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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Well, it was sunny and 70 in Northern Cal yesterday so I played hooky and played golf. It was just too nice and hadn't played since Christmas Day. A little soggy from all the January rain so I played lift, clean, and place which always helps. I shot the second best round I've ever shot - 73 - on my home course (Palo Alto Muni). Unfortunately, my index went up because it bumped the best round I've ever shot - 71 - off my card. Oh well. I shouldn't have bogeyed two out of the last three holes.

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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I don't know what I shot today because I threw my scorecard into a lake, along with a handful of tees, a nickel I was using as a ball marker, a couple of balls and almost my 7-iron.

Needless to say I was not happy with my performance.
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I don't know what I shot today because I threw my scorecard into a lake, along with a handful of tees, a nickel I was using as a ball marker, a couple of balls and almost my 7-iron.

You're just starting out, right Aaron? Have you considered one of those intro classes? Carey took one and it was pretty nice: $70 for 4 hours of lessons. There were three other students in her class.

Improvement at the beginning can come quite rapidly if you take a lesson or two. Plus, it sets you up to play better throughout your golfing career. You don't ingrain bad habits.
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One over for nine, missed a 6 footer for par on 9. I hate putting in the near dark. 3-putted from uner 10 feet too, unfortunately I can't blame that one on the dark. Lipped out on a 15 footer for eagle on 7. I was pretty happy with that hole. 570 yard par 5. solid drive, ripped 3 wood.
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Played today at a short little 9 hole course called The Training Station . Shot a four under par 30 without any bogeys. I really had a nice gentle fade going today off the tee which let me really rip at the ball. It figures that when I'm driving the ball really well, it's on a day when I'm only playing 9! That's golf for you!
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...I was pretty happy to be playing at all.

It was last Sunday, and after a stressful month and a week of terribly cold weather, we finally got a break and my father-in-law and I hit our course for the back nine.

A couple of bogeys, a double and some other crap, and I think I had a par, too. Needless to say, the strained MCL changed my swing a bit, so I wasn't exactly keeping score.
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Played the Highland course at Wildcat today. Early on I was really playing well. My driving, ball striking and putting were finally coming together. I even managed to drive the 5th green. I was rolling along and found myself at -3 through the front nine with no bogeys.

At the turn, I had to play behind a foursome for two holes before they finally waved me through but by then my rhythm was off and I fell apart.

I did hole two more birdies, but three more bogies, and a triple on the 15th killed my round. 73's still a respectable round, but considering I was on pace for the round of my life, I'm a little angry.

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Played today with my new 680s and the 503.H. Played The Pit, a lovely Dan Maples here in North Carolina.

Shot 40/41=81. Had two 3" putts, one for birdie (including at the very fun #8). Hated #15 - a stupid par 5 with a green the size - I kid you not - of a trailer home kitchen. No run in the fairways, so me coming up 30 yards short on the last, a 520-yard par-5 with driver, 3W was nice. What wasn't nice was the hard kick right my pitch took. Two putts for par when I wanted birdie.

Hit some shitty shots. Hit some that I've never hit before (good ones). My knockdowns and 3/4 wedges were nowhere to be found and the early holes features a rather large cut. Such is golf for me when I don't get a chance to hit some practice balls and loosen up - were were rushed to the tee.

The back nine was hampered by my limping. The review you see on the site for Bite right now? Here's the early version: don't buy . The toe crease fell right across my pinkie toe, smashing them with every step. I think, trying to avoid smashing them more on the back I started walking funny and tonight find myself with two very large blisters.

The irons were solid and I hit some awesome shots with the 503.H. I carved a 4I with a nice draw on one hole and hit some good shots in other places. Absolutely no roll and had some terrible lies today, both in the dormant and soggy stuff as well as in the fairway. Jay played winter rules, but I never really wanted to. The greens were, well, I just don't think some of them were entirely fair, and I'm a guy that likes a sloped green.

Drove the ball well, made a birdie, and demonstrated some early-season feel. Course rating/slope is 69.9/123. Played about 6800 yards today what with the zero roll.
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[...]Absolutely no roll and had some terrible lies today, both in the dormant and soggy stuff as well as in the fairway. [...]

Erik ? you stink. This morning I had to shovel fresh 10" of snow off my driveway. It was the 5th time in last 2 months. My back is killing me. There will be no golf for at least a month around here - and you're crying about "terrible lies" ?!?!?!?!

If you looking for somebody to feel bad for you - look the other way But seriously - good for you. I'm just jeleaous. Go get the Nike SP6, trust me - you won't be disappointed
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I don't know who Eric is, but I've got some 680s so I'll answer...

Very solid. Surprisingly forgiving for shots that miss the sweet spot just a little. Workable - I played an intentional cut on the first hole that came off well and I played a great draw that worked nicely. Today we're headed out to Tobacco Road and I'll be playing the Bridgestone B330. Any idea what caddies on the PGA Tour use to keep grooves dead clean? I have a brush and it kinda works... It's a big octagonal one that's on my towel. About 2-3" across. Kinda tough to really get in and scrub.
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Shot 78 or 79 at Tobacco Road today, one of the most overrated courses I've ever played. 78 or 79 because it depends on whether I would have made a 3-footer on one hole where we were trying to pick up the pace a bit.

