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are you getting better?

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Originally Posted by noSnowman

Thats great scoring for low play. Most good players i know play min twice per week and hit balls twice per week. I should be lower but my driver wants to go left. I need to get more consistent. Don't wanna spend $$$ on range balls If my driver was on I could be a 5 no prob lem o

If you don't want to spend $5 to make yourself better, I am at a loss for words...

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On the bright side, at least you're not 50 years old, same handicap, scores, lessons, play 3 times a week, and shoot 95 almost every time.

Pretty sure, based on your thread title, that you were asking us for our stories.  If that's the case, I'll add mine.  Short answer:  yes.  I am getting better. I started taking lessons last su

I play once a week in season and only see snail like improvement since I don't have time to practice. If I had time to play 3 times a week... I'd switch to 2 and take the third day to practice... alm

Having just come from the range (120 balls) I can say an EMPHATIC NO. I am not getting better, I suck horribly and appear to be getting worse. I do practice 2-3 times a week, and I take lessons but it ain't changing much. Maybe I'm not practicing properly, I don't know...I do a lot of partial swings and slow-motion swings and holding positions but give me a ball and try and incorporate any of that into a full swing and crap occurs.

Really, really frustrated.

Rant over.



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Yes I am. However golf isn't any different to any other high level sport. You have to structure your practice and put in the hard yards. The scoring of golf can be a particularly frustrating part as you know you are hitting it better but a bad break here and there and your scores can look pretty similar. Just like when I played snooker,tennis,football you have to do the drills to master one shot let alone the multiple shots you will face in golf. Due to realistic appraisal of the time I can put in I decided to make my long game simple. No shot shaping and I don't hit far enough on most holes to bend it round a dog leg anyway. Also I spend rime with mid irons trying to become almost metronomic boring and straight. Then the fun part of golf for me the last 6 months the short game. I have a great garden for this and hit chips and pitches everyday if possible for maybe 10 mins to 30 depending on my commitments. This is where I can fully express myself and hit all sorts of flights with different wedges. Paired with the net work I have done at home I know I'm better and the score I next shoot will be irrelevant because I'm a better golfer and a smarter player. Perhaps handicap for most of us will always leave you feeling empty if that's how we judge our success. I can understand the insructors on this board doing that because they are competing and teaching so always need to strive. Give yourself a break if you hold a decent handicap probably with more time than you can actually put in a lot of you would reach an exceptional standard. I'm simply amazed sometimes that some on here have low handicaps while holding down jobs and family. Maybe getting better should be further down the list to are you still enjoying playing golf?
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I've been shooting in the mid 80's recently, so yeah. Putting has been huge for me, as I typically don't have trouble getting on the green for a birdie put. But if I'm off that birdie can drop to a par or bogey... Practice practice. I also saw a huge difference after I started using GPS. I use the free golf logix app, it does the job alright. Probably gonna get a rangefinder for next bow season.

Yes, I would get the rangefinder as well. I use GolfLogix and a ranger. The more I play the more I want accurate distances to everything that might be a factor. Even if you're shooting in the 80s it really helps to focus the mind and commit to the shot. You start to feel like you're managing the round like a REAL golfer :>)

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I have certainly been making steady progress, even if my handicap doesn't always show it. I turn 25 at the end of the month which gives me 25 more years to prepare for the Champions Tour hahaha.

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I played on at a course today that had recently aerated greens. The holes weren't too bad, but it was that light layer of sand they sprinkle on there that absolutely killed me. Sticking the green was no longer an option. The greens were tiny to begin with. I would spin the ball as much as I could and it would still run once it hit. I finally started laying up in front of the green(if a hazard or steep slope was behind it) with anything more than a pitching wedge so I could chip on and then putt. That killed a lot of birdie opportunities but I didn't want to risk the unknown. I reach my Hcap on the front 9 being hard headed.....firing at pins and skidding off the back. Changed the game plan on the back 9, doing some damage control. I was hitting the ball as good as I ever have, so probably could have shot under my Hcap which really kills me. I'm trying not to beat myself up over something like that. But no matter how it happens, I don't like making excuses and I don't like not playing good.....and I did both!
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Really improving a lot. Last week I shanked 3 times. Started shanking this year, could'nt shank before to save my life.

