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GHIN or US Handicap?

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1 hour ago, luisfernandezgolfer said:

Hello, am I the only one having issues login in GHIN?

I sent an email, will see what happened.

Do yo use GHIN or USHandicap?

I have my USGA handicap through my state association, which uses GHIN.  GHIN has recently changed their log-on procedures, you'll need to set up a profile.  Once you've done that, you'll log in using your email and your newly established password.  I'm guessing they made this change to increase the security of your account.  Previously, anyone who knew your GHIN number and your last name could post scores to your record.

Go to https://www.ghin.com/create-profile to get set up.

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Along with what DaveP043 indicated I would suggest checking your email if you were a previous GHIN member as they did send out an email with a link to login and set up your password. It may be in your SPAM or JUNK folder.

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Yes I've been using GHIN but I did not get an email, but I'm sure I updated my profile last week when I saw the red banner at the website, but still not working so I sent an email.


1 minute ago, TourSpoon said:

Did you renew through a FSGA member club?

Did I say crap?, no I haven't renew it yet. Oh No Facepalm GIF

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  • iacas changed the title to GHIN or US Handicap?

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