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  1. Same for me. Eagle. Pulling on heart strings...had my wife in tears.
  2. Like @DaveP043 said, you are probably going to have to stay at the resort to play #2. The first time I played there I had to do that. The rates in the summer are pretty high, so be prepared. It is still a great experience and place to stay. The course should be firm and fast that time of year...just hope you don't get a thunderstorm to wash you out since that time of year they are normally popping up in the afternoon. I'd recommend an early start time to 1) stay cool and 2) avoid those storms. Good luck and please come back and let us know how it goes! I'm hoping to get on the Dormie club next year...definitely want to play it before it goes private.
  3. The Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 I had not previously had any sort of exposure to Mission belts. I had heard about them in passing but did not know what to expect. My only curiosity was that there wasn't a "size". I'd find out what others have talked about previously...basically that they give you a belt that will fit a very large person and can be easily cut and sized down to fit anyone. The great thing is that they provide places for you to cut based on your waist size. The questions are 1) is it easy to cut and 2) does it fit well? Happy to report positively on both. As others have said you can cut these belts pretty easy with basic knives (including ones found at a rented condo) and also scissors. Might require a little elbow grease but not much. As for the fit, I cut right on the 34 line and it fit great. The latch system mentioned before works absolutely flawlessly. It took a little practice to get hang of the release mechanism to loosen the belt but after a few practices the process was easy. I also love the look of the belts. The two we received were a dark blue and grey. Both were the canvas material that others have talked about. The texture and look was really, cool. I've already scoped out a couple other belts that I'm going to snag the next time I need to replace my normal, leather belt I wear to work. The Gun Metal and Alloy belts look really, really sweet. Mission has made a new fan out of me!
  4. Ratings (out of 5): Shirts Quality: 5 Value: n/a Comfort: 4.5 Aesthetic Appeal: 4.5 Pants and Shorts Quality: 5 Value: n/a Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Hat Quality: 5 Value: n/a Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 3.5 Some of the most interesting things to check out during the Newport Cup are the different shirts, pants and gear that is provided. Honestly, I was only expecting a couple shirts and possibly a hat for the outing. Much to my surprise and pleasure we were outfitted with some great shirts, a couple pair of pants, shorts and a hat. Hat I'm more of a visor guy, to @iacas's dismay. That being said I do own a few pairs of hats and wear them from time to time. The hat we received from ping was a nice, dark but semi-washed out blue. The fit and feel of the hat was a lot better than i was expecting. It was very, very light and snug. During the warmer afternoons I didn't feel like my head was getting too hot either even though it was a darker color and that it was not made of (what appeared) breathable materials. If I had one complaint about the hat is that I really didn't care for the logo/emblem at the top. I would have much rather had the traditional PING logo at the top in white Shirts We received three different polos for the Newport Cup. The Newman was a two-tone shirt that's style is trendy nowadays with players on tour and on the public courses. I didn't own any shirt like this previously since I prefer solid or striped polos. That being said, I really liked this one and it looked very sharp. The other two shirts were solid...one with a pocket and the other without. As for fit, I really didn't notice the seam that the others are talking about on the Newman polo. Perhaps I'm built slightly different but, for whatever reason, it fit just fine. Overall, I really liked the fit of these shirts and would not hesitate to buy another ping shirt like these. They were comfortable, cool and kept me dry even on the warmest days. Two thumbs up from me for these shirts! Pants/Shorts Probably my favorite of all the clothing we received were the pants and shorts. Especially the pants. I like to wear pants even on warmer days when I play...unless it is ungodly hot. Also, I will hit balls during work hours so I like to wear breathable, light golf pants to work that I don't have to worry about sweating as much. These pants are just the ticket. They are extremely light and, again, didn't feel hot or warm even during the warmest of the days and after playing a LOT of holes. As for fit, the 34W fit me perfect like most other pants of that size. The 34L was a bit long but I'm probably going to ask a family relative to hem them up a half inch or so like @bkuehn1952 had done. Even so, I'm still wearing these on a regular basis and absolutely love them. The shorts are great as well. Sometimes the length of shorts can bother me if they are a bit too long but these are just right and, again, the 34W fit me just right. Overall, I'm a big fan and Ping did a great job setting us up with the gear. Not only did it fit great but the teams looked great too. Especially the Blue team!
