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Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

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Just wondering if anyone has played the Topflight "Gamer" yet?
-I have heard that they are supposed to be decent but some reviews would be nice.
What ball does it compare to?
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

Short answer: AWESOME BALL!!

Long Answer:

I normally play ProV1x but decided to try the new Top Flite Gamer due to some good experiences I had with their higher spin balls in the early 1990's, when Lee Trevino was playing them on the senior tour. It was kind of odd for me to change balls like that, but I just had a feeling and went with it.

My buddies were laughing at me when we teed off as the greens we were playing were firm and fast. The general consensus was that the Top Flite was going to go BOING.... over the green and into trouble.

They were WRONG!!!!!

I play off a 3 handicap right now and feel like I put the ball through it's paces.

Off the tee it performed as well as the ProV1x. No issues there at all. Plenty long, nice flight, good results.

Off mid irons it was great. Jumps into the air, great flight, and stops quickly, even on harder greens. I had a full 5 iron from 185 that stopped within 5 feet of the pitch mark. Great result!

From inside 100 yards (full wedges, chips, pitches, etc) I found it as good as the ProV1x. When hit properly the shots check nicely and the ball as a soft feel to it. Wedge shots were stopping within one foot of the pitch mark.

One more thing I found noteworthy is that after 18 holes the cover is still in great shape, whereas a ProV1x would have had been looking pretty rough. I was very impressed with the durability factor!

I had 3 birdies and and eagle, shot 72, and took $85 off my group. if I hadn't 3 putted (no fault of the ball!) 3 times I could have had a very special round.

Bottom line: This is a great performer at a fantastic price. I highly recommend this ball to anyone who wants a high performance ball and does not want to spend $50 a dozen.

Awesome ball!

Pars and Birdies to all,

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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

I thought the D2 Feel balls were above average for their price, how are these compared to those?
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

That's a great review and stellar endorsement of the ball, Javaman.

I'll give them a try if I see them in the store. I still have a dozen Laddies in my bag that I'll play through first.
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

I found the ball to be very decent and would not mind gaming one. I used it at a golf coruse designed by Greg Norman with fast greens called the Vintage and it held the greens about as well as the NXT tours and the e5. The distance is ok, feel is ok except from off my irons, see below. (Note the feel is fine off my woods and wedges so might just be a silly mizuno thing.)

I have three complaints about the ball but both may not affect others.

The ball seems to drop out of the sky for me on my drives

The ball feels harsh unless i hit it dead centre off my irons, (i do not get the same harshness with the NXT Tour, TP Burner, e5, TP black and B-330s)

The ball gives me a low ball flight which I am not a fan off.

All three of the above may not affect you.

They are so cheap that you should give them a go. So little to lose but much to gain. And you know what? it feels great to beat someone using a top flite.
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

Originally Posted by Kho View Post
I thought the D2 Feel balls were above average for their price, how are these compared to those?
I played the D2 Feel almost all of last season. I just put a dozen Gamers into play and my first impressions are that the Gamer is a little longer, the cover is a little softer and the ball spins more off shorts irons and wedges. They both putt about the same to me, which is fine since I liked the way the D2 Feels putted.
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

I have to agree with everything that has been said, this is a really good ball. I tried out the gamer and the HX hot bite last week and I have to say I prefered the gamer. It seemed to have a little more distance off the tee and the same amount of short game control, not to mention its $10 cheaper per dozen. I did manage to really chew a gamer up, though (it hit a couple trees). I also had some tree fun with the hot bite and it actually seemed to hold up better, but its hard to compare tree strikes since you don't really know how solidly they hit compared to each other.
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

yeah nothing but good reviews about this ball, definitely picking up a dozen at golf galaxy this week
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Re: Topflight Gamer Review Anyone?

Okay....picked up a dozen over the weekend and had a chance to play them today.

Got to the course and met up with a buddy at the range. Hit a few 7 irons to loosen up the back and wrists.

Pulled out a fresh sleeve and put two in my pocket and one in my scorecard pocket on the push cart.

On the first tee....par 4 with a forced carry off the tee over water.....busted one right into the hazard. I should've just walked over and tossed one in instead.

Hit a second ball nicely down the left side. Anyway...when I did my part the ball drove fine. I was able to get a little draw with my 3-wood on a few holes when I tried. It didn't overcook...just a tad of draw or fade. Trajectory off the tee was about the same as normal for me...no higher or no lower.

Iron and wedge play was fine. My grooves did a number on the two remaining balls over the course of play. There was some substantial impact damage that left hard pieces hanging off some of the dimples....hanging chads, if you will. I pulled them off and kept at it.

Distances for this ball were about norm for me, as well, unlike the previous sleeve of NXT Tours I tried. I found them to be 1/2 club longer and they tracked more "true" into the wind.

Greenside pitchs and lobs were consitent. The ball checked when I pulled off the shots properly and ran out when I wanted.
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Has anyone played the new Top Flite Gamer Tour....with urethane cover?


It's only $25/dozen and the Gamer is still $20/dozen

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I really wanna try out the gamer v2 seems to be very popular around these forums. Golf gods open the golf courses in South Dakota we wanna play

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I bought a dozen of the Gamer Tour last week but havent had a chance to put the ball in play yet. I did putt and chip with it on the range. If you are familiar with the Gamer V2 then the Gamer Tour will be very similar. The feel putting is almost identical to me. The Tour does spin significantly more around the greens. Not sure how they compare in distance as I have not hit any full shots yet with the Tour. Ive been playing the Gamer V2 for a couple years now and Ive been very happy with it. Was disappointed last year when the word was that the ball was being discontinued. Just 2 weeks ago was the first I heard of the new 2013 Gamer and Gamer Tour being at Dicks. The following week I saw them at Golf Galaxy. The new Gamer also comes in yellow. The Tour only comes in white.







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Looking forward to trying the Gamer Tour... I liked the Gamer V2, so if it is basically that ball with a urethane cover then it should be good.


I also saw on the Dicks website that Maxfli has come out with the U/6, which is a 6-piece urethane ball.

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I cannot comment on the Gamer Tour...but I have played the V2s for years.  I do not have any of the issues others have had.  I am longer with them and have WAY more control (less sidespin) than the premium balls.  Bottom line is that my handicap dropped w/ the V2s...I went back to premium balls when I got below a 10 handicap...and promptly ballooned.  The V2s stop fine on greens...and the lower side spin kept me in fairways.  I just bought the Tours today.  If this blizzard stops, I plan to pay them next week.

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I replaced the D2 Feel with the Gamer.v2 about three years ago. I found the Gamer pretty much as MGP did. Main differences for me: Gamer a little longer and checked up better (one hoppers) on partial wedge shots. 

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i play the gamer almost exclusively now, i had gone to the bridgestone E6 on a coworkers suggestion (golf course grounds crew), i then got a box of the gamers from a friend for getting him in free to play so i figured why not, lets give them a whirl!!

i would say they are on par or better than the E6 depending on the situation, right now i usually play 2 balls on the par 3 course we have on site an E6 and a gamer par is 29 and i score 35 average with the E6 and just a hair under 35 average with the gamer almost the same scores with a ball that is almost half the price (currently dicks has a dozen with hat for 14.98, yellows for same price no hat and gamer tours for 19.99 a dozen) and e6 are going for 26-28 a dozen..

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