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Do you ever play the other tees?

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I think it would be fun to play from the Chamionship tees one round then the Ladies/Seniors the next time. Or alternate from hole to hole. Comment?

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I usually play the back tees at courses for a challenge but i've always wondered what I would shoot off the ladies. Probably not much better z7_no.gif

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On my home course I play from every four tees during the season. Change is refreshing and it is no that easy to score from ladies' tee.

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We seem to have tournaments every other week so right now it is tough to play from different tee boxes without the fear of messing ourselves up the next week

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My home course is not that long, a little over 5,800 yards from the white. My driver has been a struggle but as soon as I get that situated this year I plan to start playing from the blues. I have played from the red tees as we move it around in practices. We also have a couples tournament at our course and we all have to play from the reds, definitely makes it interesting. I find it a nice change of pace.

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At my home course the blues can be either 10 yards behind the whites or 30 yards, depending on how they are being cared for. I will play them if they are close whenever I notice it and if they are farther only if I feel up for a challenge.
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I'm going to play alternating boxes today. Black, Green, White, Red . . . repeat

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I usually play the tees that are closest to 6400 yards but the other day I played the senior tees at a course that I have played several times.  The Sr. tees are about 500 yards shorter so you'd think one would play better.  But seems as if my second shots were always at a yardage that was between clubs and while the round was not a disaster it wasn't pretty in places either and ended with about the same score as I average from the longer tees.   So it would appear that you need to play a set of tees a time or two as the course certainly changes some when you change tee boxes.

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Its fun to play from different tees because it often completely changes how you play a hole.  Often its not just that the distances are shorter, its that the angle to the fairway or the green is different.

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Sometimes my regular foursome will play 'alternate pick'. Either by rotation or score one guy picks the tee for the next hole. Makes for some additional interest.

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We have a progressive tournament in my men's club once  year. You start out from the white tee. Make a par and you tee off from the blues next hole. Make a bogey or worse and you tee off from the gold.



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I play the back tees if I get hooked up with a group which is playing there.  I just don't enjoy it as much, especially now when my game is growing shorter as I get older.  I can still do it ok at my home course, but I wouldn't even consider it on a strange track.  

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I wouldn't alternate different tees in the same day of a round. but, I would love to try from the white tees or ladies tee. just for the heck of it. last weds I played with a 3some that played from the white. I always play from the blues or the championship tees. I decided to stick with the blues just cause. maybe I will try the white tees next time to try it out.

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Never play the back tees. My game doesn't support the extra distance. If I get paired with people playing them I tell them right off the bat I will be playing the white tees. Never an issue. When I was in SC I played the front black tees. And didn't care in the least, I need all the help I can get.

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I alternated between the tips (blue) and one tee box forward (black) last season at my home course.  At other courses, I select based on the slope rating.

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what tees depends on what group of friends i play with. at one local course playing the shorter tees kills me. on some holes the layout takes woods off the tee box out of my game and long irons off the tee are not my forte. luckily we have many different kinds of courses around denver with different challenges so i have had to adjust more to layout then just yardage.

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Maybe next season I will have the game to play the back tees. I do like seeing players go to the back tees who shouldn't and hit the ball maybe to the front tees. It makes me laugh if they do this consistently.  Ego is a terrible thing on the golf course and if you are the group behind them ugh you are in for a long day as they hit it a few feet over and over and than start really slicing as they try to swing for the fences to make up. I think there was another topic about this but oh well always good for a laugh imo.

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