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Foursum Golf

5 Reasons to Host a Buddies Golf Tournament in 2014

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Most of us social golfers don’t get many opportunities to play in competitive events, and the ones we can play in end up being more serious than fun. Planning a golf tournament for your buddies results in more of the fun of competing and less of the seriously dull regulations and protocol.

Here’s why you should organize your own tournament this year:

1. An excuse for an annual golf trip

Not everybody needs a reason to get away for a weekend, but those real-life obligations make it harder for some social golfers than others. Golf season often coincides with wedding season, so set a date for your tournament early to allow people to book around it. If the tournament becomes a yearly tradition, you’ll likely need a note from the doctor to avoid getting razzed by your buddies for not making the trip.

2. Old friends, fresh blood

Most golfers have a regular foursome, so getting together to golf in a group of 12, 16, or 20 is rare. Drawing random groups for a tournament lets you play with new people and mix things up with your usual game. Hang out with friends while expanding your social circle. Who knows, maybe that random friend of your friend isn’t as big of a prick as you thought.

3. Friendly competition

Golfing in club or provincial/state association tournaments is a fun challenge, but this more serious play is not for everybody. Playing against friends in an organized event can get the competitive juices flowing without a rules official breathing down your neck. You want to have a few beers or check a text message on the course? Go for it.

4. Making your team proud

Be sure to clearly define teams going into the tournament. Neighborhood against neighborhood, golf course against golf course, or righties against lefties – there are many options. Suiting up in team shirts will make it clear who the good guys and bad guys are. Pretend you’re in the Ryder Cup and grind it out.

5. Bragging rights

This is what it really comes down to. Whether it’s a team match or stroke play event, nothing feels better than beating your buddies and having a trophy to prove it. Get the trophy engraved, keep it for the year, and bring it out to show off at social events during the off season. That shiny piece of hardware will become valuable as the tournament matures.

Shoot low and have fun.


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Good stuff and well-written.  Here's the trophy idea we've been using for the past several years.

Since we're in Ohio and most of us are Buckeye fans, our annual tournament is Ryder Cup format.  Each is part of the Scarlet or Gray team.  The trophy is a bottle of Crown Royal painted the winning team color each year.

Between the two 18 hole rounds that determines the winner, last year's team captain produces the trophy, open it and passes it around until it's empty.  Don't worry, we have a large group!  At the end of the second 18 hole round, the winning team captain accepts the trophy for his team.  If the trophy requires a 'new paint job' that year, we give it to a regular who has it painted.

I got to keep the trophy in my home office book case 2 seasons ago as a result of being the winning team captain.  To be named team captain, your team has to win the golf league.  No idea how that happened ... my partner probably carried me!

Agree with Foursum Golf.  These events are fun and well-attended once the tradition is established.  I'll also offer that it's easier to do this locally or regionally.  Many in our group don't have the cash or spare time to attend an out-of-town event like this.  We do this at our home course, but have kicked around the idea of heading 2 hours south and splitting the rounds over 2 days rather than making it an all-day affair.



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We can just do a 2 man event but I need like 6 a side. ;-)

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    • It's now 8 months since I started playing golf.  I'm fairly happy with the progress I've made so far... ...I've (mostly) got past the impulse to try and whack the ball really hard ...I've (mostly) learned not to overswing and start standing up in the backswing ...I get the concept of the hips starting the downswing rather than the arms, and can see how this causes the club head to rocket through at the bottom of the swing AND I seem to end in a good finish position ...that said, I have also learnt to move my hips at a moderate pace rather than too fast, as that was making me slice it - confused me for a bit but I get it now ...fat shots are now a rarity rather than a constant plague - tend to now only occur on uneven lies but not too often ...I'm not yet as consistent as I would like to be, but I hit the ball cleanish and straight most of the time ...chipping and putting is reasonable compared with my playing partners ...I would expect to get 4 or 5 pars in a round, mentally before each hole my target is a bogey, but a double bogey or worse is a disappointment I am also starting to get a reasonably good idea of my distances for each club.  What I have noticed, however, is that my distances are much shorter than my friends.  I can hit straight drives about 210 yards, a straight 4 iron about 150 yards, a 7 iron about 120 yards.  Now, I'm ok with this, I'm not bothered about outdriving them or being a big hitter - I know that trying to match them club for club will not end well for me. My question is, will my distances increase as my swing develops and gets more consistent?  Looking at some of the swing speed charts online - for what they're worth - maybe my driver swing speed is around 80mph for those distances?  My irons are Callaway X-16 with new Dynamic Gold R300 shafts.  Are these a heavier shaft, and would I see an improvement with different shafts?  I've no intention of changing them just now, but have my 40th birthday next year so a new set might be in the cards then. Im really enjoying my golf at the moment, and am quite content with my progress, but the desire to improve is very strong - I guess this happens to a lot of new golfers.  How might I expect things to go from here on?  I've been working it out by myself and with the help of YouTube videos and books, and lessons are not an option - the nearest pro is two hours away. Cheers, Joe
    • Umm, the penalty he took is directly related to that. It would be strange not to emphasize the reason why he took the penalty. 
    • Does anyone have a picture of the pin chart for this course? It's usually on the back of the carts but I can't find it online.  Thanks. 
    • If the fitter did not give you an idea of what shaft you need, you did not get full service.
    • Played in our B-Team interclub March at Heritage Hunt G&CC, 6500/132 Par 72 shot best round of year. 36-35-71 (1 under)) 3 birdies and 2 bogeys, with one bogey was hitting into hazard on Par 5 and the other was a bogey on another Par 5 where I short sided myself .  Even with that we only won 2 up.  But not bad for first time seeing the course.
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