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  1. "30 year old" drivers aren't meant to hit the soft balls of today. It might help drill a consistent stroke, but it will cost distance. The old clubs do not have the 'springiness' of the thin faced drivers of today. The balls will not react the same, and generally just fall out of the sky. At least when I tried it 2 or 3 years ago. Weight distribution is another thing. I "think" I hit better drives back then because I could FEEL where that compact head was during the swing at all times. The newer lighter heads, to me anyway, seem to get lost and I don't have the same confidence in where i
  2. I've used Frogg Toggs for less expensive solutions. Mostly known in the hunting and fishing world,
  3. Takes all kinds, I find that "slowing down" make my snap hooks worse. Because my brain tells me to TURN OVER NOW. As the OP mentioned, I "played a draw" that was beautiful to watch... Until it wasn't. Aimed further right... Fiddled with the head adjustments and weighting. opened the stance, tried to force an over the top out to in swing... Nothin'. Just frustration. I threw everything away, moved the club adjustments to neutral, then I double checked a video of my driver swing. My grip was stronger than dirt. My right thumb was nearly or totally parallel to the ground with the left hand over l
  4. If I bring up an ache or a pain, my buddies basically just give me their money on the first tee. I've had a broken bone in my hand after a bunker shot on the first hole. (didn't know until later, but it hurt) Made me ease up on my grip and shoot lights out (for me). If I mention my neck or back issues are flaring up, their eyes roll and I go and beat the snot out them more than usual. Just a few weeks ago, I jacked up my thumb in a surfing incident- 3 days later I hit every fairway, but could barely grab my beer can it would hurt so much. All the injuries and aches and pains just seem to
  5. Better than coming up short. I had a round a few weeks ago- 5 putts for birdie inside 8 feet. 1 went in. 1 full on horseshoed 180*, 2 90* lippers, and 1 burned the edge a bit. I looked at it as being a damn better putter than most people. Every one had the chance to go in- right speed and read. If it didn't make it to the hole, then NONE would have had a chance. Now- if you lipped out every one on the same side, then it's an aim issue... maybe. But you also said it's on public courses. That in itself puts a kink in the works. Even the slightest difference in cutting, grain, footsteps
  6. Except most people aren't very adept at it and can damage the hole. that same internal WTF you have for the picker uppers, I have for that guy who just dinged the edge of the hole because he couldn't get the ball out the first time... or the second time.
  7. 56*/12*B with an "S" grind- which is Vokey speak for a "sand wedge". I also have a 50*/8B "F" grind. Both are used out of the sand depending on the lie and or condition of the sand and distance to the hole. If it's really down there poached egg like, the PW comes out and it has a go at gouging out- with little bounce it will dig in instead of trying to "bounce" off.
  8. I've used this thing for many years. Much more versatile than a rubber cup thing. https://www.hornegolf.com/Golf-Ball-Pick-Up-Halo-Halo.htm It can be ordered with a clip that hangs the putter outside the bag. With the Halo, it can sometimes get caught up in the dividers at the bottom. As I know from experience, my halo is currently stuck in my bag at the bottom of the dividers.
  9. Many years ago, I wound up being paired with a certain "Tommy Bolt" while in Florida for a family visit. Caught up to them as a single and played about 15 holes with him and his buddies. I was kind of fighting an "over fade", not a wild slice but would tend to end up in right rough all the time. Otherwise I had a decent game and a decent swing. After the 14th or 15th hole and ANOTHER right sider, Mr. Bolt made a suggestion; "Try turning your left hand a bit stronger- just the left hand. Leave the right where it is... But wait until you get back to the range to try it out" "Okay, thanks, Mr. Bo
  10. Nothing wrong with a mixed set- You can go with GI clubs for the longer irons and move towards blade style for the more "touch" shots from 150 in. IF you are a consistent sweet spot type of striker you can move toward a less "I" GI club since a sweetspot strike is a sweetspot strike on any club. the feel of a blade style on a touch shot is unlike any other style of club, and IMO, those shots are where you want that type of feel.
  11. As it's moot now anyway, could have just asked to turn it down a bit after mentioning that it's a "bit disturbing". But as a LOOOONG time player at muni's where etiquette, manners and protocol are not exactly country club level, you learn to play through just about anything... including gunshots (play at almost any course in the Northeast near public land in the fall). "Most" Muni's I play, as well as some of the public course strapped for land, put tee's and greens extremely near each other. You get Joe Coolerbag out there with his buddies and he makes a 50 footer for an eight, th
  12. And Stacy Lewis and other golfers promoting "Magic woo woo crystal magnetic bracelets" is any better?
  13. Rain gloves... I recently jumped onto them with all the the practicing in the hot, humid weather around here lately. I had been using 3-4 different pairs and switching them out every so often. Problem was, they never really dried out between shifts. I broke down and bought some Foot Joy Rain gloves since I've heard various good things on different forums. Wow, what a difference. No more worrying if the grip would slip and probably holding on too tight causing all kinds of problems. Even thought I played through the rain in the past, I just would switch out the several pairs of gloves keeping t
  14. Change where you are aiming at. Especially with the 56.. If you look at a 5 iron, the approach angle of the club (the angle from the sweetspot to the leading edge) to the ball is much different than a 56... Try aiming at the target side front edge of the ball, not the spot where the ball is on the ground. Should also help to hit down on the ball a bit more and get more spin. As mentioned, ball first except in particular circumstances like bunkers or desperate flop shots from deep rough that require a bunker "like" swing.
  15. Tell you what... some people may use them, but I made the switch to rain gloves when doing range work in these sticky, muggy conditions we've had around here. I picked up a pair last week sometime and broke them out this morning. What a difference... Normally I might use 3 or 4 pairs of gloves with switching out the pairs every so often while the other sets would dry in whatever breeze there was. They never really did dry out so it often affected my concentration since I would worry if the club might slip a bit, resulting in holding on way too tight. Put on the new rain gloves and was ki
  16. RayG

