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  1. I'm sure I have a sleeve or two of those still. I'll have to check my bags. I bet there are balls from the 80s in my grandfather's bag. I still have his clubs. Like hitting a bad with a croquet mallet. Spaulding executives. Not very good sticks at all, but sentimental. We need an old ball thread with pictures
  2. Thanks guys. I am super curious how new balls compare to these and the relics in my bag. I've gotten to the point where my swing is repeatable again and I'm hitting balls in clusters at the range. I may go to the pro shop at the range and grab a few sleeves and experiment in a few weeks. I'm pushing the ball out past 300 yards again, so I'm assuming the range balls are quite beat down compared to my Maxfli, Top flights and anything else in my bag that's still shiny. If I'm not getting any real appreciable distance gain from a new ball, I won't buy anything. I have almost 10 dozen balls NIB from the late 90s through 2000s and now 22 dozen new balls. I doubt I'll ever need to buy a new ball again. I say that knowing how I spend money like a drunk sailor on leave hahaa
  3. I have a few of those in my bags. Balls I was convinced were the ball and I protect them like a mother hen hahaha
  4. Hey. Just had a customer give me 22 dozen NIB balls and I know that while they are still virgins, they're not new. I don't know anything about new golf ball tech since I've been on the DL the past decade and still working through my back pain on the driving range. But, this fall I am hitting the course and was wondering about balls. First question is, I have balls in my bags that were all brand new 10-15 years ago. Should I scrap those, or use around hazards or are they OK for play. Then I guess that may sort of answer my second question. I was given boxes of Nike precision power distance straight and Nike precision Power soft and Nike precision TI velocity, Callaway warbird, Wilson Pro staff pro distance straight, Pro staff platinum, Top flight XL pure distance, Wilson black Jack and Maxfli xs tour. Any refresher on what's what and ball tech during my layup would be awesome
  5. Comparing Jack and Tiger is like comparing Jordan and LeBron or Mantle and Trout. Comparing eras is futile and great athletes and competitors are simply that, great. If there's a Mt Rushmore of greats, certain players deserve their spots, period. Jack, however was my favorite since I grew up in the 70s and there was a huge field of great golfers to chose from, many with larger than life personas. Tiger, like Jack changed the game for the better, but in different ways. Tiger brought the game to even more people than Daly did and got young people into the sport like no other before him and he did it by being great, not just the cool kid. If I had a Mt Rushmore of players I saw play in my life it would be Jack, Tiger, Phil and Arnie, with Hogan and Jones on it for pure legend.
  6. Thanks!! If we hit the eventual snag i will surely hit you up
  7. Excellent looking project. I have some old blades and a friend is going to help me put some new sticks on them
  8. Not on a course, but in my way. I spent six months at my parent's house in the keys remodeling it after Irma had it's way with our beachfront paradise. Knowing I'd be there awhile, I threw a bag of clubs in the truck and spent my free time smacking balls down the neighbor's six acre beach. Here's a few of the hazards. The croc is named duchess. Our neighbor is a little eccentric. 😊
  9. I leave my clubs in the car all summer and when I was laid up they lived in a hot AF garage. In the winter they lived in a drafty old garage so I saw a temp swing the past 25 years of -10f to 105f and none of my clubs were ever affected by temperature extremes. I broke one shaft on a 25 year old graphite driver and there's no way that was weather related. If i didn't carry clubs, i'd never play. A friend or the GF may call and ask if I'm willing to go out after work and I'm ready. If I had to go all the way home, it wastes too much time. Just like my guitars and tools, golf clubs are tools and should be used. I have thousands invested in tools, thousands in clubs and tens of thousands in instruments and while I don't abuse them, they're not queens. There's nothing better than heading home from work early and hitting the range. Since my divorce, I decided to bring the clubs inside and put them in the old coat room and it isn't due to extreme weather, it's the damn mildew growth in the garage attacking the leather and the other fabrics on the golf bags, gloves, grips and towels. I had to pitch all of my bags after they sat for years when I broke my back.
  10. I've always taken advice from people at the range well when there was a need for it. I've had guys offer me pointers when I'm blasting balls straight downrange and they're just busybodies, but when someone sees you're frustrated it's been welcome on my part. The only time I've ever offered any advice is when someone actually engaged me with either a question or a "I hate this game" quip. If I'm having one of my "off in the rhubarb" days I'd generally always accept someone's advice since I cannot see myself swing. Generally it's always best to keep it to yourself until they speak first, though. Prime example the other day this rather large man(I am a big MF'r and this guy was an avalanche waiting to happen) was having a hell of a time. I would only hit when he was teeing a new ball or wiping his dome off because I was watching him just flailing away in every aspect of his swing. Had he asked I would have told him what I saw him doing, but I also think due to his size he was having a difficult time with a fluid swing, so I would have been gentle with any advice.
  11. It's some horse crap I've always noticed about sports reporting. I don't know if it's deliberate deception, trying to make athletes seem like larger than life supermen or trying to make them seem like genetically superior beings. But I can guarantee that every height and weight entrance in media guides and in reference sites exaggerates the size of these people across the board. I met Kris Bryant, who is listed as 6'5 everywhere. Well, I'm 6'2 and he's my height. I golfed with Steve McMichael who was probably listed at 6'1 and 280. He was probably 5'10 and maybe 280. Again, seeing the rest of the Cubs at the convention, there was one guy taller than me. Half the infielders who were listed over 5'10 were nowhere near that. Growing up near Galas Hall I ran into Bears all the time. Very few guys were that tall. The only guy I recall truly towering over me was Julius Peppers. At the few PGA events I've been to, I can say most golfers are 5'10-6'2 and none weigh more than 200 pounds. Golf is a game that relies on flexibility. The more musclebound you get, I'd say you'd affect your swing adversely.
  12. I have to add another to my three courses. I just remembered Geneva National is 13 minutes from my back door. I just don't go there too often. So make that 4 in a fifteen minute drive and probably 20 within a 45 minute drive
  13. I live in a fairly rural area in SE Wisconsin and have three courses less than a 20 minute drive. One coarse is actually a great course, the other two are nice, but full of butchers.
  14. I've said this before and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but my personal feeling is GI clubs don't really make you a better golfer, they mask your bad habits and technique. If you're already that good, why not use better clubs. I got GI clubs after breaking my back and when I hit blades I was all over the place. The GI clubs his my shoddy strike points. When I went back to PW or blades, I was forced to fix my shit habits.
  15. You can get some amazing deals on five year old irons on EBay.
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