I also took another ball off the first tee (which I normally hate doing, but ugh, it was cold and I was tense) and another when a playing partner shouted something during my swing. For about the fifth time that day.

Tobacco Road, or "The Road," is flash and glamour that relies on severe trickery and six or seven blind approach shots from the fairway. I don't mind the many blind tee shots - the fairways are 80 yards wide most of the time - but blind approaches bug me. One or two a round, fine. As many as this course has, well, it's just circus trickery.

Play the course a time or two and you know where to put your tee shots. Play it a fifth and sixth time and you have an idea where you want to come in for your approach and land the ball. But Tobacco Road relies on the fact that it has no membership and players of the "travelling" nature play it once or twice a year. That's how it's "tough." It's pure target golf, except far too many times per round you really have no idea where the target is.

Tomorrow is Mid-Pines. My play's continued to improve after my winter layoff, and the 680s got a bit of a workout today, as did the B330s. Both are solid - I may have to play the B330s after I run out V1xs.

Hopefully it won't rain today.

BTW, I recommend playing Tobacco Road once. Once. I called it the Britney Spears of golf (all show, no substance) earlier today, but further consideration tells me that's not very accurate. I'll change that... You see, Britney has been done before (I don't mean it that way). Tobacco Road is, if nothing else, something you're likely never to have seen before, and likely something you may never see again. But that alone doesn't make it a good test of golf.

And perhaps that's where I and my playing partner are different. I look for a good test of golf - one that asks for a shot and rewards those who pull it off, while increasingly penalizing those who don't.

The Road has good risk/reward holes (good). The par 3s are all seemingly the same length (and only one over 150, IIRC - bad). The fairways are wide and the conditioning was great for the time of year (good). Pace of play was bad - a real big downside to all the blind shots. 5 hours in a cart with relatively close green-to-tee distances (only 3 took more than ten seconds in a cart).

I realize I'm going against the grain here with my opinion on the course. Everyone and their brother has jizzed their pants over teh course - including the playing partner - but I just didn't care for it. Play it once, then go play something else (Pinehurst #2?) to death.

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    • Day 72 (6/15/21) - Worked on tempo with my putter and a metronome.
    • Three rounds to catch up on: 5/12: Played Hillandale from the whites. Not a good start, +5 after 3 holes, but I parred the tough fourth hole and battled back to shoot 44 on the front and 42 on the back for 86. I was pretty happy after the poor start. Irons were spectacular, but short game…not so much. 5/14: Yesterday it was back to Umstead Pines, and we decided to play the blues. I played a solid front nine, 44. Three pars and two doubles. My bro played one of the best nines of his life. After a triple on the first hole, he parred the second and then bogeyed in. 47 for him! We moved on to the back. I slipped a little to start the back, but I righted the ship again and parred the last two holes for 45 on the back and 89 total. How I shot 89 is beyond me, because my whole game felt shaky after about the sixth hole. 5/15: I had a feeling before we played that I would go low, and I did. I was +1 through 7, and while I doubled 8 after an unlucky bounce on my tee shot, I rolled in about a ten footer for birdie on 9 to shoot a two-over 38 on the front. And after 12, I was still only +3, having started par-bogey-par.  Thoughts started creeping in, and I doubled 13, 14 and 16 with a three putt bogey on 15. +10 going into 17. I caught a horrific bounce on my approach and had to settle for bogey, then I parred the last hole to shoot 45 on the back and an 83 total. Unlike the last two rounds, short game was on point today. I hit nine fairways, and two of my misses were by no more than a yard. I’ve got an early tee time tomorrow morning with a buddy, and we’re planning on playing a handicap match. More on that tomorrow!
    • Day 1 backswing work yesterday at Golf Evolution with @iacas   Day 2. Back home.  Did mirror work drills this evening.
    • Day 112.  Morning I snuck out to the putting green;  after warm-up, I did the 4' drill.  Must have had a harder break this time, took me 18 putts to finish.  Not bad, not great.  Got home, got some work done, went back to practice (the rest is at home).  I did a dozen chip shots with my 54 (well, a friend's 54 I'm thinking of trying for a few rounds) and then did 20 full shots with the 7-iron (slow, as I'm practicing something).  I think adjustments after the video the other day have helped to change the picture, and I want to go confirm this tomorrow if I can.
    • How do I come back from a 72 last time out and my best round of the year? How else.... putrid effort for 9 holes of league night. Had as many penalty shots as GIR.... 3. Sadly after 2 of the penalties I managed to leave myself inside of 5 feet for par that I missed. Putter was ice cold. Ball striking wasn’t bad but a few sprayed tee shots and a bad putting day left me 7 over for 9 holes. Worst performance I’ve had in 7 weeks of league play. 
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