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Friday I went to the rehab center for a Super Slow workout.  Yesterday (Saturday) I put the net up, supported by chairs (the ground is still frozen, couldn't get the spikes in...), and hit 150-200 balls with my irons.  I didn't get a hike in because a car load of teeneagers showed up at my house and my wife and I prefer not to leave them there alone.  So, no hike, but 150-200 swings.

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Today was the anniversary of Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Michael Murphy's death eight years ago. Read here: http://www.navy.mil/moh/mpmurphy/oc.html Did his workout today, a Hero WOD

Great to hear, man! Finally golf season, so I'm not too bummed out to be on this site lol Very cool getting into it for the first time. Just watch a lot of youtube videos...if you find the Athl

I quit smoking 1 year ago from Jan 2nd 2012. I was 172lbs and believe it or not I was fit and active, I was a light smoker since I was 14, I am 32 and have 2 kids and decided it was time to quit out o

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2.45 miles in about 22:00 (9:05 pace).

My friends here on DM know I'm running a minimum of a mile a day every day in 2012 for as long as I can manage to keep it up. When the streak ends, so be it, but it won't end because I'm lazy.
Today was too beautiful out (it's 58°F) to run just a mile or so, so I ran almost 2.5. Originally I'd planned to run a much longer route until I realized that would push me to 3.5 miles or so, and since I ran 4 yesterday and will do 3 tomorrow, I thought it wise to just get back to the house. :)
Supposed to be warm all week so maybe I'll get out and play some golf, but I'm stuck inside today writing a training manual, so I was really glad to get this run in. Really, really looking forward to shorts/t-shirt running weather (not looking forward to the times when even that feels like too much clothing).
Good training week for me, I think. And I've got a day to stare at my "17" before it resets to ZERO. Thanks, DailyMile, ya big jerks! :D
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3.34 miles, 28:16 (Fast 5K with Breaks (Pace Run))

I ran 1 mile, then took a breather, then a mile, took a breather, and then did the last 1.34 with a break somewhere in there when I got back near my house (had to take my glasses off).
Mondays are normally my fast 400/recovery 400 days, but I decided to mix things up a little bit. If I want to do a 5K @ sub-28:00, I need roughly an 8:40 time (accounting for running an extra tenth of a mile due to not running a super tight route). So today I wanted to run miles @ that pace with rest in between. I wanted to see how much it really took for me, a month or so out, to do it.
I'm pleased to say it wasn't too bad. My breaks were relatively short, and I think my plan will now include these types of runs with increasingly shorter and shorter breaks until I just run them straight through. I'm leery of training myself to run slowly, so these kinds of days will be good, I think, to keep my body improving not only endurance and aerobic capacity but also keep improving my speed.
I ran around my neighborhood. There's one big hill where you can see my cadence drops to 83. I'm sure many would laugh at this "big hill" but it's sizable enough to me. :)
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Last week I lifted my legs Monday.  Haven't lifted for a while but felt relatively strong coming off a rest day.  So I went somewhat heavy on squats, dead lifts, straight leg dead lifts, calf raises, and lots of stretching.  What a mistake for training for a marathon.  I was so sore Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wed-In big pain so cut my run short and slow.  3.46 miles 40 minutes.  Dog wasn't keeping up too well so just annoying.

Thurs-Ran 4 on the tread mill in 42.  Felt good, once I got warm my legs didn't hurt at all.

Sat-15.16 miles.  2 hours 50 minutes.  Felt good for the first 12, last 3 were really hard.  I've never ran/jogged that much in my whole life.  Knee pain has gotten better.  Very little pain except muscle the whole run.  Perfect weather.  I like running when it is brisk and sunny.

This week, took today off, then 8 tomr, Wednesday can't confirm, Thursday a moderate workout.  Rest Friday, Sat, then a half marathon Sunday morning at the Heart Mini½ marathon.  I figure around 220-230.  I want to finish strong and at the same pace as I started.

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Turkish Get Ups 4x2 on each side  (53,62s)

Then :15 on and :15 off for 30 minutes.  Ten rounds of the following

High Pulls Right (8 in the :15 sec on period)

High Pulls Left (8)

Goblet Squats (7)

Grasshoppers (16)

American Swings (7)

Goblet Push Press (9)


Felt good doing it, was able to hit all the recommended reps, but already sore tonight.

