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tayormade RBZ.

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Hi guys someone said that the Taylormade RBZ hits the ball longer than the R11 .Can this be true or is this down to each person hitting the ball .THANK YOU.

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Many people are saying that the RBZ is the longer of the drivers from TaylorMade because it is replacing the burner line which was Taylormade's lighter and longer driver with unconventional head shape leading to increased swing speed so yes the RBZ should be longer, but you won't know if it is for you until you hit both of them to compare.

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RBZ is designed with a lighter, longer shaft, so it's built for distance.  R11 isn't exactly built to go short, but it's more traditional.  Of course, you can always put a longer, shorter, lighter, or heavier shaft in any club, so you have to look at all the inputs.


Regardless, you should always get a shaft that fits your swing.  If you have low SS, you'll want a lighter shaft.  If you have fast tempo, you'll want a stiffer shaft.  If you're a high SS with a fast tempo, you'll want the heaviest, stiffest shaft you can find to produce consistent contact, traj, etc.  Additionally, if you but a 46-1/2 inch shaft in any driver, it's going to be harder to find the sweet spot consistently than with a 44-1/2 inch shaft, but it will be longer when you do.

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Hit them and see...

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I am also considering these.  But I have read several reviews where people said the Burner 2.0's are actually better and cheaper.  They said they would pay more for the 2.0's than the RBZ's.  Anyone have anymore feedback on that?

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If you're talking about the driver, in my experience the RBZ is longer than the R11 - by 10 to 20 yards.  I have owned both and played them alongside each other.  That said, I find the R11 slightly more accurate.  Comments by k-troop seem to ring true to my experience.

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I tried one out the other day but it seemed to have a shorter shaft than what I'm used to in my Cleveland Ultralight SL290 (it's 46").


I hit it a couple times but didn't find it to be a very good feeling club and I lost some distance with it but that was due to the shorter shaft.

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I had a chance to hit the first RBZ driver (non-adjustable) and the Cleveland Classic 290, both with regular shafts and 10.5* lofts.


Sequence: warm-up RBZ, warm-up Classic, launch monitor RBZ (w/face sticker), launch monitor Classic (w/face sticker)


With RBZ, I was all over the place. On launchM, most of my shots hit the electronic frog on the lilly pad at the left limit of screen, or the rabbit in the bushes on the right limit. Face sticker showed two ellipses, on the left side and right side. It the shaft wasn't so long, maybe it would be OK. Club-fitting charts suggest scattered impact pattern means too long a shaft.


The Classic, on the other hand, warmed up quickly. After a few shots, I was hitting everything in center third of clubface. And, I could feel the Classic clubhead better on backswing.

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I've hit an RBZ adjustable driver, and I can say for certain you need to play those shafts one stiffness up. I'm almost to a stiff shaft, with a SS of about 105, and I hit it with a stiff and one with my current shaft in it. I found that the Taylormade shaft was far more inconsistent, and softer than even my PLR regular. It spun far to much, causing my ballflight to balloon, and it also seemed to be inconsistent about where/when it would kick, but that could just be me and my swing. Overall, the clubhead isn't too shabby, but I don't find it a huge upgrade to what I'm currently swinging and would never think about getting the stock shaft in this.

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Whats the difference between the 09 Burner and 2.0?

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Originally Posted by Coleoneps View Post

Whats the difference between the 09 Burner and 2.0?


It's white a2_wink.gif  


I don't think the RBZ on paper is longer than the R11, not R11S, according to TaylorMade.  Due to a bunch of minor tweaks, one that comes to mind is the improved aerodynamics.  


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I thought the RBZ felt lighter.  I hit the ball further, but less consistently than the R11s.  Ended up buying the R11s.  

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For me the R11s is straight. If it's 10 yards shorter, who cares. Much rather hit 160 from the fairway than 150 from the rough.

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