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Too Much Sandbagging


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53 minutes ago, Bucki1968 said:

Okay, so it turns out we do have a handicap committee. Three on the committee are part of the infamous “tank these last few holes” group! 😒

That explains a thing or two..😂

Vishal S.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

On 4/27/2021 at 10:05 AM, ncates00 said:

There’s no satisfaction in winning that way. You didn’t really win.

Umm . . . yes, I did. I have the trophies (and cash) to prove it. And I got GREAT satisfaction. 

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Bill M

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2 hours ago, phan52 said:

Umm . . . yes, I did. I have the trophies (and cash) to prove it. And I got GREAT satisfaction. 

this. so much this. I have two ridiculous trophies I am inordinately proud of:

1 is from golf,  a 2-man scramble that we have played against each other for decades. We allow 1 mulligan per golfer per nine. We routinely, in that group, break certain rules as in if they happen to both hit it ob, there is no stroke and distance, they go somewhere close, drop it with 1 stroke.  The other guys can't hit out of a bunker so treat it as ground under repair. And once a year there is a round at a specific course that determines which partners get the traveling trophies to display for the next year. By the rules of OUR round, we win or lose the partner. It is a set of rules all four members have agreed to. No handicaps are involved, sometimes rules are unknowingly broken,  we have "gimmes" and sometimes I think both sides get a bit generous with them...but we all follow the same agreed upon rules and I have no qualms about it. We won under the rules we chose to play under and I have no qualms about it.

second is from the "Greater lesser Portland 3.5 and under Mixed Doubles" tennis tournament. To enter, you have to be a co-ed team with neither partner exceeding the 3.5. Molly and I won. There was one person in the tournament who was a 4.5, who did not belong in the tournament but he made up for it by being a chauvinist pig who cost his team the final sagainst us by A) not letting his girlfriend hit and B0 repeatedly trying to drive the ball straight through Molly because she was "just a girl" and getting point after point dumped just over the net.  There is no question had he had a partner of even modest skills, he would have beaten us, although he was not supposed to be in the tournament. Any two modestly talented tennis players could have won the tournament...but they weren't allowed in.


I still enjoy the trophy. It is gorgeous. 

The rules were established, we played under them in both cases and won. In both cases, better players would beat us...but those aren't the rules. And like you, I have the trophies and the satisfaction. And the pictures, but those are a blackmail matter, so.....

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