  5. Ratings (out of 5): Latch-It System Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Innovation: 5 Gear Quality: 4 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4 I had no idea what the Latch-it system was before The Newport Cup. After getting to play with all the different products I came away really impressed. As mentioned by the others, the products use a very strong but easy to use magnet system along with straps and clamps to easily attach and un-attach different products to your golf bag, cart or (really) whatever you want. The first thing I tried out when we got our swag was the towel. I found that it was extremely easy to attach to the bag securely and then pull the towel off and attach back on. I really was surprised at how strong the magnet is...and how easily it works. For the other attachments, I haven't tried out the range finder attachment yet since I don't ride carts that often. That being said, I was very skeptical at it's ability to keep locked on and not fall over rough patches. There was no way I'd risk destroying my range finder. After watching @coachjimsc's video (below). I changed my tune. It really does work. I'm a believer now. I've tried the phone holder and it works fine. I don't see a need to use that one that much though. Normally, I keep my phone in my back pocket but now that I've upgraded my phone to a larger size I might start using it more. The brush and groove cleaner is another great addition. I hit a LOT of golf balls. Normally I have to go to the little brush stations and use the flimsy plastic brushes. The new brush is one of the best ones I've ever had and will be using it quite a bit going forward. Overall, the Frogger golf accessories far exceeded my expectations and will probably be getting a few gifts this season!
  6. Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Effectiveness: 4 Durability: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 One of the swag items we received were alignment stick covers from Headcovers from Delilah. The alignment sticks themselves are great and the cover is just gravy. I never knew or even thought that there would be such a thing but it is actually pretty convenient to have to be able to keep them together and not moving all over the place in my trunk or in my bag. The bonus here is the cool logo and artwork that Headcovers from Delilah are able to put onto the cover itself. I've already gotten questions on what exactly that headcover is hiding in my bag. As for durability and effectiveness, I have no qualms about how this is but and how it will hold up. It looks well made and should last as long as I don't lose it. My only complaint might be that its a little too loose and when I'm storing them laying flat in my car the head cover will sometimes come off. Overall though, a very well done swag prize that I like very much!
  7. Ratings (out of 5):Quality: 5Value: 5++Effectiveness: 5Durability: 5Esthetic Appeal: 4.5 In the past few years I had mostly played the Pro-V1x and, at times, tried out the Taylor Made balls. I found that both of those balls performed very similarly to me and I truly couldn't discern a large difference between them. Given that, just before the Newport Cup, I decided to try out a dozen of the Snell MTB balls. For a significant discount, why not give them a shot...especially I can't tell a big difference in the higher-end ball market? Performance Off the tee, I found the Snell MTB to be nearly identical to the other balls I've played. My distances on GameGolf and into the Par 4's have been consistent. I don't notice any big difference in ball flight as well. I'm launching the ball at the same angle so there really hasn't been a need to adjust my swing or anything after switching. If there has been one noticeable difference, it has been in the amount of spin off my wedges and shorter irons...or lack of spin. With the Pro-V1x and the TaylorMade TP5x I occasionally spin the ball a bit too much from 130 and in. With the Snell MTB, I can only think of one time where I spun the ball too much. The MTB, in the time I've played it, normally comes to rest a lot closer to my pitch mark on the green than the other balls do. Because of this, I feel a bit more in control of my distances from those yardages which is a big plus. Durability I have no worries about the durability of the Snell MTB. If I don't lose a ball, the ball can easily hold up for the duration of the round. If you aren't a ball-snob like me and have to start every round with a new ball, I'm betting that you can use it for multiple rounds. I have a handful of these slightly-used ones in my bag ready to go for the (unfortunate) times when I lose one in a hazard and need to take a drop...or if I'm just playing a quick nine. The cover holds up