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Struggling with my tempo any tips?

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Ive changed my swing this year and its been good but I get into a habit of getting to quick and start leaving the clube face open and hitting slices.  Especially with my long irons my friend told me that I look like im getting quick and then I get too steep. Id like a tip or some advice if possible 


Thanks Jake

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jake, try the orange whip trainer.  itll do the job.



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Try moving your hips back and through at the same speed. 

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Once I feel I'm getting too quick, I focus on taking the club back a little easier and swinging fully thru.  It doesn't address rhythm/tempo directly, but puts it on the right track.  

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My golf pro would probably talk to you about setting a "two speed" swing: Slower going back, and quicker on downswing.


Too quick a swing can lead to inconsistent "set position" at top. (I've seen it on video!!!)

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When I start to play bad, this is my "go to drill". I got this from reading Sam Sneads book (don't remember the name) but he said when he had tempo problems, he would hit one or even two clubs more into greens. For example, I have had a couple of crappy rounds recently. I went over to the course the other day (afternoon) when the play slows down and hit a couple balls with a club more (150 yards, usually an 8 iron, I would hit a 7 or a 6). It helps slow my swing down as well as lightens my grip pressure and also helps me to make sure I'm keeping my head from moving all over the place. Give it a try and see if it helps.

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I really like that idea,


some of my favorite shots are the knock down, and taking more club and hitting a lower shot into the green. Though i warn, be careful with this one, try it out on the range first, because you'd be shocked how often you hit a shot way over the green because you made up golf ball speed with solid contact. 

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There's also the classic" feet together" drill where you swing the club with feet almost together; i also like to take a tour striker club, which usually slows down the tempo. I like the tour striker 56 club.
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For me it is not about fast or slow as it is about tempo. My swing coach has me say in my mind "heeeeres Johnny" when my tempo gets all screwed up. Helps me slow down my take away and gets me to think about tempo.

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Listen to music that has 3/4 time.  I like "blue danube".

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