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My Swing (klineka)

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Continuing to work on the full turn on the backswing with driver along with a feeling of "slowing down" the follow through. The thought in my head is "Coil, uncoil" reminding me to make my full turn, but then to just let myself uncoil naturally and feeling like I'm slowing down on the downswing/not adding and extra effort for the downswing, which is making the ball flight much more neutral and having just a couple yard fade instead of big slices. Wasn't on a launch monitor so I'm not sure if I was actually swinging slower or if it was just the feeling, I know feel isn't real so I'd guess the uncoil/slow downswing feel was still within a couple mph of my normal speeds.

Spent some time practicing and getting comfortable with 3 wood and 3 and 4 irons off the tee again, had been feeling uncomfortable with those shots lately. 3 wood swing thought is same as driver, and 3 and 4 iron swing thought is more of just "full turn" just making sure I get a full turn instead of just lifting with my arms.

Irons have been "meh" lately, not great but manageable, mishits were really high on the face, swing was getting way too long so worked on feeling like I was doing a half swing even though it actually looked like a normal full swing and strike came back almost instantly.

Wedges, short game, and putter have been dialed in lately, got down in two shots from ~100 yds multiple times in rounds on friday and saturday, including a par 3 that was playing 112 to the pin and my tee shot took one bounce just short of the hole and bounced up and hit the flagstick before settling down about 6 feet away. On the greens I knocked in a few 30+ footers and hit two 60+ footers to tap in range twice in my last rounds over the weekend.

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Continuing to work on making the iron swing more compact, when the swing is more compact and I feel like its a half swing, the shaft doesn't get laid off as much. Also feeling like my hands are going "in and back" towards my right hip/pocket on the way back has helped too, similar things that I worked on in Erie last spring, just slipped back into some old habits with the irons recently as I had been focusing a lot on wedges and tee shots.

Speaking of wedges, I went and did a Callaway wedge fitting yesterday for the MD5 Jaws, decided to keep my current 50 degree for now, but got fitted for 54 and 58 degree wedges.

I knew I had a gap right around 80-90 yards in my current make up of 54 and 60, it was tough for me to take that much off my 54, and it required a pretty hard swing to get my 60 degree that far, but the 58 fit perfect, a nice smooth 3/4 feeling swing was 90 yards consistently.

Stayed with the 10 degrees of bounce and the S grind in the 54 degree, but went with 12 degrees of bounce and the W grind for the 60, I really liked how it interacted with the turf especially on pitch shots and I really noticed a difference in quality and consistency of strikes using that grind compared to some of the others that were available. 

Placed the order this morning through Callaway pre-owned, who had "Like-New" condition for roughly $60 cheaper per club than brand new. They dont have the MD5 listed on their website, but if you call they have them in stock and will place the order for you. 

Pretty excited to have these arrive before heading down to Pinehurst July 9th.

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