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I had golfed a little (maybe 15-20 times in total from the age of 14 thru the age of 45; but only 3x in the last 10 years since moving to California).

I thought it was kind of fun, but that was it.

Last October my father-in-law needed a 4th for their 4-some and asked me. He'd asked a number of times in the past, and I always made an excuse.

I had hurt my elbow somehow, but didn't want to flake on them, so I went out anyways...

My elbow hurt like crazy if I hit the ball fat (which I did whenever I swung too hard, like I normally would).

So, in the interest of self preservation, I started to swing the club really lightly, and lo and behold, I not only started making consistent contact with the ball, but the ball was going (more or less) in the direction I was aiming it.

I was hooked.

I have been going out once a week ever since.

Anyways, I started off shooting 112 that day.

I'm now mid to low 90's. I can still occasionally shoot in the 100's, and occasionally in the mid 80's.

I took my first lessons (3 of them) last month. It didn't really improve my score yet (learning a new swing, or modifying my old one kind of made my score actually worse for awhile)...but, my swing is much better, and it feels as if my score is going to improve in the next month or so.

My driver has been my worst club; I initially didn't really use it at all for the first 6 months.

I have struggled with an absolutely horrendous slice since I started using it. That is mainly why I decided to take lessons.

But, even with the lessons, I was still slicing like crazy.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have made a couple of small changes (taking the club back and up , as opposed to back and around my torso on the backswing, and changing my stance at address), and not only is my driver going great for me, but it has helped me with my irons as well.

I used to be one of the those that thought the driver was an overrated club, and kind of looked down at all those that bragged about how far they hit it...but, now I think it's a really underrated club (at least by people like me who overlooked it) b/c starting off every hole behind a tree, the next fairway over, or in the rough makes for a frustrating round; and when you are playing frustrated, you're not going to hit your best shots.

Anyways, I can't believe how addictive this game is. I fall asleep thinking about my swing, or a nice shot I made.

Sometimes I come downstairs in the middle of the night after something occurs to me, and I'll take a club out of my bag and take a couple practice swings.


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