    Par 3 etiquette

    I don't think it was started to "speed up play".. It was probably started by some club cronies who waved up their buddies to put pressure on them, and so they could make fun of the resulting shots. Local course has a known hot spot- a longish par 3 that ALWAYS seems to have 2 groups waiting. People used to wave everyone up, then sit around when the NEXT tee had 2 groups waiting around. Now- there is no "waving up" and once past this bottleneck, holes tend to open up a bit.
  17. These are mine- A bit biased but I love them. However, I've only been able to get in about 3 rounds in with them along with some range work. working on the swing at the same time, so it's taking a bit to fine tune them into my game. Now- as I mentioned on another forum, these are NOT your run of the mill GI or SGI clubs. The heads themselves are nearly 10% smaller than my previous set and missing the sweetspot is not your friend. If you tend to be off center a lot with GI/SGI clubs, these are NOT the clubs for you. While they stress their "progressive perimeter weighting" in their copy,
  18. I believe Montauk Down has a "Periscope" Hole. there is a tall periscope on the tee to see over the little hillock in front of the tee to see the fairway beyond.
  19. Since I can't seem to edit the post: I will add that it would take a flag about 100 feet high to work. The crest of the hill is only about 120 yards away and 40/50 feet above the tee. then the fairway drops off rather quicky towards the water on the left and the green, which is actually below the level of the tee box. Hole itself can play out to about 370 from the tips
  20. No, not a member and haven't played it in about 3 years. They may have done so since. OR, has I've seen on several courses- a bell you ring when you get out to a reasonable distance out over the crest of a hill. Usually about 300-320 yards.
  21. Glenbrook in Stroudsburg, PA used to open with a nasty Par 3 that was uphill and almost all carry. Then they swapped the nines and now the starting hole is a blind tee shot over a rather large hill to a fairway that slopes SEVERELY right to left- water at the bottom(left side) and woods and rough on the right. Someone has to drive to the top and make sure the fairway is clear, then drive back...
  22. Yes, GoPro field of view is about 170*, even if you can zoom (some do) the quality would be poor. Even 20 yards back it would look like they are 100 yards away. As shown, a portable flexible tripod wrapped around the a pillar of the cart with an iPhone mount should be fine. And use Landscape mode please... In vertical mode you are giving away the available quality and resolution that the camera was designed for. You can even buy a small key fob bluetooth device to work the camera so you don't have to keep hitting the button on the phone and possibly move it out of position.
  23. RayG

    Top Golf

    Funny- I first heard of Top Golf while in Florida a few years ago (Tampa area). There was an article in the Paper announcing the project or recent opening (I can't remember) and there was a description given by one of the owners/managers on how it was for everybody. But that there would be 'zones' for different types of guests. The Top floor (3 tiers) would be for more exclusive/expensive parties and corporate type things, middle tier was for general use by the public- B'day parties, Bro-Stags and such. But the lower level would be for the 'real golfer'. A quieter area for actual practice with
  24. Have quite a few old clubs collected and inherited over the years. Including one of those grooveless Walter Hagen spoon shaped sand "wedge" things. Some niblicks and such from Scotland. Just haven't gone through to document them all. Not all are original since my mother used the sand spoon and had it re-gripped at some point. Maybe this thread will get me to fully go through the clubs.
  25. 9.5 on the M1... With the trailing weight set for 'mid-high'. SS is usually 103-106. I struggled with other drivers and an EXTREMELY high ball flight no matter what the settings. Current launch angle around 14-15* and spin rate is approx 2800
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