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USGA Handicap

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I am thinking of going to get an official USGA handicap today after work.

I am curious, how much do you pay for your handicap?
Also does it last one calender year before you have to renew or is it just to the end of the season?

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Most public courses that I know of offer some form of club "membership" for $25-$75 that gets you a handicap and sometimes a few dollar discount on rounds you play there. For example see the memberships available at http://www.bristolridgegolfcourse.com/rates.htm

The duration around here is always for the season, not a calendar year. YMMV depending on whether or not where you live actually has an off-season.
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There are several ways to get a USGA handicap index. Start by going to www.ghin.com and reading about how the handicap system works.

After that you can go to a local club, get one online, or even go to retail shops like Golfsmith. After you get registered, you can post scores online.

Regardless of where you go, you should not have to pay more than $30-$40 a year for the service.

Good luck and enjoy. I've enjoyed golf much more since I started keeping track of my scores and received an index. It really levels the playing field.
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Thanks. The prices are in the ball park that I was thinking. I will be stopping by the course near my house to sign up. My dad got his handicap this year for the first time in a long time. And it is making me want to get one. Especially since I have been practicing and playing very well this year.

And who knows, maybe get in a few tournaments when I have an established handicap.
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I am a memebr of the Golf Association of Michigan. It is $20 for the year and you get an official handicap. I did not need to join a club. In fact I joined through a local golf store and post my scores online. Another option is to join through Golfsmith. It works the same way as the one I have. You enter your scores online.

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Yea I did see Golfsmith, but there are none in my area. When you go to purchase it asks for you location and the only one in NY are not in my area.

I will find out what it cost today when I go to my local club. I think my dad said it is less than 70 bucks. Plus that allows you to play in their club championship if you post enough scores there.
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I maintain my index through ushandicap.com , but can't say that I'd recommend them. They lured me in with promises of fringe benefits ranging from online lessons to a free hybrid club. I was anxious to get a handicap and their price seemed fair (especially considering all the "extras" they were offering). It works okay, but the site just isn't very user friendly.
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I am thinking of going to get an official USGA handicap today after work.

I paid $35 for my SCGA handicap through Roger Dunn golf shop. Lasts a calendar year. I signed up around my b'day so I'd remember.
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Note: This thread is 5124 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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