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4 iron and 4 hybrid?

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does it make sense to carry a hybrid and an iron of the same exact loft? i used to carry a 4 hybrid and iron but then the 4 iron broke and now im in the market for new clubs (ap1's). The 4 hybrid and 4 iron would be the exact same loft. Buy the 4 iron in the set or not? I shoot in the high 30's on nine holes and have the game to hit a 3 or a 5 wood but opt for a setup with no woods. I go 9.5 driver to 17* hybrid to then 23* hybrid. 17* goes about 210-225 and 23 goes about 190-200. I believe my normal 4 iron used to go about 180-190. I used to not think about deciding between the iron or hybrid but now i think if i buy it i will think to much and it could casue problems. HELP! thanks.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

Check out the standard length of the hybrid vs the iron - longer shaft will equal (theoretically) more distance for the same loft, but you also need to factor in whether the hybrid has a different (e.g. graphite) shaft. Oh, and you might find that you get a different trajectory with the hybrid than you're used to with the iron. If you can get fitted for a shaft though, you should be able to tweak that.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

Originally Posted by burnabao View Post
Check out the standard length of the hybrid vs the iron - longer shaft will equal (theoretically) more distance for the same loft...
While this is true, the difference in distance should be minimal.

To me, the difference between hybrid and iron is about consistency. Which one do you consistently hit better? That's what I'd go with. I'd also say the handicap has no bearing on using hybrid. Plenty of touring pros use hybrids. My dad uses 3, 4, and 5 hybrid replacements and he's a 6 HCP. It's all about what you feel comfortable.

Why don't you carry a 3h or 3-iron?
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

Carrying two clubs of the same loft/same distance doesn't make too much sense to me ... and since 4irons can be hard to hit depending on the type of club, i'd stick with the hybrid. but of course, whatever you hit better and you're most comfortable with is the way to go.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

Personally I think hybrids do go further than an iron because it plays more like a wood. Plus your mishits with hybrids will obviously go further but go to the range to check it out.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

I am one of those people who play a 4H and 4I.......my reason...there are shots that I need a 4i for that a 4h can't do a vise versa. I also hit the 4h about 15 yrds further when I want to 'turn on the switch' so when I need that little extra umph i pull out the hybrid and swing it hard....I feel like I can control a H better swinging a bit harder than my I.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

For me, my 4H carries approx 10 yards further than my 4i. The biggest reason why I carry both however is because I love my 4i for low piercing shots during a very windy day when I want to keep my longer shots low. Other than that, my 4H allows me to get the ball in the air with distance for longer approach shots onto the green.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

If you don't have another club that can better fill the spot in your bag, there's nothing wrong with carrying both. It might be worthwhile to use the hybrid out of the rough and the iron on the fairway.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

Going from just your hc I'd say hybrid hands down.

Personally I don't use hybrids cuz I love my irons.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

I carry a 4 hybrid at 24* and a 7 wood at 24* and its about a 20 yard difference in distance.
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Re: 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

I game a 4 hybrid and a 4 iron. I carry the 4 hybrid and use it more in the place of a 5 wood. There are some shots I use the hybrid for and some shots I hit the 4 iron for. My 4 iron is my main go to escape club if I need to get under branches or out of a bad spot and always has been.
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See posts like this all the time. It's common sense to simply follow one rule: 'Use the club that gives you the greatest accuracy, not the greatest distance.'

Accuracy will save you or me or anyone playing golf many more strokes than distance. Besides high irons/hybrids (3 and 4), fairway woods, drivers and such are used fewer times in a round than one would believe. And 'TRUST YOUR CLUB TO DO IT'S JOB'. People still don't trust their clubs, they try to force them. Choose the correct club for the required distance and swing the club, don't 'hit at the ball' and you'll be surprised. Full turn to finish, belt buckle pointing straight to your target, is a must.


If you can hit the ball from tee or fairway in the air 'dead center of the fairway' (this is the hard part), 180 yards 'every time' you have the club you need in your hands.

