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Hello from Albany NY

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Hi everyone,


Been lurking for the last few weeks and really enjoyed some of the tips here, especially liked the stop aiming at the flag since I'm a bit of a data nerd. About a 9-10 handicap but looking to take the game more seriously and hope to improve this year.


I would like to start a my swing thread, the only video I have is fairly close up shot in the booth since this winter will never end. I'm not sure how strict the video quality rules are for that thread, is it worth starting one or should I wait until the weather warms up enough to get a better angle? Tough to answer without anyone seeing the video I know.


Ready for winter to be over.

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What's up dude! I live in Smalbany also! Welcome to the SandTrap!
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Welcome to being a participating member of the trap! Post the swing you have and post more later.
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Welcome aboard..

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Welcome! You can probably just start a swing thread with whatever video you have, but if you want the skinny on filming your swing, you can find it here:




Also, isn't 

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Hey, there.

I moved to Albany last year.

This forum is awesome. Good luck!
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Thanks all. Will use the filming tips when the weather breaks enough.

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