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USGA, R&A Limit Green Reading Materials

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Hey guys.  Under the new rules, what is the best available technology for reading greens that is legal for tournament play and doesn't break the bank?  Is there a conforming app?

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17 minutes ago, capybara said:

Hey guys.  Under the new rules, what is the best available technology for reading greens that is legal for tournament play and doesn't break the bank?  Is there a conforming app?

First, what @iacas says, learn Aimpoint.  Second, 4.3a(1) says this about using "equipment"


Not Allowed.

  • Measuring elevation changes, or

  • Interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball).

So if there IS an app, its not legal under the rules.

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Phil unwittingly makes the case that green reading books REMOVE THE SKILL of reading greens.

And yet… I'm aware of stats that show that green reading books haven't helped anyone make more putts. Phil's own stats don't bolster his case; they do the opposite.

Regardless, I'm still opposed to them. I think they can slow things down, despite what Phil says. And ultimately it's a bad look - bad optics.

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I made myself a legal greens reading book for my home course a couple of weeks ago using free lidar data off the internet and dumping it into AutoCAD Civil 3D to create contours.  It probably took 20-24 hours for me to do all 18 greens.  I know my home course fairly well, but there are some spots with very subtle breaks where I am not sure what direction a putt will go.  I intend to just use it for the rare occasions that I am unsure of the direction and magnitude of the break.  I maybe pull it out 5-6 times a round and look at it for 20 seconds while my playing partners are putting.  Using it for this purpose does not seem to slow my pace of play any.

On the other hand, I could see someone like Bryson trying to use the books for much more than this purpose.  I'm sure if you know the slope of the green, the length of the putt and the stimp of the greens a person could calculate how much the ball will break on any given putt.  The game of golf needs to not allow enough time for someone to be able to calculate this stuff and take all the guesswork and skill out of the game. 

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    • That may be true, but the average amateur is unlikely to be better than 45% from a 140 yards.  And the pro can probably hit the same club or at worst one iron longer from the 200 yards in.  Most amateurs are hitting like an 8 iron or so from 140 and the pro can probably manage with a 7 iron from 200.  The pro is definitely better with a 7 iron than an amateur with an 8 iron. The reason the pro is better from 140 than 200 is probably because they are hitting a PW rather than say a 7 iron
    • You see this in other sports.   Anybody can coach great talent but it takes a good coach to get the best out of each and every player.
    • I may be a bit unfair to these coaches so I’ll admit that up front. But what I tend to believe is that many of these coaches that ‘got their name in the lights’ really lucked into it for the most part. They’ve taught hundreds of people before and nobody knew who they were. Now that definitely doesn’t define their level of quality. Not at all. But when a coach happens to score a player who is super talented and has the ‘it’ factor I can’t help believe that player was going to make waves regardless of his coach. Hank Haney got the majority of his notoriety from coaching Tiger. So did Sean Foley as did McCormick from Spieth. From the years of being on this thread I firmly believe Erik is every bit as good and better (Hank Haney) than these guys. I will agree that McCormick is a good coach as I’ve been told this by respectable people who are in the know. I just don’t think he’s anything so special that Spieth needs to remain with him.  At least not now. He needs renovation, not tweaking. I’d never heard of him before Spieth came to the stage and now he’s on commercials and pumps out dvd’s as an all time best instructor.  I think the talent of these golfers played a much bigger role in their success than the coaching they received from these guys. Just my opinion.
    • You know what I'm talking about.  That hole that eats your lunch every time you face it.  It may not even be a tough hole, but for some reason you can't seem to score well.   Mine is the opening hole on the Gold Course at Martin County Golf and Country Club.  It's a long par 5 dogleg left.  There's water halfway down, huge greenside bunkers, and several well-placed trees to punish any attempt at cutting the corner off the tee.  The rough slopes away steeply the whole way down the right side, often kicking your ball into the woods.  A bogey is my standard score.  I feel like I'm automatically going to be down a stroke right out of the gate. I've been playing that course since I was 12.  I'm 42 now.  Today, I reached the green in two for the first time in my life, then made birdie.  I couldn't believe it! Below are some short vids of me on my way to finally conquering this beast.  I'd love to hear about your trials with your nemesis hole.   And then the 3-wood, high draw to the green:    
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