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  1. I wasn’t aware PGA tour professionals got a pension. Do they get a retiree medical too? John
  2. I’m no instructor, but If you are not turning the hands over (releasing) it could be because you are swinging outside in. To hit the ball you are opening up the club face and rotating the hands and in the opposite way. When I hurt my shoulder I had limited mobility and I started turning my rear shoulder too much to get more power. That ultimately caused an over the top move that I am struggling to fix, but I’m getting there. If you swing inside out I think trying to turn you hands (releasing) is not even a thought. It just happens. Taking the ball away, basically a practice swing, might not fix anything when a ball is then placed it n the path. John
  3. I don’t think that is their aim, but I can envision a pro that wants to play in tournaments again, especially when they are over 50, and are not, for whatever reason, on the Champions tour. I can’t speak for touring pros, but If I had played for years and missed the competition it would be fun to do Senior Amateur events. I think the question really is whether that is an unfair advantage to amateurs who never played professional, or not? It doesn’t matter to me, but those here who play in those events might have a better perspective. John
  4. I think it all comes down to earnings. There are some touring pros out there who have bounced back and forth between the PGA and Web.com (KF) for years, never won, but earned $2M or more over 10 years. Then there are players that played those same 10 years and earned $300k. After expenses they might break even. Finally there is the group that played for a couple years, with no success, maybe ended up losing on The Big Break, and that’s the extent of their career. I think there needs to be a set threshold of tour earnings vs expenses to allow a return to amateur status. It may be that the golfer who made $2M can’t get amateur status back. I’m not sure if a waiting period means that much. A year or two is fine if a person qualifies, from earnings, to return to amateur status. Not sure why I thought of Ricky Barnes, but could you really give him amateur status? John
  5. I think the global path that Brooks took to the PGA has really helped to hone his mental toughness and maybe the chip he plays with. I also have a feeling he takes greater pleasure in destroying some players who have a sense of entitlement or are hyped beyond their ability. There is just this put-them-in-their place attitude, especially when paired together. His cool demeanor and matter-of-fact approach has to totally demoralize some opponents. This was a really interesting read... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/brooks-koepka-is-the-next-tiger-woods-2019-5 John
  6. Life is tough when you get to sleep in and can play mid-week. John
  7. I would think shortening the shaft is to improve the lie. Moving you away from the ball is probably due to your downswing causing the club face to be further from you at impact. Whether it is caused by your hips, or you just swing more of an outside path, or ???, I don’t know. Moving you away from the ball seems to help. I have seen others with a similar impact issue line up the ball closer to the toe to help adjust to get a center impact, but I wouldn’t go that route. John
  8. Not news to me. Snead was good, but not close to Tiger’s level. The comparison thread/poll just got me wondering how anyone could possibly think Snead could be better. Others may not care, but I’d like to see him pass Snead. John
  9. Agree 100%. But that’s sports. You can put as many asterisks after Barry Bonds name, but he still officially hit 7 more than Hammerin’ Hank. Each year he is getting more votes for HOF. No one said it was fair. John
  10. No disrespect and not trying to cause an argument. Has nothing to do with self respect. I just want Tiger Woods to get to 83+ that’s all. No one will ever come close to that number and I think he can get there. John
  11. The Snead/Tiger thread asked who is better. If the question was who is better Hagen or Jones, few here, if any, witnessed their play, so it then becomes looking at the history/numbers that are available. No one voted that Snead was better. Even asking the question was surprising. And it was only asked because of 82 wins. Millions of people have seen Tiger play and literally change the game. How he dominated the game; won a major on a broken leg. There is no comparison as to who is better. Down the road when there are no longer people who saw Tiger play, I can see the question. John
  12. In no way am I implying that Tiger should not play the majors. He needs to play in every one he can. Hopefully he has 5 more years of playing (20 majors). The Snead/Tiger comparison thread shed light on a couple things. Sam Snead was gifted some wins (I was unaware of the shortened tournaments) and at some point people will just look at the numbers. Pretty surprising the thread even exists, especially while Tiger is still playing. John
