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TST 2014 Bridgestone Ball Testing: Tour B330 Series

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Thanks to Bridgestone Golf,  Sand Trap forum members were able to test the new 2014 B330 series balls (Tour B330, Tour B330-S, Tour B330-RX and Tour B330-RXS).


25 TST members went through a ball-fitting in person, or conducted a B-FIT chat fitting, to find the right B330 Bridgestone ball for them. 


This thread will serve for those members to post about their experiences with their Bridgestone balls.

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I was just recently given the opportunity to test the Bridgestone B330-S balls, and took 3 of them with me to a local par 3 course 3 times and used them for a 13 hole round.


The performance is exactly as advertised, my feeling is that they were fitted too aggressively for me due to the fact that the current balls I use are a so called "distance" ball. They should change the BFit to include mainly swing speed. I think these balls are fit for someone with a 110 swing speed.


Even with a slow swing speed, these babies really perform on the course. I am even thinking of taking them to the course, tomorrow at Goose Creek. I like the softer feel on the approach shots less than 120 yards. Basically PW down to my 60 feel really good. I really like the nice "poof" sound they make off the face with my wedges. Gives me a lot of confidence that the ball will stop, even if I hit it bad.


I am still using the same 3 balls and have not had a chance to do a comprehensive driving distance test. The balls appear to go about 10 yards shorter than my Callaway Hex Control balls (56 Compression), but I did get a few shots past my old ones. Maybe it's just a matter of getting comfortable with them off the tee.


The launch angle is a little more penetrating than my distance balls, and I feel like when I get used to them, they should be a really accurate ball. I should try them out at Goose Creek tomorrow, but I want to keep them untouched for a comprehensive distance evaluation.


The durability is quite nice. I played the equivalent of 39 regulation holes and about 120 par 3 holes ~110 yards long on average with 1 sleeve, and they still look playable.


All in all, this is a great ball, and even at my slower swing speed, it performs very well. A comprehensive distance evaluation is to come, when I can spend an afternoon matching these balls up with some new Titleist ProV1X balls.


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Tee shot drives with Bridgestone in the foreground and Callaway Hex Control in the background. This was the longest shot of three B330-S balls. The other two are only about 2 yards behind and off line, and the picture I took including those was blurry. Pace of play was a problem that day and I did not want to be a part of it, so I only hit 3-4 balls per hole. :whistle:


I only hit one brand new Callaway Hex control per hole, where I was testing for distance.

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The ball I am testing is the Bridgestone B-330rx. The ball I am comparing it to is my normal gamer Callaway Hex Chrome +. A little background. My driver swing speed is about 90-95. My average pw distance is about 115. My average drive is about 230ish. If I catch it I can get out to 250-270 but that's not normal.

The night I got them I went to a local par 3 Heartwell in Long Beach. It was empty so I was able to play both balls side by side.

Later that week I went to play at Harbor Park in Harbor City/Wilmington.

Distance is about the same for both balls off the tee and with hybrids. But I felt the Callaway was more forgiving on mis-hits.

Durability is hands down the Bridgestone. That ball didn't rip shred or show any signs of fatigue. I felt like I could hit my lob wedge all day and that ball would just take it. I always felt the Callaway wasn't durable enough for me.

Feel/sound is tough to judge. I am so used to my Chrome + that I just didn't like the feel off the putter. The sound the Bridgestone makes isn't pleasant to me. It's mental but you guys should know what I mean lol.

Spin Hands down Bridgestone. When it hit the green it stuck. Which is great right? Yes but I am a 25 handicap and I normally play for roll out. I am so used to not getting spin like that. But that also may coincide with the fact that I am taking lessons and my ball striking is improving because even the Callaways are starting to check up more. I can get used to that.

Launch angle was able the same. I normally have a mid-high flight and it was the same.

Sorry for the long review. I have tested about 4 new balls out since the beginning of the year. 2 Callaways supersoft and x2 hot. The Taylormade Lethal and of course the Bridgestone Tour B-330-RX. Of them all the Bridgestone was the best and it's very close to knocking the Chrome + out of my bag. I love Callaway products but I love lower scores better. I will keep you updated.
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This was the shot from a 140 yard par 3. It hit and stuck.
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My review is for the B330RXS ball.


