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I've become aware of the Cobra AMP Cell irons

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As usual I was looking around online for some golfing equipment. I always do, just to see what is out there that I don't have. I've been wanting to try out some new irons lately. I saw a picture of the Cobra AMP Cell irons and was intrigued. I had never heard of them until I stumbled across a list of clubs and irons I found here. I really like the way they look. I know that is not going to have anything to do with anything, but it helps keep the buyers remorse away when I see a pretty set of irons in my bag. I've been trying to find out some more information about these guys. Can anybody enlighten me on these cell irons? The price seems about right.

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Golf Digest lists them as a Gold pick on the Hot list. 



At the price you are looking at paying, I would suggest going to a store, hitting several of the brands and seeing what fits you the best. 


All of the manufacturers make excellent clubs (ping, nike, callaway, adams, cobra, titleist, mizuno, etc.)  The key is finding what works the best for you.


I have to be honest, that is likely very difficult to do on a website.

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They look pretty slick! Lofts are spot on even though they are what I call one club strong (pw at 44*). Silver is the only one I would go with. I can't do colors in irons just yet.  

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I've hit them indoors, tried them again at DSG tonight after reading this thread earlier. Been interested in the Cobra line since picking up the 2012 AMP 3w and 4h last summer. I've also tried the 2012 AMP irons and honestly I prefer those but I doubt either will find their way to my bag. Biggest reason they are big and clunky, a problem for many modern irons. But the Cell is dang near a hybrid iron with it's face technology, actually very driver like in feel. The sound is unique and the ball launches hard and high off the face with good strikes. Very springy feeling.


I played PING irons for years so I am accustomed to loud irons but the Cell is real loud in a different way. Which I found really odd considering the Cell driver and fairways are very subdued, more of a iron like click compared to all the other modern woods. I haven't seen the Cell Tour but I suspect it's a totally different monster. I'd be more interested in those. Not saying I wouldn't play the Cell irons but I am certain I'd hit them way too high. Remind me of my old G2's, I hit those very high.

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Good review...I think I will continue to drool over X Forged, and MPs.  I thought we were talking about the forged. 


I am happy to see Cobra re-invent themselves in the golfing world. Adding Jesper (more like his muted silver color scheme) to the mix actually appeals to the golfers outside of Rickie's target population. Not that I am not a Rickie fan, I just know that he is one of a kind. I could never pull off his look and don't want to try. It is the same with Poulter. Another guy I like, but again, one of a kind. It looks like they are moving in the right direction. 

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Just got back from hitting a few of these clubs at a store near my house. They felt really great. I tried out some other irons in the same price range just to get a feel for some other clubs. You guys are right about the colors too. They seemed a little too distracting in person. Still look great though. I'll probably need to play around with them a little more before I pull the trigger. Thanks for the link to the review. Very helpful.

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I just pulled the trigger on the Silver Amps with Dynalite 90 Reg flex shaft, hard stepped once. There was a demo day in Phoenix this past weekend and every big manufacturer was there.


I hit:

JPX825 - second favorite

XHot - nice feel and hit them good, but a tad ugly for me. Especially the high lofted and wedges

G25 - didn't care for the feel, but liked the looks. Will be purchasing their 4 and 7 fairways though, awesome clubs

Rocketbladez - not bad, didn't move me one way or the other. Weird sounding click when hit

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I was in Phoenix this past weekend.  Ping is located out in Phoenix and they have an awesome fitting facility.  If you are considering Ping clubs, I suggest doing some research and going to get fit one day. 

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A demo day? That sounds great. Do you know of any resources to find out when things like that happen and where?

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Originally Posted by JasonStreet View Post

A demo day? That sounds great. Do you know of any resources to find out when things like that happen and where?


Most OEMs have their demo days listed on their web sites. The demo day at Valley Golf Center in Phoenix was advertised by VGC as well as the manufacturers.

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Just purchased the Cobra AMP Cell in silver / steel shaft after hitting every club in Golfsmith, just felt right for me and I usually play Pings. The Golfsmith sales rep recommended the AMP Cells after I told him money was no problem. Haven't played with them yet, I'll report back when I do. Love the look of the silver, not so much on the other colors but then again I not a fan of the Rickey Fowler look (hell I'm 62, I don't think that hat would look good on me).

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I got the silver off of eBay a few weeks ago after hitting them at the store I love them but the extra distance I'm getting out if them will take a little bit to get used to.
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I won a set of Amps.  I got the blue (love them).  I have KBS Tour 90 shafts in the irons.  I was fitted for them.  I am a strong believer in fittings.  The right club AND the right shaft make all the difference.

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I owned a set. Very nice GI irons. May own another set before it's all said and done.
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I'm still playing the 2012 AMPs, not the AMP Cell.  I love the 2012's too much to switch to the Cells, but the Cells are definitely a solid club.  

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