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I am definitely hitting the ball better since I've been really trying to work on what I learned in my lessons. Last 5 rounds were 96, 91, 88, 94 & 92. My iron shots are much much better. If I can just get to the point where I eliminate my blow up holes, I know that I can be in the 80s.
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Note: This thread is 2802 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • So as some my have read my wife bought me two Edel Wedges for Christmas.  I got a 62 and a 56 degree both 1.5 inches longer than standard (to match my one length irons) and with the driver grind at 22 degrees of bounce. So, granted, it was one round, but I got a number of shots with both.  The 56 I use for pitches of between 30 yards to 80 yards and the few shots I had with that were fine. Where I really noticed a major difference was with the 62 degree.  I had one shot from a soupy fairway from about 15 yards off the green that I had to hit a floppy shot on.  Normally with that soupy fairway I don't think I would have gotten my old lob wedge through it well enough.  With the driver grind and 22 degrees of bounce I was able to hit a fairly good shot (given the lie) that wound up about 9 feet from the hole (not bad for me).   I had a better shot hole 12 that was about 18 yards from the hole and in the rough (still kind of soupy) .  I didn't want to take a chance with it lob so I hit nor of a left hand centered chip shot.  I thought I hit it a tad too hard (usually with my old wedges if I flew a chip to the hole it would bounce about 15 ft past) but this shot litterally landed a foot in front of the hole spun REALLY hard and kissed the flag stick (if no stick it would have went in) then stopped a ft from the hole allowing me to save par. I normally would have though I got lucky with contact but the next hole I hit my approach halfway up the green which was a good shot but it proceeded to spin backward and roll off the green.  I then had a 25 yard chip from the fairway and hit the chip again it right at the flag and lands about a foot in front of the hole SPINS HARD again and kisses the flag stick while stopping again about a foot from the hole allowing me to save par again. I guess this could also only be because they are brand new or not but so far I'm able to get a good amount of spin on my chips I wasnt able to before.  About the only negative so far is that I'm kind of hesitant to practice with them for fear of the milling being prematurely worn off and losing the ability to add so much spin.   Oh also I went to the range and practiced a few sand shots with the 62 degree.  It makes normal sand shot (with drier raked sand much easier).  The problem right bow is that no sand on the course is raked so tried using it to hit out of unranked soupy sand and I've cone to the conclusion that a normal sand shot isn't possible for me (even with the edel).  I kind of worked out that I can open the clubface and sort of hit a chip trying to get ball and sand at the same time.  That seems to work. Anyway.  My opinion so far with these wedges is that it was money well spent!
    • I finally got a video of my Zip Navigator rolling through what passes for the rough at the Grandview Golf Course today. It might have been easier to get a video of it underwater with a snorkel given the conditions here lately! Anyway, I think it does OK in the rough though I can't imagine why I would want to run it there as a matter of course... It does bounce the clubs around in the thick stuff as you can probably hear. I'm pretty happy with it overall. It seems to have the most trouble in very wet, muddy grass if it's got any speed on. The wheels spin like a truck stuck in the mud. I've found it works best if I slow it down and let it crawl through the goop. I'm glad to be walking again.  
    • 😜I foresee 27 shanks in your next three rounds. 
    • Day 13 - back to the indoor practice putting mat.  Mainly used the white line side (has the smaller hole cutout in the ramp section) to focus on keeping the ball going straight - worked from 3' - 6' distances in 1' increments.  Goal was to make 8 in a row at which time I could move to the next distance back.  IF, which was more the case, I left the line and missed the cup more than twice I had to move back to the next shorter distance.  Really forced the focus to be on making sure the backswing and follow-thru were equidistant from the starting point, keeping the head steady and having enough swing to sink the ball and not blow through.  Tough exercise but rewarding when I could "hear" the ball fall.  
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