I finally got a chance to play 18 holes today at my home course after receiving my balls late last week. I managed to use them a little bit at home by putting on the carpet and chipping with them in my backyard. My first impression was that the balls lacked the click and feel of my current gamer, the ProV1x. I like the sound and feel at impact of the ProV, especially while putting. The RXS does not feel this way. In fact, I liken it to hitting a tennis ball instead of a hard ball when I was a kid practicing baseball. That aside, I was anxious to take them out to the course and put it through its paces while hitting a variety of shots. My opening tee shot on the first hole was struck well. The sound and feel were what I expected from my original perception - the ball feels soft off the club face and the sound is muted compared to the ProV1x. The trajectory was the same height as my usual drive. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the RXS was about 10-12 yards past my normal resting place and I was playing in heavy morning air and on damp/wet fairways. My second shot into the green was with my gap wedge and the ball stuck with good spin about 10 ft. from the hole. Even though I missed the putt, it felt the same as putting at home. The distinct click and feel of the ProV1x is missing from the RXS. I eventually played 18 holes using only one ball all day. I ended up hitting several wedge shots of varying distances with my Mizuno MP-T4's. The durability was great with no scuffing even though I have the latest in milled grooves. The ball spins well with all other shots too. For example, I backed up an 8-iron 3 paces (~9 feet) on a par 3 for a tap-in birdie. Overall, this is a really good golf ball which performs well on all shots compared to my gamer. The only hold back is a personal preference and that is the previously mentioned soft feel and sound of the ball. I believe Bridgestone has a winner with this ball - distance, durability, trajectory, flight and spin are all exceptional. Maybe for the 2015 model they will adjust the soft feel and sound.


This picture is of a brand new ball on the left and one I used today for 72 shots for 18 holes on the right. There is virtually no difference. I will use this one again next week. I hope this review helps.



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My review is for B330 RX.  I have used B300 RX ball before.   As I remember, the balls went long with medium trajectory, and did everything fairly well.  I loved it.  If I didn't like B6 more, this would be the ball of my choice from Bridgestone.   So, my expectation of the latest B300 RX was high going into review.


I received the ball much earlier than others did and I had ample time to play them.  In fact, I have none left as I write this review.


The box came with an insert that described the ball as having less spin (achieved by having thinner cover).   It didn't disappoint me.  The ball seems to go straight off tee more than my usual.  I saw less side movement for my ball flights.   Not bad.  It also kept its medium trajectory from its previous models.  Not bad, II.   But it didn't add noticeable distance for my drives.  It went as far as other "distance" balls I have been using.  Not bad, but not good enough to dump by cheaper distance balls over B300 RX.


Hybrid shot distance was a different story.  I usually hit my hybrid about 170 - 185 yards.  With this ball, I had number of shots that went 200+ yards.   It got me into trouble on few holes b/c of it.  Instead of ending up on green from 170 yards out, a few balls went well past green.   Where did I get the extra 20 - 30 yards?   Having less spin can't be the reason.  At best, less spin should only added 5 - 10 yards if any.  And why didn't I gain 20 - 30 yards consistently on most shots?   It seems to happen once every few shots.    After 3 - 4 rounds, I finally figured it out.  On tight fairways and hard green, a ball hit at lower trajectory skidded off surface, hopped & rolled forever.   This explained why on some shots, my 170+ hybrid shot ended up going 200+ yards.   This "skidding' phenomena didn't happen with other balls I have used.   


The above skidding also happened with mid/long irons albeit less often.


All other aspects of this ball is similar to its predecessor and other comparable balls.   So, I would not go into details on those. 

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What I received:  Bridgestone’s Tour B330-S:  Tour performance with more spin and swing speeds greater than 105 MPH.

Tested on 2/8/2014, Bonita Golf Course by three golfers.


First some eye candy of the new packaging.  And some close up photos of the ball itself.






The golfer’s bags:

Golfer 1 – TaylorMade Speedblade Irons, Callaway XHot driver, Callaway Xhot fairway 3 Wood, Cobra Baller T-Rayl 3 Hybrid, and TaylorMade Ghost putter.  Usually plays whatever is the more affordable Titleist ball.

Golfer 2 – TaylorMade Rocketballz irons, Callaway Xhot2 Driver, TaylorMade Stage 2 (3 & 5) fairway wood, Nickent 3 hybrid, and Odyssey blade putter.  Usually plays Titleist NXT Tour.

Golfer 3 – Mix bag of Callaway irons/woods/driver.  Usually plays Noodle.


Longest Drive:

My best drive was measured by GPS at 280 on a flat fairway, this is about five yards longer than any other ball I have utilized using the same course and driver.



