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Dream Bag/Equipment Setup

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If you guys could build a "dream bag" of clubs right now, what would it include? For me its the following: - R11s 9 degree stiff - Adams black v3 hybrids 15 and 19 degrees - Taylormade TP MC custo

Shepard's 6 iron, a fifth of Bruichladdich, a pocket full of buttons, a sleeve of happy fun balls, Billy Baroo, 3 different 7 irons (don't ask), a couple of fake passports, a sextant, a Diner's Club c

Well, what do you expect us to say?...What clubs would be 'unattainable for the average joe??'

In terms of unattainable golf clubs, I believe they don't exist.

Perhaps if they did, they would be made by Louis Vuitton, with the tacky LV logo on the grip, the'd have heads in solid gold (or at least gold plated) and the club numbers would be made from diamonds. Then again, clubs like this would be a nightmare, rather than a dream. I think what I am trying to say is that all golf clubs (maybe with the exception of some exotic Asian brands) are well within most people's reach - whether bought new or from the second hand market. For example, if somebody dreams about a TM R9 Driver, it's still an R9 if it's bought on the second hand market and will still be an R9 in 6 or 12 months time when prices have lowered dramatically - dreams fulfilled, no matter the budget. In golfing terms, I think the main thing we should be dreaming of / aspiring to is the ability to play like a god. Dream clubs? Nah.
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Driver: King Cobra S9-1 Pro D 9.5°, V2 75 X
3-Wood: Titleist 909F2 15.5°, V2 85 X (bought it)
Hybrid: Titleist 909H 19°, V2 100 X (bought it)
Irons #3-9: Callaway X-Forged, Project X 7.0
Wedges: Callaway X-Forged White Chrome 48°, 54°, 60°, Project X 7.0
Putter: Never Compromise GM2 Exchange #6 34”
Ball: Callaway Tour ix

I can barely pay rent, haha. For now, this set is a dream for me, but I'll get it soon enough. Mostly, I just want new irons and wedges, but that Cobra driver is sweeeet too!
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I have my dream set bought them two years ago .

All Titleist

907d2 driver
906F 3 wood
585 Hybrid 19
585 hybrid 24
755's 5 thru 9
vokey 60/ 56/ 52 /48 wedges
scotty cameron studio select 1.5 34 15 weights heavy
us open sunshine cover
scotty cameron santa fe gun blue 08 hula girl cover
bethpage cover
aop ct cover
titleist extreme ball
titleist cart bag fj clothing
nike shoes everyday
fj good dress shoes
scotty /titleist hats

titleist underwear if they made them :)

almost forgot titleist travel roll around bag .

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New one again but i am pretty close to getting my dream set

Driver: r9 TP - Diamana Whiteboard 75 Stiff
3 Wood: r9 TP - Diamana Blueboard 85 Stiff
Irons (3-PW): MP-62 Rifle Flighted 5.6
Gap Wedge: Vokey 200 Series (50)
Sand Wedge: Vokey Spin Milled (56)
Lob Wedge: Satin Rac TP (60)
Putter: Newport 2
Bag: Adidas Tour Staff Bag

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I like this thread:

Cobra S9-1 D 9.5* Driver
Taylor Made Rescue rescue TP 2h
Mizuno Mp-67 4-pw
Cleveland cg 12 52*, 56*, 60*
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 34"
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Adams 9015d 9.5 w/ Fujikura 6w06
Cleveland Hibore XLS 15t w/ Fujikura "Kamo"
Adams Idea Pro 18,23 w/ Ozik Altus
AP2 4-9 w/ KBS Tour
Vokey 48.06, 56.11, 60.04 Spin Milled
Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3.5
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Titleist 909 D3 9.5*w UST Pro Force V2 Stiff 77g
Titleist 909 F2 15* w UST Pro Force V2 Stiff 77g
Nike VR Combo's ~ 3-4 Full Cavity Back, 5-7 Split Cavities, 8-P TW Full Cavities w Project X 6.0's
Tilteist Vokey Wedges SM - 52, 56, 60 ~ Oil Can Finish
Scotty Cameron Putter (TW Replica)

zzzzzzz........sorry...just woke up....still don't have em!! hahaha!
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This might be my 4th or 5th. I lost track.