Now be able to do the same thing at 170, 160, 150, 140, etc all the way down to 10 yards. 'Dead center of the fairway' is the objective.

If you can really 'really' do this your game is on a perfect track for success. Why?, because this swing you have perfected will easily transfer to your high irons/hybrids (3-4) and woods.

The few shots from 180 to 250 (for real weekend players, described as someone that plays 36 rounds of golf per year, 'by PGA rules no doubt') will be insignificant to your game.

This is not to say that a person that can hit a driver 280 dead center of the fairway will not benefit from being able to do that. However, most golfers would give their eye teeth to simply be able to hit the ball dead center of the fairway 180 plus bounce and roll. Not that many people I have played with can actually show the benefit of a few drives that are 250 plus, when during that same round they slice one off 250 to the right, 2 fairways over, or pull one to the left one fairway over. If you play by the rules, which is really the way one has to play if they are keeping a true handicap, then accuracy should be your number one concern.

If you are playing for fun, most people do this, then accuracy over distance will give you the best round you can play. Sure those in your group may out hit you on the long shots, but watch them closely, see how many times they lose a ball and don't count strokes, move the ball without counting strokes, hit a duff and don't count it, hit a mulligan. If all were to be known, you beat them playing by the rules, regardless of what they may report on their card, with accuracy over distance.


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I carry both a 4i and 4h; just put the 4h in the bag about a month ago.  The 4h is 23*; I put it in to replace the 3i, both of which I hit about 215.  My 4i is 24* and goes about 205 for me.


I can swap out the 3i and 4h depending on the course.  If it's really windy, I might prefer the 3i to keep it down a bit.  If I know I'll need to hit some long, high iron shots, I'll go with the 4h.

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I don't carry a 4h, but I love my 4 iron. I can hit a 4 hybrid further and a little more consistently, but I like the different shots you can pull off with a 4 iron. My favorite would have to be when I miss right and into trees, a 4 irons is great for hitting a slice that rises about 10 feet above the ground and runs a long ways on a dry fairway, getting you underneath the trees and towards the green.

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Originally Posted by dagolfer View Post

 The 4 hybrid and 4 iron would be the exact same loft. Buy the 4 iron in the set or not?

Depends on whether the set has a 4H with a longer shaft, and a 4i, or if the 4H is meant to replace to 4i (about same loft and shaft length). Mizuno has some hybrids and fli-hi clubs that are meant as same-number iron replacement.


I now carry "three 4s" in my bag: 4W, 4H and 4i. My Callaway 4i goes about 10-15 yds. shorter than the RBZ 4H, and has a lower trajectory. (also carry 7W)

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I've the Ping i20 irons.  Lowest iron is a 5.  I then carry a 23 degree hybrid, which they say is the 4iron equaivalent.  However, this 23 degree hybrid ("4H") is 39.75 inches whereas the 4 iron is 38.25 degrees and a degree weaker at 24 degrees.  Surely there's no way those two clubs should go the same distance? 


I don't know the exact distances but I suspect the 23 degree "4H" would be closer to a 3 iron than a 4 iron.  I don't intend to carry a 4 iron so hopefully the gap between 5 iron and "4H" is no more than 15-20 yards.  If not, I may strengthen the 5 iron a degree.


Similarly, I'd like to think the gap between the "4H" and my next club, a ping G15 5W, is also about 15-20 yards.  Theoretically it may be longer given the extra length of the 5W, but in practice for me I don't think it is.

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i just can't hybrids off a tee.    Sooooo much more comfortable hitting long irons or fairway woods off a tee.   My 4i gets alot of use for long par 3's.     My 21° (3-1/2h) gets the call for fairway & rough shots.

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I carry both but the hybrid is 1 degree stronger and about 1.5 inches longer and I hit it 15 yards further, so its a 3 iron in my case. It makes sense to carry both as long as they do different things.
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