Golfer 1 – Great ball all around.  If you hit the ball solid, it made an awesome sound.  If the ball was not hit properly, there is even a sound for that!  You could feel the ball explode off of the club face.

Golfer 2 – Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green.  Putting was good.  Liked the sound of the ball.

Golfer 3 – Much of the same comments as golfer 2.  Great for driving but did not like the feel around the green/chipping on green.  Putting was good.  Liked the sound of the ball.  Very soft feel ball.  He did not like the fact it was easily scuffed.


Spin - 8/10

Durability - 5/10

Feel/Sound - 9/10

Distance - 9/10

Launch Angel - 9/10


Lastly, I wanted to thank Bridgestone for allowing us to play the 2014 edition of this ball.  If I have this ball in my bag, it will be used for any shots that require my driver! 



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The ball I received was the 330RX series. The only stats I have on myself from a recent driver fitting is that I hit the range balls with a ball speed of 128 MPH and a spin rate of about 2400.


Apparently I was the first one to receive these and am still playing them as I have only donated 3 so far. My playing partners thought that I was playing so well with them that I should share the wealth and they questioned whether or not the ball was conforming.


My normal ball is the Srixon Q-star (yellow)


Looking through my numbers, the only number where the Srixon beat out the 330RX was in driving distance - since the average drive was only 3 yards less with the Bridgestone, I would call it a negligible difference. I did not experience any excess side spin on my drives and my percentage of fairways was similar to my previous rounds.


I do not play hybrids and during testing the only wood in my bag is my 9 wood. Off of this club the Bridgestone landed very softly with very little (if any) roll out.


The ball felt nice off of my irons - same distance I have experienced with other balls.


Chipping / wedges - I am a 20+ HC - i am not back spinning anything - but the *feel* was great and I felt I could control where the ball stopped.


Off the putter - probably my favorite part of the 330RX, It just felt so soft coming off the face of the putter that it instilled confidence. I averaged 1.5 putts less per round with the Bridgestone than I did my normal ball.


At a retail price of 39.99, I could see myself switching over to the ball as long as I like how the yellow version looks. (I hate marking balls and play yellow so i do not have to worry about hitting the wrong ball)


I look forward to seeing how this ball performs off the tee with my new fitted driver.

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Guys please make sure you're posting these to the actual ball review pages.


I think a product for each needs to be created for each ball with "2014."


@jamo can you do this today?

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

Guys please make sure you're posting these to the actual ball review pages.

I think a product for each needs to be created for each ball with "2014."

 can you do this today?

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  I received the Tour B330-Rx. I've been playing for about a year and usually play the Pro v1 (because I get them for free from a neighbor).


- Durability     

The first thing I noticed about the Bridgestone ball was the durability. After several holes there was little sign of scuffing at all. In fact I played two rounds before I tossed it into the practice bucket.


- Feel/sound   

Noticeable softer feel and sound, especially off the putter.


- Distance     

My average drives are, at the longest, 240 after roll out. Not much difference on the distance from the Pro-vs but not as forgiving either. I have a small slice that shows up when I rush the swing on my drive. With the B's that slice was more dramatic. Not unusual to have the drive end up on the adjacent fairway.    


-Launch angle  

Very consistent launch angle with the B's. I usually have several that either balloon or chase the ground squirrels with the Pro-vs. The B's consistently had that nice angle up to apex and then down. Very easy to draw the ball when I needed to.


- Spin            

Big difference was the spin. The B's hold the green and hold the line better on the putts. I could see myself playing these as my regular ball. Thanks Bridgestone.

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Here are the links to the product pages. You can continue posting reviews in this thread (it might be nice to have them collected all in one place), but please also post them on the appropriate product page.

(And take a bit of care to make sure you have the right one. My ability to edit product pages is somewhat limited.)

2014 B330

2014 B330-S

2014 B330-RX

2014 B330-RXS
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I need to preface this review:
I was fitted online for Tour B330, what I received from Bridgestone was Tour B330RX. As I have never played any type of Bridgestone ball I did not think anything of it until after playing three rounds with these balls. I also didn't want to make a stink because free balls are free balls and I think that I was one of the first to receive them and didn't want to sound like I was whining when others where still waiting to receive theirs.
That being said:

1) The first round I played with the B330RX and felt that I simply had a bad day since I had allot of straight push misses and ended up short on quite a few approaches.
Overall I thought that the ball felt soft off of every club except for the putter.
The flight seemed to be a little low off of the driver but seemed fine off of my irons.

