.  I think the only one on that list that really peaks my interest is Harmon, not sure why...maybe it's because I would love to practice in Vegas all the time, and he's had some pretty successful students.  Plus I would love the opportunity to meet and date Natalie Gulbis.

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No to Butch. I don't think I could go back to arms off the body. Doesn't make much sense to me.

No to Leadbetter. Worked with one of his guys before and it didn't go well.

Maybe to Foley. Seems like we would probably get along, but I think there are better options if I truly could pick any teacher.

No to Haney. Flat shoulder turn doesn't make any sense to me. Worked with some of the kids that came out of his academy as well, and wasn't very impressed.

No to Breed. The Michael Pe ña clip is funny though.

Maybe to Hardy. Seems like I would agree with some of the stuff that he teaches, but again, if I could pick from anyone....

Voted for Mike and Andy, but I wouldn't mind working with the golf evo guys or iteach.

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I voted for, "Other",  straight away, but couldn't remember the guys name.

Bob Toski, based solely on the Forward in "How to Play Consistent golf" by Tom Kite (and some other guy).

Not sure how his teaching stands up today, but I like what he did with Kite's swing and he's not as annoying as some of the other guys on the list. If I had to pick a guy off the list, I'd probably go with Leadbetter just for kicks.

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I like Erik's comment that you can learn something from all of them, which is true in my mind.  I would go with Bennett and Plummer because I've found their method of teaching very easy to understand and I think it fits my body the best.  Dave and Erik (and James) were able to teach us their methodology in Boston because it is direct and to the point.

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A few....

---Jimmy Ballard for a lot of reasons, the largest one being that he 'fixed' Rocco so I'd hope he can 'fix' me.

---Harvey Penick (nobody said they had to be alive, did they)???!?!?

---My current instructor, an old school club-pro...ex golf-hustler in the truest sense of the word from the old days...guy who's changed my life (no hyperbole)...his swing ideas are a lot like Foley's, who (to me) is teaching some very old-school ideas with new-school lingo

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"Other" for me. Ben Hogan would be my first choice. Problem is, he is no longer amongst the living... If not Hogan I'd really like to work with Nick Faldo. I've picked up more than a few good things from watching/listening to him on Golf Channel. Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, etc., I don't really put too much stock in. Give me a guy that has actually gone out there and "done it". That's a guy that I'm going to respond to. To expand just a little, there may be some lower level, yet one time PGA Tour players that would fall into this category as well. My good friend gets mental and management lessons with a fellow named Pat Burke. He's done wonders for this kid's game. I truly think these types of teachers have a real edge for any truly serious about playing high quality golf.

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Note: This thread is 3842 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I'm sure if you look at about two years ago on this site, I mentioned somewhere that after having my first ever sub-80 round (a nice 77 in a tournament!), I failed to break 90 for I think two months.  These things happen. Can't hit an iron?  What's the longest swing you can make with your PW and hit a good result?  If the answer is a chip, go hit some chips and, after some good ones, expand into pitches.  Similar with pitches into 3/4 shots, etc.   This is very likely something you can work out by going back to what you do well.  
    • First range session after another productive session with @iacas.  Working on getting my weight forward and also feel like my front forearm is turning to close the clubface.  Did work with my 6I, Driver, 3W, and 4H and hit all clubs really well with ball flights that overall I wasn't unhappy with.  Playing tomorrow and Wednesday so we'll see how we do.    
    • Simplify. Hit some solid chips. Or punches. Build from there.
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