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  1. Actually though now that I think about it technically they are right. Ha.. I'm trying to think back to physics stuff and if I remember right even something that is rotating at a constant angular rate is accelerating because the vector is constantly changing. So according to the scientific definition we are indeed accelerating yet we don't feel it. It might be kinda fun to be part of this flat earth movement and troll scientists with their own ideas.
  2. I don't remember a tree being in the way but you also can't quite get at the window because they've got a small piece of that corner walled off with glass panels to re-create the scene. You can stand several feet to the right of the spot and see down the street though. It's a fantastic spot to snipe from because the street goes dead straight away from the window and there would be no left or right movement to keep the crosshairs on someone in a car. But yeah I'm not sure what has changed in the area over the years so maybe it was more challenging back in the day. I agree completely. People can't even keep a secret between a handful of friends and I'm expected to believe a thousand or ten thousand or hundred thousand people are colluding on something and over the course of decades or centuries without a peep? Yeah right. What about the people who are about to die of old age or from disease? What do they have to lose by spilling the beans? I find it extremely hard to believe someone somewhere wouldn't send a package to a media company on the way out... Now that is funny. I would like to see them explain what moving feels like because last I knew the only thing humans can feel is acceleration.
  3. Out of all the conspiracies the flat earth thing never made sense to me because you can see for yourself that it's not true several times a month for your entire life. The Oswald thing is pretty amusing too. I don't know how many documentaries I've seen where they say it was an impossible shot, he needed help, blah blah blah. I've been through that book depository twice and it really is a neat thing to tour but when you go up to the window and see the X on the street it's like pffffffffffffft. I'm hardly a marksman but I would give myself a 60% chance of being able to hit someone in the head with an open sight pellet gun at that angle and distance let alone a real gun with a scope. Anyway, I would encourage anyone interested in that event go tour the place because when you see how small it is between the window, the street, and the knoll it seems almost impossible to have the mass confusion and fairy tale that gets portrayed in books and TV shows.
  4. I generally won't even consider a sports movie unless it's a comedy. Football: Water Boy Baseball: Major League Golf: Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack, both are great. Auto Racing: Does Mad Max count?
  5. I haven't used GN in 3 years. There is apparently just no course in Idaho that uses the service, but even before I stopped using it the great deals started getting much harder to find. I'm a little surprised it's still going actually because, yeah, it looked like they were getting greedy with the fees and like courses were having a change of heart about the prices they were putting out there.
  6. I disagree. This is Darwinism at work and ultimately it benefits humanity as a whole. Of course friends and family of this guy will say that's crude and mean and everything else but the truth is people have been coddled for so long they either forgot or became so arrogant they think nobody should have to pay a price for being stupid. Anyway, I'd be somewhat surprised if we don't see the end of that regime in 50 years or less. I think the people will either rise up and kill the fat kid or he'll pick a fight and get smoked by someone-- which again will be Darwinism at work.
  7. No but they should be (and are in some places) because slow drivers are just as much of a hazard as speeders. I am not a fan of bikes on roads either because usually the road wasn't made for it. If this guy wants to risk dying then I'm all for it but at the very least he shouldn't be on a road without a shoulder.
  8. The media is the biggest thing wrong with this country hands down imo. I knew it was a problem even before Trump came around but his presence in the White House really caused it to explode. You've got a bunch of for-profit companies running around claiming to be the benevolent guardians of truth and it's absolutely laughable. 24-hour news cycles with massive spin to generate shock value which translates into viewers so the company gets the ad revenue necessary to pay their multi-million dollar executive and on-air personality contracts. There hasn't been a legitimate news channel in this country for decades; we've got small groups of people who pretend to be journalists sitting around pandering and gossiping in 30 or 60 minute blocks between episodes of reality TV and various other audio/visual trash. It's actually impressive in a way, when I step back and look at what TV has become it's incredible how this country has managed to take an invention as incredible as the television and turn it into a 55" box of electromagnetic diarrhea. I mean the only way you can really one-up this is to make it happen in real time. Oh wait, there's facebook and twitter! Anyway, about the OP I don't think there is anything unusual going on between the news and research. If someone can make money by warping the news then they will certainly try. The only real way to know what is going on is to get the information from the horse's mouth which is ridiculous considering the mass media tools we have available.
  9. Just be a walker and avoid all this hassle. Which makes me wonder.. has anyone had a course charge you for wanting to bring along a non-playing walking friend? If not then that seems to rule out the liability reason mentioned earlier since the person is still out there potentially getting hit by clubs and balls.