through the round and you won't chew it like an old balata. These balls are just like the other premium balls and will last you as long as you can stand! Feel Another area where the Snell MTB performs very close to the other premium balls is feel. Chipping around the greens and putting, you get that "soft but not too soft" feel off the club face that gives you the feel that you can spin and control the ball the way you want...and that it doesn't feel like a rock. I've even closed my eyes a few times when putting to see if I could tell which was which and I couldn't. Probably one of the biggest things I'm looking for in a ball is how it feels off the face and the Snell MTB doesn't let me down there. On longer shots, I can't tell a difference in the sound or feel from a Pro-V1x. I've had a mix of those and the MTB's in my bag for a month or so now and when I'm out playing a quick nine I can throw both down with wedges or a driver and there really isn't a way to tell the difference (other than the logo.) Conclusion I really just can't see why someone wouldn't give these balls a try. For $15/dozen less, you simply can't go wrong with them. They feel nearly identical to me and actually perform slightly better in one area (spin.) If I had one nit I'd agree with @kpaulhus that the logo isn't really attractive but I'm not vain like him and it won't keep me from playing them or suggesting to others I'm playing with that they should give them a try. I've gotten strange looks from the guys at the club when they see what I'm playing but I've given them a sleeve to try and they've been impressed. Get some for yourself and see what you think!
  8. Ratings (out of 5): Lodging Quality: 4Value: 5Location: 5 Talamore Golf Course Quality: 4Value: 4Conditioning: 4.5Layout: 3.5 Mid South Golf Course Quality: 5Value: 4.5Conditioning: 5Layout: 5 Lodging I've done numerous golf trips before in the Carolinas. I was more than happy with what the overall experience was at Talamore. The three-bedroom condo we stayed in was plenty spacious for the six (winning) team members we had. In the evenings we all were able to hang in the living room area to relax, talk and watch TV. The bedrooms also had plenty of space for everyone's luggage and each one had its own, separate bathroom as well which is good for the morning when people are getting cleaned up and ready to head out. The pavilion area was a really nice touch and a pretty cool area to hang out and watch some TV. The free BBQ dinner and drinks was quite awesome and unexpected. I can safely say that @coachjimsc probably ate a small pig by himself...and if he didn't, I finished whatever was left of it off. I could have used a cold, frosty adult beverage with the BBQ but I can't complain for the price of free. In the morning, we enjoyed the breakfast at the Talamore clubhouse with what room we had left. It was a nice bonus that we didn't have to 1) worry about getting breakfast and 2) have to get up and leave early to find somewhere to eat. If I had only one nitpick was that there was a little wear and tear. I don't expect perfect or the highest quality but this was maybe a little below what I was hoping for. No biggie. The location of the villas and Talamore in general is really great. Convenient to the other courses and a short drive into town or restaurants. There might have been a little bit of a drive to get to some grocery stores, but when it comes to golf location in Pinehurst, it's a great spot. Talamore I'd have to echo what has been said here before. There are some really nice holes on Talamore...and some that leave me scratching my head. @phillyk kinda summed it up nicely. I'm not a big fan of holes where you have "dead space" where you could just flatten things out a bit and connect things a bit more. There are multiple holes where the fairway just stops, there is rough, and the fairway starts back up again. Sure there is a drop-off or some uneven spaces, but those can be remedied very easy. I'll stop there because I don't want it to seem like it's a major problem...its not. Just something that you should be aware of. The conditions of Talamore were great. I think the new greens are going to be really, really nice when they finally mature and get to an ideal state. They were very firm, which is expected for these types of bermuda greens and how new they are. They putted very nice though and I can't say that I had any bad lies around the greens or anywhere else. Overall, I think there was good value and I'd go back in a heartbeat. Mid South Of the two, I really liked Mid South a lot better. There wasn't many holes that I didn't like and the conditions seemed just a little better all around. There weren't any holes that were disjointed or unnatural. I felt like I was at a resort at