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Best Shot of the Week


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The best shot for me came on an uphill 540-yard par 5. After hitting my drive into the left rough, I pured a 20* hybrid that landed right in the middle of the fairway, only about 105 from the hole. Although the wedge to 10 feet looked more impressive, it was the perfect second shot that set it up. If only I had made my birdie putt...
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Got my second eagle ever this week. Chipped in from 50 yards with my 60° wedge. Ball landed in a steep hill, rolled down out of sight and I saw it again just before it hit the pin. Chipped in again for a birdie on the next hole from just outside the green, same club again.
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I visited a golf course's range that I had never played for the first time yesterday. They had an elevated green marked "playing 275 today." I pulled the Cleveland driver out and stroked about 15 in a row into the bunker right behind that green. Satisfying.
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Par 4 straight with trees on the left and right. My drive went right and landed in between the trees and the field of thick brush. Was about 140 yards from the green so I tried to get it out with my 8 iron. Hit it well but ended up catching a branch and the ball fell into the fairway about 92 out. Grabbed the PW and hit it pure, it landed on the green and rolled to about 5 feet from the hole.
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Hit a 207yd uphill green with 4hybrid on Friday, hitting a draw and flying a bunker on the right to put it within 10ft. I usually don't get to play longer par 3s so I was pretty happy here.

139yds approach to middle pin on our #1 handicap hole, over the green is dead so I'm between clubs. Decide to hammer a PW, put it six feet past the pin and stuck it, hitting another little draw.

Neither shot is extraordinary, but I've been working on hitting a draw with my irons and it was nice to pull them off as planned.
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The shot:

I hit a driver from the white tees (426yd) to the safe side of the hole in the middle of the fairway on this hole, about 180 yards to the green. Hit my rescue 3 perfectly straight at the flag. Ball stopped 5ft short from the cup.

From where I shot looking at the green, the flag pole "goes through" the ball! That how straight it was . That was my shot of the week and my closest ever to an eagle

I then 2-putted for par but I am not complaining as my "handicap" is currently 42 still

The hole:

Par: 4
* Red tee: 330 m
* White tee: 390 m (426yd)
* Blue tee: 405 m


A well-executed drive straight over the Lake is required for this L-shape dogleg left par 4. Pulled shots could find a menacingly deep bunker or worst still the lake. Golfers who play safe and play to the right are advised to play a three-on, as the approach to the green is a skinny fairway with water on both sides. The Green is guarded by two grass bunkers on the right and on the left.

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18th hole, par 5 472 yards slight dogleg left from elevated tee, green protected on right with bunkers and left with water. Hit a bomb off the tee but it went straight and ended up hitting the trunk of a tree but got a fortunate bounce left to the first cut rough. Pin placement was front today, GPS said 175 to front of green. Pulled my 6 iron and aimed right at the bunkers on the right, playing for a little draw. Hit a great shot which ended up 10 feet off the green. Used putter for eagle, perfect line but left it 4 feet short. To fall in with the rest of my play today, I just had to miss the birdie putt, so I ended up with par.
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hole 16 par 5 skinny with trees everywhere. Hit a very good drive shot dead even where the dog leg turned. I pulled out a 3 hybrid and hit a crap off center shot like 125 yard or something (at the time i didnt no woods could be used on the fairway) since it was only my fourth game. My friend told i could use a five wood which i was almost sure was gonna give me no loft. Next thing i know i hit it about 180 and it rolls to about five foot from the hole. I was amazed i tapped in and had my first birdie. Not only that but i ended up shooting a 90 in only my fourth game.
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Hole #3 at Twin Bridges Golf Club in Gadsden, Alabama. 171 yards. Breeze in the face. Punched a nice little five iron onto the front of the green and it rolled right in.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

At the local club
Elevated tee onto a Par 3 196 meters (214 yards)
Pulled out the 5 iron and jammed it of the box to within 5 meters from the pin
Missed the birdie put and tapped in for 3
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562 yard par 5. After a 280 yard drive (hard fairway and last 50 yards was a slight downhill roll) I had a hanging downhill sidehill lie. I knew even with a perfect strike I couldn't nut a 3W to the green. Plus the margin of error was very large with the lie, so decided on 3h. I aimed left to account for the sidehill and angle my body with the downhill and played the ball a bit back in my stance. The contact was pure and felt amazing. Ballflight was perfect with a hint of draw up and over a waste area/swamp then a small rise to a slightly dowhill and left sloping FW. I was left with a 50 yard chip which I completely blew all the way to the back of the green. I ended up 2 putting from 80 feet. This is the #1 handicap hole on the course and always gives me fits. Just being able to get a bit of a draw from that lie was amazing.....at least for me.

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    • Day 211.  Played 18 today, and really came to life in the second nine.  3 pars, bogey, 3 pars, closed out with two bogeys.   Shot a 39 for the second nine, something I'm not sure I've done at that course before (Hansen Dam).  I've had days where I hit a bunch of GIRs on that second nine, one day it was 7 GIR + 2 near, but I think I shot 40 or 41 on the second nine that day. 
    • And Chamblee said Poulter is the worst ball striker "By a lot" of all the players and Poulter won his singles match by 3 holes LOL...   Best result of the European players and most of the USA players, guess that's what you call an anomaly. Unbelievable how stupid that statement was, the Postman did himself proud....
    • “So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?” The Force Awakens  
    • I think I’m playing my wedges too far forward in my stance. That could explain the occasional fat shots and why I tend to hit the ball high off the face out of the rough.
    • “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”
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