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In the never ending attempt to improve my golf game I find myself going down the rabbit hole. My current idea is this: I tend to hit heavier drivers better. In the last 5 years I have hit 3 different drivers: 

1. Ping G25 - Head Weight 205 g + Shaft Weight 53 g = 258 g (Graphite Regular Flex) 

2. Ping G410 Plus - Head Weight 206 g + Shaft Weight 63 g = 269 g (Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff Flex) 

3. Cleveland Launcher HB - Head Weight 206 g + Shaft Weight 55 g = 261 g (Graphite Regular Flex) 

Out of these three drivers I hit #2 by far the best. By the best I mean straighter and longer. It is so forgiving. The other two drivers I tend to vary right and left. With the Ping G25 I hit it erratically left and right. With the Cleveland I could not square the club face hitting a ton of slices. 

So is it that the Ping G410 Plus is an easier driver to hit than the other two? Is it the fact that it is the heaviest of all of the drivers (shaft + head)? Is it that it is the only driver I tried in a stiff flex vs a regular flex? I imagine it is a combination of all of the above. I choke up on all of the drivers so I do know for sure that I need a shorter driver. I am just trying to put some of this data together into a trend. I will eventually go for a fitting but I do want to be armed with some data before I go in. 

Any thoughts or opinions from your experience would be awesome. 

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The head weight is inconsequential since you're only talking about 1g differences. I have heard that the G410 is very forgiving so that could play a big part in it. The other big part is the 10g heavier shaft you use with it. Weight, in my experience is the most important spec in a shaft, and will have the biggest influence on your game. 

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Yes I think the shaft being heavier and stiffer would be a good reason why you hit it better, certainly helped me

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I just butt cut my Ping G25 from 45.75 (Ping standard) to 43.5. It doesn't feel all that different to me right now as far as weight and stiffness. I popped on a new grip after cutting it down. I realize it may be a bit stiffer but I think I could ok with a slightly stiffer shaft anyway. I can't really tell too much with the weight either. If I need to I will put some lead tape on the head if I am losing the weight of the head when I hit it. 

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It would be interesting to know what the swing weight of each club is too. 

You can get a pretty good idea of it by a couple of measurements. You just need a scale (in grams) and a tape measure to measure the balance point. See this website for exact instructions: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-club-swingweight-calculator



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On 6/5/2019 at 12:44 PM, Grass Destruction said:

It would be interesting to know what the swing weight of each club is too. 

You can get a pretty good idea of it by a couple of measurements. You just need a scale (in grams) and a tape measure to measure the balance point. See this website for exact instructions: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-club-swingweight-calculator



Agree, it could be a combination of the total weight, swing weight of the club (assume they all have the same grips as different weighted grips can have a big affect on swing weight) and of course shaft stiffness that is working best with your swing tempo for hitting longer straighter shots with #2.  unfortunately every one is different, some really are affected by swing weight and some are not, same for shaft stiffness and total club weight.  some folks will actually hit it further with shorter shafts in their drivers because they make better contact, more confident and therefore swing the club faster as well but others make great contact no matter the club length and get more distance with long shafts...........you really just need to experiment for yourself to see what works best for you and ignore what everyone else says works great for them because they don't have your swing.  

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Shaft weight is much more important to the way a club performs than many people think. For me it is one of the most critical aspects of a good fitting. Irons and woods.

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    • Well, my swing speed is about 95 + - a few........  So far I've liked the Pinnacle and the E12 the best......  I'll have to experiment a little more with the ProV1s....    Thanks.........
    • I've posted this link in a few other places in the forum, but it keeps coming up as relevant for a lot of different discussions surrounding golf balls.  Its about the most objective data you can find about golf ball compression at different swing speeds.  The actual data can be found near the end of the article (middle of the page, the comments at the end take up a lot of space) if you'd like to try to draw different conclusions than the author does in the main article. But long story, short, the data shows that a ball that is long off the driver for a 115 mph swing speed is also long off the driver for a 85 mph swing speed.  And those balls are higher compression balls.   The Best Golf Balls | Golf Ball Buyer's Guide | MyGolfSpy Always play your best game. Read the Golf Ball Buyer's Guide from MyGolf Spy to always get the best golf balls. Read more so you can improve your game!   I think the Top Flight Gamer ball has a similar pattern.  Not sure if that's what you're thinking.
    • Day 25 (7,13) - Back to full swings.  Trying to hammer home my work on the takeaway and forearm rotation in the backswing.  Really starting to feel good about my progress so far.  Consistently better ball striking than even a week ago, and ball speeds on the launch monitor are 5-6 mph faster than last week too.  A few more days of good results, and I'll get a new swing thread post up to see where I'm at.
    • @IowaGreg, In the GIF below, Newton’s Cradle, the steel balls have almost no kinetic energy loss due to deformation. This demonstrates an elastic collision. A perfect elastic collision with no energy loss would go on forever. If the balls could deform slightly, as in plastic balls, the energy transfer would be less. The cradle would stop rather quickly. A cradle with say Playdoh on it would have complete deformation. They stop almost immediately. This is called an inelastic or “plastic” collision. If we put golf balls in the cradle of different “compression”, which is really deformation, you could theoretically measure the energy loss. Soft golf balls that deform more, would lose more energy at impact and slow down sooner. OEM ball manufacturers measure deformation with various tools.    But deformation is only one part of golf ball aerodynamics. Spin and lift due to spin with various dimple patterns also contribute. Deformation characteristics and cover softness can also affect spin.  The end result is to find the ball that best fits your game and budget. Try different ones out and see. 
    • Yes, sorry, I’ll fix above. Think of it this way, @IowaGreg: the more a ball compresses, or deforms, the more energy is lost in that transaction. Would a cotton ball go farther at any speed than a golf ball (or a golf ball that weighed as much as a cotton ball)?
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