Mid Pines where at Talamore it wasn't quite as nice. There was a great mix of holes that forced players to play fades and draws. Nothing that caused someone who could only do one of the two any problems. There was also some really nice holes that brought water into play including the final holes on each side. Great visual holes that finish at the clubhouse with challenging greens...really a nice way to finish. The course conditions were great. The greens were even better than Talamore (both were great) even though they had just opened up a month or so prior. I expected the greens to be very firm and a little rough. Surprisingly, they were plenty soft and putted wonderfully. The bunkers were a bit soft but I had no problems with them the few times I had to hit out. Of the two, I'd definitely go back to Mid South first. Even so, I still want to go back to Talamore again to play it after the course has had some time to mature a bit. I think that both of these tracks will be in great shape in a couple years and be a stop on a future golf trip. FOOD WARNING: as others have mentioned, please use the half-way house at Mid South instead of the main dining area. Service was S-L-O-W. We had plenty of time between rounds to grab a sandwich but it took way longer than anyone would expect.
  9. Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Comfort: 5 Durability: 5 I've been a FootJoy guy all my life. TRUE Linkswear has made me start to doubt that allegiance. These might be the best shoes out of the box i've ever tried. Fit and Comfort First off, I got a size 9 which is the same as my FootJoys and they fit perfectly. Snug, but not too snug...with a little room in the toe. I was really happy because they felt more like sneakers and had great support. Sometimes, with the more traditional shoes, it tends to be a bit stiff sometimes. The TRUEs were excellent. As for how they felt after 108 rounds of golf? Just as good. I didn't have any sort of pain or discomfort in the balls of my feet even on the days we played 36. If you have any sort of issues with feet and like to have a more comfortable shoe, I really don't know if you'll find one. Nearly every day we had a lot of dew on the grounds and not once did I ever feel it on my feet. For a shoe that looks like it might not be waterproof these held up admirably. Another feather in the cap for TRUE. Asthetics I love the design of these. While the color may not be to the liking of some people you can always opt for the West teams white color which was much more standard. As @DeadMan says though, you might have issues with a bit of dirt and grime. The blue versions we received were much more resistant to discoloration...or at least didn't show. Did I like the blue color? As a Penn State grad, yes....yes I did. I will say, the above as a little hard to get use to when you are looking down at the ball getting ready to hit the ball. But I'll take it!
  10. Ratings (out of 5):Hybrid 2.0 Quality: 5Value: 5Effectiveness: 5Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Fusion 2.5 Quality: 5Value: 5Effectiveness: 4Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Hat Clip Quality: 5Value: 3Effectiveness: 4Aesthetic Appeal: 3 Let's start with the easiest of the three. The Hybrid 2.0. I've actually been using a PitchFix Hybrid for (I think) 7 or 8 years. I honestly can't remember how long ago I got it but it has been a staple in my bag. In one of the captain's choice tournaments I played many, many moons ago they gave one to each competitor...and I absolutely love mine. When I saw we were getting a brand new one I had a mix of sadness and joy. Sad that I would be letting go of my trusty one and joy that I was getting a new one. As you can see in the above pictures, the amazing thing to me is how the technology hasn't changed that much...and it doesn't need to. Mine has lasted so long and seen a lot of use without failing. I can't stress enough how good these little things are and also how durable. As for the Fusions, I like them a lot as well. I think the technology is really good and can be even more effective on greens down in the south (bermuda-based) where, a lot of times, you don't leave more than a dent in the green. I will probably use this device when I'm playing those types of greens. I still prefer the hybrid for bent-style greens. Either way, you can't go wrong with these devices. As for the hat-clip, I've never been a big fan of them. That being said, this one was nice because I could get it far enough off the side of the hat where it wasn't in my field of vision so it didn't bother me. It functioned perfectly fine but it just isn't for me. The quality looks great and I don't see any reason why this one wouldn't stand up to the test of time like their other devices have!