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1.12 miles in 9:44

Wore the VFFs. Went to the playground with the family. It's my off day so I worked on form.
I'd run two or three tenths of a mile, then wait for them to catch up. Walk a little with them, run a little with them, then take off ahead of them and then stop and let them catch up.
Again, pace irrelevant, just wanted to run on the street in the VFFs and concentrate on form in short little bursts.
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I have been trying to slowly go into my VFFs.

I used to use all asics but recently I transitioned into new balance minimus which have a slightly thicker sole than VFFs but I has been really taking a toll on my calfs,feet and chins.

Even just doing a mile-1 1/2. And this is coming from a traditional heel strike 4-5 miles easy.

How have they been working for you and how long did you transfer into the VFFs?

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Thanks for the advice.  I got the results back from the MRI, meniscus is torn in 2 places, inner and outer and I'll need surgery to repair it.  I've decided to hold off on the surgery since the doctor said I couldn't do any other damage and I just have to deal with the pain.

I'm back to ramping up my mileage on my runs to determine if I'll be able to run the Long Island marathon in May.  Golf is okay as long as I wear a brace, though the new swing puts more torque on it than I was used to.  New plan is major leg strength training to strengthen muscles that support knee, lots of long runs at slower speeds since higer speeds hurt more and drop 20lbs.  When the running and golf season are over I'll get the surgery and start physical therapy so I'm ready for golf and running in 2013.

Originally Posted by Doctorfro

If you tore your meniscus like I did, golf is not an option either.  I had no stability so I couldn't play(or at least very well).  I hate that for you though.  You should really push to get that MRI ASAP!  If you have a tear, you should definitely get it scoped so it can heal.  Six weeks and you would be good to start rehab and you might still be able to do the marathon, albeit you probably won't be setting a PR.  My knee is what ultimately got me into cycling.  That's what my doctor prescribed for rehab after my surgery.  Best thing that ever happened to me.  Lost 60 lbs. and I'm more fit than ever (and I still run and play basketball).  Get that MRI quickly!!

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1.11 miles in 10:00.
Multiple workouts today. Ran for five minutes warming up for a workout, then five minutes to cool down. That's what I'm logging here.
Had my first training session for an hour in between. TRX, planks, elastic band work, crunches, medicine ball work, that obnoxious hand wheel thing, etc. Always had pretty good legs, but working on core and upper body/arm strength and stability. I'm not in poor shape, but relative to my legs, I could stand to improve those areas most.
Then walked 3.3 miles around the neighborhood area at a 15:00 pace (just under 50 minutes). Weather was too gorgeous to pass up the opportunity.
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5 miles, 45:00.

Decided to switch up my LSD day on Friday or Saturday with doing it today. I'll do a little speed work on Saturday or something.
Stopped and stood around for two minutes at the halfway point. I always regret doing this and then I just feel lazy and weak-willed. I was keeping a good pace over the hills, but that's still no excuse. I'll cut myself a little slack, though. It's my longest distance to date, at a decent pace, and I was able to sprint the last 100 meters or so of each half. Plus I don't have to set a record every day.
No Garmin - it's charging after nearly running out of juice on my walk yesterday.
Drank a green monster when I got home. DailyMile tells me 740 calories burned. Woo! That's, what, a tenth of a baked potato with butter or so? :P
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The amount of snow we have received in N Idaho has been nothing short of amazing.  Been snowboarding at least 3 days a week for a few hours at least.  Doing workouts afterwards.  Not easy, but the results of working out have really shown thru my riding this year.  It isn't a waste of time!  Hopefully it helps with Golf whenever that might be.


Max Strict Pull ups 3x5 (13,9,7)

Double OH lunges r+l  3x5 (35s)

Then for time,

3 rounds of the following

20 dbl cleans (44s)

20 kb pushups

20 dbl dead lifts (88s)

Took me exactly 15 minutes.  Disappointed in that time.

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Did more personal training this morning. Today's workout involved palm down rows, kettle squat, squat shoulder presses, plank up downs, Bosu plank knee in extends, one-legged TRX squats, leg lifts, and bicycle crunches (those are all my names for them).
I warmed up with a 5 minute jog at a 9:00 pace (on the elliptical). Did the workout. Then came home and ran around the block three times since I had my shoes on and was already a little sweaty. Timed on my watch. Just an easy mile to keep my streak alive.

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I just started up my road cycling routine again and boy does strength go fast when you don't work out for X amount of days/weeks/months. Anyway, as a start up I am aiming for 3 hours a week for the first week than 5 hours a week for every week after that. I may upgrade to 7-10 a week depending on if I am going to do any local events but that's unlikely.