  10. Idiotocracy - Been hearing good things about this for years but unfortunately it was too dumb to be funny. Bogey Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Random death and destruction; waaaay too much jumpy camera nonsense. Par Rogue One - Solid. Par Why Him - Thought this was gonna be weak but it was actually pretty funny. Par
  11. Went to Logan last week. Bogey. I wouldn't say it was a bad movie in the sense that it was unwatchable but I was really expecting more. Without being too spoiler-ish a few of the things that annoyed me were: Anyway, I'm sure folks will enjoy the movie despite these things. They went the rated R route with the language and violence which was a nice change of pace but overall I think the movie could have been a lot better.
  12. Been a while since posting: Arsenal - Another random B action movie. Par Fantastic Four (2015) - Not great, not terrible... Par Flock of Dudes - Hangover wannabe except less funny (and Hangover wasn't very funny imo). Bogey In Time - Makes an interesting philosophical point but cheesy B movie feel. Par (barely) Jack Reacher 2 - Felt like a corny made for TV movie. Par Keeping Up With The Joneses - Not bad but easily forgettable. Par Matchstick Men - Also not great and also not bad. Par Pirates of the Caribbean 1 - Kiddie movie and a little on the boring side. Par Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Repeat of 1. Par Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - Repeat of 2. Par Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Repeat of 3. Par Priest - Vampires and stuff. Par Repo Men - Movie wasn't nearly good enough to be as disgusting as it was. Bogey Sneakers - Old now and predictable, not bad though. Par Solomon Kane - High fantasy B action stuff. Par Star Trek (2009) - Better than I thought it would be. Par Star Trek: Into Darkness - Same as above. Par Star Trek: Beyond - Same as above. Par Street Kings - Not sure how I missed this; solid action. Par The Accountant - Surprised me. Birdie. The Grey - Dumbest ending I've seen in quite some time ruined what should have been a decent movie. Bogey The Gunman - Forgettable action thing. Par The Hunter - Forgettable drama/thriller thing. Par Underworld: Blood Wars - More monsters and ass kicking! Birdie Unknown - Solid action/thriller. Par War On Everyone - Not as bad as I was expecting but definitely not great. Par Wild Target - Started off alright and basically died a slow death. Bogey
  13. Autodesk is probably the biggest actually, AutoCAD been at least since the 80s I think. I really like AutoCAD though if I have to draft something that's the software I try to use first. Also, Autodesk makes Maya if I remember right.
  14. I bet people eat far more disgusting things than that in random hotdogs or sausages. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat cockroach food but if it comes down to that or starvation I'm pretty sure I'd broaden my palette.
  15. Watched season 1 of Preacher last week. Amusing TV show imo.
  16. #1: Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. --Eleanor Roosevelt #2: Fans don't boo nobodies --Reggie Jackson My all-time favorites, in that order.
  17. He! Could! Go! All! The! Way! (totheunemploymentline) Ha. In all honesty I never really minded this guy, but I also rarely watched sports center. There are (were) far worse personalities at espn imo, basically all of their radio guys + the rejects known as steven a smith and skip bayless.
  18. I don't listen to any podcasts but I watch a fair amount of streaming. https://www.twitch.tv/ https://beam.pro/ Most of the streams are video game related of course but Twitch has a Creative section that was quite busy for a while (more-so on evenings/weekends). If you're curious to see live gameplay before you buy a game or want to ask a streamer questions about a game it's a great way to do that. Or if you're curious to see woodworking, cooking, drawing, programming, or a variety of other trades the Creative section is good for that too.
  19. Nothing on console looks appealing to me so it's hard for me to say. It does look like something intended for a younger crowd though; maybe something along the lines of Pokeman Go. I agree that at least Nintendo is trying to innovate, Xbox and PS just churn out new iterations of the same old titles and spam DLC.
  20. The kid is a douche and a thief and he seems to be proud of it. He is doing the exact thing that discourages people from coming up with ideas that will make everyone's lives better. I would vote in favor of a law to execute parasites like this because they contribute nothing positive to society. Anyway, hopefully this weasel gets a taste of his own medicine someday.
  21. I tried AVG briefly but it spammed me waaaay too much about buying things so I uninstalled it. Been using Avast for several month now and no idea if it's working or not but until it gives me a reason to stop using it I'll probably keep on using it.
  22. I messed with the 3D add-on for AutoCAD very, very briefly as part of my land survey drafting classes and I was mostly indifferent to it. The instructor said AutoCAD wasn't very popular among 3D modelers so I took his word for it and moved on. I've watched a bit of 3D modeling on Twitch as well and the vast majority of the streamers seem to use Solidworks, which I have zero experience with. Anyway, as far as learning it I think it's probably not any more difficult than learning 2D drafting; it's just a matter of becoming familiar with the tools. When I learned 2D drafting it helped to have an instructor as far as getting fast answers but over the past couple years of trial and error I've probably learned as much on my own as I learned from the classes I took.
  23. Initially I walked to save money but now I also do it for the exercise and because it makes me play better.
  24. Strandly

    2017 NFL Playoffs

    lol Oh wow what a stretch. You really gonna double down on that silly argument?
  25. Strandly

    2017 NFL Playoffs

    Yeah and that wasn't the NFL's fault, he signed the deal with USFL before the NFL held its draft for his class. It doesn't matter anyway, a 6th round pick making 7 superbowl appearances and winning 5 of them is still more impressive.
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