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Pro's are good enough that they would still score well. Yes, you would need to adjust the length of holes to take into account distance with older clubs, but under par would still be on the cards

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The most important thing - and this what would REALLY make it exciting, would be  to ban stupid modern terms like "3 wood" "4 iron" and "9 iron".

You would have to use spoons, mashies and niblicks. 2 shot penalty if you call a spoon a "3 wood". It's only political correctness that has stopped this happening already.

Along with unraked bunkers and greens that are essentially sheep pastures, it's the only way to bring a new generation into the game.

My calculations lead me to believe that modern pros benefit from the new "rules" to the extent where they are really in the range of 12 to 16 markers. They are soft. 

Thing is when you ask them about suggestions such as these, they scoff. What are they afraid of?

I am pretty sure that I read that in the 2025 rule changes they are making "man old style blade putters" compulsory as well as "an old bag of clubs".


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5 hours ago, ShawnSum said:

Troll account?


4 hours ago, Darkfrog said:

Your profile says "newbie" but this comment makes it sound like you have been here before...

 Nailed it.

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4 minutes ago, iacas said:


 Nailed it.

Seemed a bit odd. He gone! Lol

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I love wearing pink. It's an awesome color. Pink guitars are cool. While not a universal thing I'm sure, it's my experience that ladies like it when they see a guy wearing pink. 

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    • Thanks  We actually got a picture of the 15' gator chillin on the par three.  After that I was not going anywhere in the marshes or water.   So it only matters where it last crossed before going into the hazard?  For the imaginary hole below you would take the drop where is splashed in.  And not where it first crossed the water?  So it does matter if the ball crosses back over land even though it never touched it?    
    • This sounds good to me.  If good for the others I just need a address so I go the the correct Outback location.
    • Hey Troy, Thats fantastic mate, well done..! I also hit a very similar goal on Saturday, l shot a gross 76 to take my handicap index to 9.5 To say im over the moon is a massive understatement. My goals at the beginning of this season were: Break 80, single figure HC, work on a Draw So far my lowest gross round this year has been 74, ive broke 80 5 times now, ive actually broke 75 once also, i have my single figure HC, but l still cant hit a draw consistently hahahaha Im devastated that the season is all but over here in Scotland, the nights are dark and the weather is closing in Brendan
    • Welcome to The Sand Trap!   Whether its marked or not, any body of water is a Penalty Area, and unless marked with Yellow stakes it is considered a Red Penalty Area.  So you have 3 basic relief options under Rule 17.1d: Replay the shot from the tee, called Stroke and Distance Relief Take back on the line relief, keeping the spot where the ball last crossed into the Penalty Area, and going back as far as you like.  Seeing that its entirely marsh, this isn't really available for you. Take Lateral Relief, drop within two clublengths from the spot where the ball last crossed into the Penalty Area. And of course you can wade out into the marsh and play the original, so I guess you have four options.  I do remember one big gator at Oyster Bay, I bet he has relatives out in that marsh.  I suggest you read this rule at: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=17&subrulenum=1 They have some illustrations for each of the types of Relief available that should make it fairly clear.
    • You can't just walk out of a drive-in Grease
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