As far as strength training, I just do a few sets of push up routines I got from P90X and same with crunches right after each bicycle ride.

Here was yesterday's ride; http://connect.garmin.com/activity/158320545

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5K in 27:03.

This one took a bit more out of me than it should have. I blame wolfing down a huge hot dog and not being well hydrated, but basically I did this one a bit wimpy-like. My right shin and calf started feeling not quite 100%, I set out at too fast a pace (first mile was 8:08 or so).
Still, okay, a 5K (granted it's without any slop) in 27:03 is below my 28:00 goal. So if I can do that, now, not feeling great, then in a month I think I can do it if/when I actually run in a 5K. I think there's one around the 21st of April?
I passed Ben Roethlisberger twice. The first time I thought it was him and made sure. Then when I saw him the second time I paused my music in advance and said "Hey Ben." He said "Wassup?" as we passed each other.
First time I've listened to music (songs) on a run in awhile. Have been doing the podcast thing lately.
How dorky is it that I wish I had gone down to film people's footstrikes at the 5K St. Patty's day race this morning? Plenty of opportunities to do that this year, though. And maybe someone will go with me so I don't look like a creep. :)
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1.19 miles in 9:38.
Have been sitting on my rear all day writing and wanted to get my mile in. I actually wanted to find time to run two miles so my total would get to 200, but unless the .19 rounds up I should only be at 199 total after this. Every time I wanted to run today it was raining, then I look up and it's 9pm and I figure it's now or never.
Wanted to run a mile at a relatively good pace. My fastest mile in Erie, yet, at 7:54. Recovery for the 0.19 miles after that back to the house at a 9:17 pace. Average pace, 8:07 or so.
Here's to breaking 200 on a Monday! I have another training session tomorrow, though, so my M-W-F schedule is now a T-R-S schedule, though I may do a long run on my birthday (Friday).
Good gosh I'm slow. :P
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3.03 miles, 27:29. Blech.

Stopped three times in the first two miles today. Ran the last mile straight through but the right calf was definitely not 100%. Very, very hot. Sweated like a pig (didn't help that it rained all night and it's VERY humid right now). The complete lack of a breeze didn't help.
I dunno, I feel pretty lousy about myself right now. I tried to run slowly (say, 10:00 pace) but I just don't have it in me. It feels awkward to run at that pace and I'd glance down at my watch and it'd say 8:52 or 9:14 or 8:27 or 9:03.
I'm going to ice my calf tonight, tomorrow's just a mile and I may do two on the elliptical. Heck, I may double up my mileage and just use the elliptical through Friday or Saturday when I do my LSD, because I don't want to strain a muscle in my hip because I'm trying to compensate for a funny calf.
Silver lining: my calves are now much, much firmer! When I stopped once to massage my calf a little, I noticed that it lacked the much squishier feeling it had last year.
And not to give myself excuses, but I didn't feel great going out. I forgot to eat except a yogurt at 8am, and the workout I did this morning (lots of biceps/triceps work - who needs triceps anyway???) took a lot out of me. I was going on about four hours of sleep too. I think everything kind of combined today to kick my ass a little more than I want to credit.
P.S. I'm probably being a wimp about the calf - it's really not in bad shape at all, but I "notice" it and I notice my form changing, and since I already don't particularly enjoy running, the last thing I want to do is injure myself trying to be "tough" or something. Better to be at 95% or better than 85-90% and dread running.
P.P.S. Just went over 200 miles. Go me. :P
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    • Mattm16... by any chance does the "16" that follows your moniker refer to your age?  If so, that could explain a lot.  I was cocky, sure of myself, hardheaded and knew much, much more than everyone who was older than me when I was 16.
    • Exactly - the notion that opinions deserve "equal time" seems pervasive.  If 99.9% of credible scientists believe something and 3% of people with no education "think" something (with nothing to back them up) they demand that their "opinion" be respected. Without any sense of irony, @mattm16 acknowledges that he "thinks" certain things but cannot justify them. He actually said the following - could there possibly be a more anit-intellectual admission? "I don't have facts to back up what I think.  I just think certain ways."  @mattm16 2021  
    • "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." -- Isaac Asimov
    • Day 212: Played 18. Shot an 81. Driver was all over the place. Short game was good. Irons were ok. Need to work on driver. 
    • I know four that have died, two in the last 10 days. How many people do you know that have had small pox? Polio?  The answer is none because we’ve eliminated it with vaccines. People survived those diseases too, but it killed millions. 
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