2) The second round that I played with the B330RX I decided to compare side by side with my Titleist Pro-v1 since the the first day went so poorly.
I found that most of my pushes seemed to be mostly in part to the lack of side spin allowed by the B330RX, I like to work the ball allot (mostly right to left) therefore explaining my "push misses". I know this because in comparing side by side I can honestly say that the same shots that were missing right with the B330RX were drawing like normal with my Pro-v1.

In the side by side comparison:
The B330RX did not seem as soft off of the putter, not as long off of my irons, longer off of my driver, and backspin seemed similar on full shots but less on pitch and half shots.

3) The third round I decided to play just the B330RX with the intent of not working the ball (harder than it seems) and playing half a club more on iron shots.
This seemed to showcase what this ball could do since I hit 16 gir and missed only one fairway on my way to a 74. I still did not like the way that it felt off of the putter but was starting to get used to the feel of off irons.

In closing I would have to say that this is the most durable ball that I've played in years as I played two balls in two rounds and in the end both were still playable. I don't think I will be switching to Bridgestone unless I see some Tour B330s on sale.
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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Here are the links to the product pages. You can continue posting reviews in this thread (it might be nice to have them collected all in one place), but please also post them on the appropriate product page.

(And take a bit of care to make sure you have the right one. My ability to edit product pages is somewhat limited.)

2014 B330

2014 B330-S

2014 B330-RX

2014 B330-RXS

Guys, please do this.
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Originally Posted by iacas View Post
Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Here are the links to the product pages. You can continue posting reviews in this thread (it might be nice to have them collected all in one place), but please also post them on the appropriate product page.

(And take a bit of care to make sure you have the right one. My ability to edit product pages is somewhat limited.)

2014 B330

2014 B330-S

2014 B330-RX

2014 B330-RXS

Guys, please do this.

Copied over mine. 

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I posted this to the review section, but will repeat it here as well.....




I was fit to the B330 S using Bridgestone's on-line selection guide.  I was a little surprised at the outcome because my 103 mph driver swing speed is just under their recommended 105mph threshold for this ball.  The on-line fitting was more in-depth than simply asking about swing speed though, so obviously some of the other factors tipped me in this direction.


I've been playing the ProV1 almost exclusively for the past 3 years, so all comparisons are based on that.





This is a 4-piece, Urethane covered, premium ball.  Bright white.....noticeably brighter than the ProV1.  Very clean, unobtrusive logo and a somewhat unique dimple-in-a-dimple pattern that Bridgestone claims produces a more consistent ball flight.  New for 2014 is a "hydro-core" that is supposed to reduce spin with the driver while maintaining high spin rates around the green.




Nice and solid off the driver, woods, and irons without feeling hard.  Soft, but not at all mushy with a nice "click", rather than a "clack".  Putting is a different story.  VERY soft on the green.  Significantly softer off the putter than the ProV1, it really reminded me of a balata ball, to the point that I initially struggled with lag distance control because of the somewhat vague feel off my milled face putter.  After a while, I became used to it but never really came to like it.




Very similar to the ProV1.  Mid-launch and a nice boring trajectory with no real tendency to balloon, even into a breeze.




Similar to the ProV1 off the irons.....maybe just a tad less with the driver, which is exactly what Bridgestone says that they want to accomplish with the Hydro core technology.  Very consistent and controllable.  Mid-irons and hybrids stop very quickly.  Wedges back up, but nothing inordinate for what I'm used to with the ProV1.  Very soft and spinny around the green.  Pitches can be thrown right at the pin, and assuming they were struck properly, they're going to hop and stop dead.  Even chips seemed to grab just a little more than I'm used to, and I left some chips short as a result until I adjusted.




This is where I think my couple of mph lower swing speed impacted performance.  Maybe 10 yards shorter than the ProV1 with the driver, and a half-club with hybrids and mid-irons.  No real difference in wedges, but then other than the PW, I seldom hit a full wedge and I had no trouble with partial wedge distance control.




This is one tough ball.  The top ball below is brand new.  The bottom ball has been played 2 rounds.  No shredding with a wedge, and even the occasional encounter with a tree leaves only a minor blemish.  Even one unfortunate skip off a paved cart path left only a small scrape.  Nothing to affect playability at all and so far, no loss of brightness in the color.






Overall I was very pleased with the ball.  I'll be trying the B330 RXS to see if I regain the little bit of distance loss and also hope for just a little firmer feel off the putter, but anyone considering a high spin, premium ball should definitely put this one on their short list.

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