SQ Sumo 5900 | 10 Degrees | Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard Regular
SQ Sumo2 | 16 Degrees | Mitsubishi hDiamana Regular
SQ Sumo2 | 20 Degrees | Mitsubishi hDiamana Regular
Sumo | 4i-9i 2 Degrees Upright | True Temper Dynamic Gold Stiff
Victory Red | 47, 53, and 59 Degrees | True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedgeflex
Unitized Techno Center-Shafted | 33.5"
Sasquatch Stand Bag
2008 One Black Balls
Air Zoom Vapor Shoes

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Dream-but-hopefully-to-be-real-soon set =]

Titleist 909 D3 driver
Titleist 909f3 3 wood
Mizuno mp-67 2-pw
Mizuno mp-r wedges 52,58
Scotty Cameron circa 62 number 1 <------ best putter ever
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Driver: Diablo 11* Driver (Regular Flex, Graphite Shaft)
Fairway Wood: Diablo 3 Wood (Regular Flex, Graphite Shaft)
Hybrid: Baffler DWS 18* & 20* (Regular Flex, Graphite Shaft)
Irons: Sumo2 4 - PW (Regular Flex, Steel Shaft)
Wedges: CG14 Black Pearl 50* & 56* (Stiff Flex, Steel Shaft)
Putter: Zing Karsten Series (35")

All this in a nice Callaway or Ogio cart bag. That is if money was no object, which I doubt will ever happen.
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Note: This thread is 3079 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Did they reattach the head? Not sure what the point of this game is. You could just do it on a football field. Why take up space on a golf course? Also they’e from Ipswich, MA. I’ve never seen anything like this around here.
    • 6-iron - Current 6-Iron 1) Slower backswing to feel the club slowing down at A3-A4.  *On a side note, somehow the swing path started to get closer to the heel? I had to start setting up with the ball more off the toe to hit center of club face. Like crazy development. My miss use to be more on the toe side of the club,  Driver with the backswing aid set up.  *This made it VERY hard to time up my swing. I use the carry on, and hinge of my wrist to time the downswing. So, I kept hitting a lot of low pull to straight cuts.  Slow-Mo TEE!!    OK, I am going to say... F*** You golf swing 😛 Just stop the the swing at A4. How the hell did the club get there with out me thinking about anything. Sigh!!  Like WTF!!! I give up, joking. I almost just started laughing at the range.   
    • Let's see... how many things can you do on a golf course?  Uh, fling golf, foot golf, regular golf, sled in the winter, ice skate on the ponds, cross-country ski, have keggers, have parties, have sex... the list goes on.  Mary Queen of Scots is turning over in her grave.
    • Tiger’s driving could be more erratic than Jack’s.    Driving: Jack (I think they were equal in distance relative to the equipment they were  playing, but Jack stayed out of the shit) Approach (75-250 yards): Wash. Jack takes the longer end (mainly because of some amazing 1 and 2 iron shots). Tiger takes the shorter end. Short Game: Tiger not close. Putting: Wash. Both of them in pressure situations.    Recovery: Tiger Mental: That’s a wash. Performance under pressure: Both How much better than everyone else was Tiger in his prime vs Jack on his prime? Tiger set the bar so high when he was in his prime that most guys behind him weren’t even in the same time zone let alone, the same tour. Jack was pretty damn good but he wasn’t as dominant as Tiger and that’s where Tiger is so much greater than Jack and that’s what makes him the GOAT.  
    • It seems it would be difficult to get the ball to stop on the green. Bump and run can be judged. But let’s say a 150-170yd…it’d be hard to hurl the ball far enough to get there but with a high enough trajectory to stay on the green. Seems like every shot outside 100yds would have to be a bump and run.
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