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I Forgot How to Putt

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 What would you do if you played in a 36 hole tournament shot 162 with 76 putts? Would you

A. Slit your wrists

B. Break your putter

C. Quit golf forever

Now mind you I had in the second round 13 birdie putts and 7 were within 8 feet. missed them all Not to mention 4 par putts inside 3 feet. I was so livid I lost 4 balls on 17 and 18 in 2 days 3 double bogeys and a quad AAAAAAAAAAAgh just shoot me now

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As @iacas mentioned above work on your putting, and all the aspects that go along with it. 

In no particular order;

1. Hitting/rolling straight putts on your chosen line..

2. Green reading.

3. Distance control. 

4. Hitting approaches closer to the pin. 

5. Maybe a putter fitting would help. 

6. A ball change maybe. 

Bad putting, like everything else in golf, is just golf. Suicide is never an option..

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

All great suggestions, thanks, I was very frustrated and reaching out for humor. After a little retrospect my first mistake was drinking coffee before playing. Caffeine makes me hyper. I was 4 shots back and when I jab stroked the 3 footer on the 1st hole for birdie because the guy ahead of me was in the hole with a bogey. Then it is like water running down a hill slow at first then picking up speed, I missed a par on #2 inside 4 ft. and I was off to the races, 3 putts aplenty.

I taught for a long time and I am overly analytical to a fault. My mechanics changed like the wind while searching each hole for the golden stroke. Confidence, imagination, and feel are the keys. I'll work at as always and maybe next tournament will be reversed.

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