  13. I’ve posted this elsewhere. Tiger needs to focus on getting to 83 and pick the tournaments which give him the best chance to get there, even if they are less prestigious. This doesn’t mean that he should have passed on The Open to play Barbasol, but at the end of the day, there will still be certain numbers that people, and Tiger, will point to; and getting past Snead is one of those. If he can pass Jack, that would be great, (he’d automatically pass Snead), but I would hate for him to finish second in both categories. Before the injuries he was probably a lock to be 20+ and 90/100. Right now there is no telling if injuries might stop him again. John
  14. Interesting thread. There is no doubt that there is too much hype around Tommy Fleetwood; and based on his demeanor, probably not self generated. Actually, the only thing Fleetwood did wrong, was to shoot too low, in a major and elsewhere, that propelled the media to proclaim his greatness. This is not new. The media loves to jump on/create a bandwagon as early as possible. Fans see what they want to see and profess that player’s greatness. It’s not his fault that his resume doesn’t support the hype. I hope he does well, but there is a laundry list of players who were overrated/overhyped early on. Some eventually get there; most don’t. At least he is a likable guy. I say, let it go. John
  15. Lowry in short sleeves in this weather is quite impressive. Might be one of the only ones at Royal Portrush out for a Summer stroll. John
  16. Looks like Koepka has learned that you don’t tell the world you are the best ball striker In the field... on Saturday. And making reference to Lowry and Bethpage has definitely angered the golfing gods. John
  17. I can’t answer your question, but you might want to check out the gear effect. It may not directly answer why you slice in the draw position, but it does provide info on the forces in play and how weighting works in relation to the impact location. And I don’t know how Twist Face works with these forces. John
  18. No matter how bad the weather tomorrow. Lowry will be tough to beat. John
  19. Lowry seems to be getting a lot of great bounces and lies to go with his good play. Sometimes a omen of things to come. He’s putting great too. John
  20. Tiger is good enough to play whatever he wants. He is good for the game. I personally think he needs to also play some lesser tournaments that he has a really good chance of winning. While getting to 19 is the primary focus, getting to 83 or 85 is also important. I also think winning is always better than Top 10’s for building momentum and putting pressure on his rivals rather than on himself. Possibly not that different than the route Serena Williams is taking. Playing a major win or nothing puts a ton of pressure on her. When the other tournaments are tune-ups for the majors the pressure not to stumble 4 times a year has to be tremendous. John
  21. Looks like Tiger and Rory will be paired up together on Sunday. John
  22. You have to have a 2.4, I believe, handicap. I think he is actually a very good golfer. But that is the problem, he intentionally added stroke to pump up the score. John
  23. I’d call it more of an exaggerated forward press. Decades ago, a forward press was taught to help with starting the backswing and timing. Sometimes it was just a press with the hands, sometimes just the right (trailing) knee, and sometimes both. Usually there was no re-set stop before the actual backswing. It can loosen (smooth) the backswing if someone is too tight when setting up and feels paralyzed by swing thoughts. I used it 40 years ago, though not close to the extent Wolfe goes. I might dig it out at the range and see what happens. I would guess it will be more commonplace in the coming years. John
  24. From what I read he was eventually DQ’d and I read something about a suspension. Evidently he would add strokes chipping around the tee box, then hit a good tee shot, and then do the same on the green by bumping his ball to add strokes. Supposedly he has a 2+ handicap. Hopefully they remove his score and he is banned from the game, playing and caddying, for a long enough time to make an impression... if that is even possible. John
  25. Our twin boys have both ended up in Arizona and every time we visit I try to get in a round or two. We reached a 208 yard Par 3 which is always a bad yardage for me because My drives are 200 or so yards. I was able to take out my driver and hit the green and hold it. What really made this memorable was having all three of us hit the green and walk off with pars. John
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