  11. Not on a mountain here either. Semi-private course with a men's golf association that functions just fine and our tournaments are run rather professionally and efficiently. Heck, even when I was at fully public courses I never ran into anything you're describing. I'd say you are the outlier here. Sounds like a lack of care or interest by the staff and anyone at the club to make things better.
  12. Haunting stuff. The last minute or so is just...
  13. Yup. I post year round down here. I don't see a huge swing in handicaps but, yes, they generally do rise and early-year tournaments have me doing a double-take at a couple people.
  14. That was not my first choice...but I did the right thing like a good caddie would and supported you when I knew you were committed to hitting that shot.
  15. This was the number that was in my head before even opening the thread. I wouldn't even think that is a long hitter on tour...just something that is in the somewhat-average or needed area. Looks like the average is 279, but the question is minimum...so Ken Duke at 251 wins. I'd still want to have at least 270 carry.
  16. Mostly my 6 iron. I feel like I can control the trajectory well enough with it. If I have to go REALLY low I never use anything lower than a 5-iron. I've tried a 4-iron and, more times than not, run it too low and didn't hit the shot I wanted.
  17. We have a grill pan we use. Lightly buttered and then put a pan or two on top to press everything down. Flattens the roll but crisps it perfectly. Never thought of the toaster idea. I prefer only one side toasted though...
  18. Properly melted cheese acts as the glue for the rest of the condiment layer. Especially bacon. Hijack away. Toasting is perfectly acceptable for keeping the bun from becoming too soggy with all the delicious grease. It also adds some excellent texture. We normally toast our bread or rolls for any sandwiches we make.
  19. Yeah...that was my first thought as well. Yup...that was it. We talked about it here at work since we have quite a few Chinese nationals working for us. It was more about cracking down on government officials using golf as part of corruption than the sport itself.
  20. Thanks @phillyk and @DeadMan. I'm glad you guys had a chance to play there and enjoyed the experience. A couple of comments from the times I've played there: I always felt like the greens were large but the playable area where you needed to be was small. @phillyk, I think this is what you mean. Your comment about aiming for the center of the green is spot on...especially not short siding yourself. I did that more than a couple times and never got up and down. The caddies I had were relatively new but one of the caddies for the other two in the group was a much more seasoned guy that I paid a lot more attention to during the round. He was actually helping the guy we had a bit. The best caddie I've ever had was at Kiawah when we teed of first in the morning. Our group had the two most seasoned guys (by how they talked AND looked)...they were a blast. I still like walking and would prefer a caddie over a cart even if that guy wasn't the best in the world...just like @DeadMan said here: Again, glad you guys got to go there and play. I played it before and after the restore and I'm a bigger fan now with the way it looks and feels. Mid-Pines was similar to that feel but #2 is just BIGGER (and better) in every way.
  21. Great summary of everything Jim and, yes, we should definitely catch up sometime in the spring in Charlotte! I enjoyed it as well...truly. We had a great time out there and I just wish we could have brung home more points!
  22. Man it was a great time. Really enjoyed the golf and company. @coachjimsc and @cipher, I had an awesome time playing and patterning with you both. Wish I could have helped you out a bit more but in the end, Blue was victorious. I didn't miss either eagles. Was on the wrong end of both. Agreed...I enjoyed it as well. My game from 150ish and in was on for the most part. I was great watching you play. You and @Pretzel take lines that I never dream of taking.
  23. Big thanks to you @RandallT for following us around and keeping everyone updated. It was great meeting you and glad you could make it down!
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