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Golf Top 10 websites

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rolle    0
The Sand Trap is really good website, that is why I am here. But it is so difficuilt to find good sites.

I would like to ask all you to rate the golf news and golf websites you know.
Tell for everyone what the top golf sites in your country?
Top 5 in Australia?
Top 5 in USA?
Top 5 in Europe?

Thanks Rolle

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Hogan Fan    0
Great topic Rolle!

1. The Sandtrap
2. PGAtour.com
3. Golf.com
4. the golf channel
5. Ben Hogan .com (Like looking at porn, all those beautiful Hogan clubs)

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rolle    0
I would say all golf websites are different.
In my view I rate them like this

Golf news websites

The golf Channel
golf.com ( new entry thanks to hogan fan)

Golf tours websites

european tour
canadian tour

European golf news top sites

www.golf se

allmost every country have good golf news website, strange Uk and scotland miss one good( let me know if you have it, I think they use american sites)

Fans popular golf websites

Sand trap

Golf equipment websites

all the golf companies

Forum websites

sand trap

best online shops


Golf Players websites

Tiger woods

If some one disagree or know more nice websites please write it down.
Thanks Rolle

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joekelly    55

Good Lord man.  If looking a old golf clubs excites you like porn does, heaven help you. Not to offend but please, get a grip.

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Nemicu    3

You mean there are other golf forums??

You don't say. Apparently, according to Google, "Golf" is also a brand of VW cars. No kidding. And they have the temerity to discuss them online.

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    • Plus, it looks deliscious! 
    • I play. I don't practice very often. I am just a bit below a four, and very comfortable with my ability. I don't play tournaments, and only play for enjoyment and exercise. I'm 63, and my "working at it" days are done. If things start going sideways,I will take an occasional lesson, but a nice enjoyable walk with my friends is much more important to me than a score.
    • If you sign up for a net tournament, you know what you are getting.  There will, most likely, be someone around the mid to upper 60's.  Know that going in and you won't be disappointed with the result.
    • If you find the course fairly empty on an afternoon, play some holes and practice situationals. Do you have a hole with four greenside bunkers that you often bogie? Well, drop two or three balls in each bunker and see how close to the pin you can get. You may realize that the 56* is ideal for three, but the fourth bunker requires a 60* because you need to get the ball up quickly. Do you have a dogleg that gives you trouble? Hit a couple of shots each with a driver, 3W and hybrid, see which one sets you up best for the second shot. A short par 4 dogleg right that lasers out to 190 yards at the corner. Can you readily get the ball up high enough to cut the corner and get an easy chip for up and down? Try it with driver and 3W and see if it works. If you normally fade the ball, can you hit a teeshot draw into a fairway that drains all the tee shots off to the right? Try it out during on-course practice.
    • As you know, Chuck, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. Playing for scores/tracking handicap hasn't interested me as much the past couple of years, because I just know I've got some fundamental things wrong going on with my swing. I have felt that if I can just make a big breakthrough with my mechanics that my new baseline will be better than the "bogey golf" standard that I've typically played to, without lessons. I've played on and off my whole life un-seriously, and I've always been about the same. Then again, why would I get better if I'm not really changing anything? I decided that my home-grown "swing my swing" mechanics have hit their limit, so I've been pretty determined to just do what it takes to get better. It has definitely been more difficult than I had thought it would be, but I think I'm improving and changing things- even if not as fast as I had hoped. If nothing else, I'm certainly aware of what I need to do more than I was! I won't always favor practice over playing, and I'm still hoping for a breakthrough (sooner rather than later- perhaps months away) where I'll be happy again to get out there and play as much as I practice. Hopefully more. You've seen all the threads on practice and learning, but I'll include the couple that keep me motivated below. Like Erik is saying, it's not a secret.  I find it motivating to put into practice the ideas about making changes "unconscious" in the thread about stages of learning. If that's not motivating to you, I guess I don't know what to say. It just keeps me going and is as simple as that. In my mind, if you don't really seek out to change something, there's little chance you'll be advancing your game to where you want it long-term.  
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