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On 5/27/2021 at 8:42 AM, ChetlovesMer said:

I own a Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS. 
It's a great rangefinder. It includes both a rangefinder and a GPS.

What I like really like about it is that when you look through the view finder you get distance to the flag (or what ever else your pointing at) and (if the battery is charged) it also gives you the GPS distances to the front and back of the green. 

What I don't like about it is that it uses (2) different batteries. While the rangefinder is powered by a replaceable battery, which is fine. You have to plug in and charge the internal lithium ion batter to power the GPS. I always forget to pull it out of the golf bag and charge the GPS. So, 9 times out of 10 I'm only using the rangefinder without the GPS. So, I almost never get that front and back of the green feature. 

Anyhow, I was playing with a guy who was using a "PeakPulse" brand rangefinder. I tested it compared to my Bushnell and honestly they were pretty much giving us exactly the same numbers. His "PeakPulse" also had slope. Which my Bushnell does not. I think I paid $399 for my Bushnell back maybe 3-4 years ago. This guy paid 80 bucks for his. 

So, I went on Amazon and there are a lot of Rangefinders for around 80-90 bucks, some even cheaper. Bushnell's as a rule are still going $300 to $600 dollars. Most golfers I know who have rangefinders, have Bushnell rangefinders. ... A few Callaways here and there. 

I'm curious, how many of you are using a low-cost rangefinder and how many of you are using a Bushnell? And if you are using a Bushnell and it needed replacing would you consider a low-cost rangefinder? 

I used to have a V4 until some asshole stole it off my bag about 3 years ago. I have a WoSports it’s not the best it’s not the worst.

Over about 200, it gets a dicey it’s probably +/- 3 yards which I don’t give a shit about I suck anyway.

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    • Not sure about middle schoolers, but I found out at some point early in my golf playing that the high school I went to was notorious for cheating at golf.  Supposedly the coach had players cut a hole in a pocket so they could drop a ball.  I didn't play in high school, but I know who the golf coach was when I was there and it wouldn't surprise me if he did that. I didn't realize there was a reason to not clean one's clubs.  After a shot, I'll almost always wet then dry the face of a club, and I'll check if a face is clean before I hit and will give it a quick wiping before hitting if I think it needs it.  I thought that I did was far more common practice. 
    • No clue how to repair something like that, but I am wondering how a club gets a dent like that in it. That is a serious crater.
    • I’m not an expert on this subject by any means but I would say no it can’t be fixed. Caught my attention because I have the g400 3h and it’s a great club. 
    • I know this is a rare bird and there may not be any help other than trashing the head after pulling the shaft.  On a whim, I found a Ping G400 4h real cheap on the 'bay ($30 plus $15 so I am about $ 50 in).  I knew there were some serious scratches on top, but did not really look at the photos to notice it has a major dent on the top near the toe side.  It is on the way here, so I don't have any actual photos to share.  Here is the photo from the auction.  My real questions are - can the head be repaired (I have been researching this and there is not a lot out there as it relates to golf clubs)?  If repaired, does it become a "non-conforming" club per USGA rules, I don't think it matters as I am not planning to enter any tourney's any time soon.  This may be a grand adventure as I have read that applying heat with a heat gun, followed by Dust-It type spray (CO2) to super chill will get the metal to move.  Will have to see....  
    • Day 284: Worked a bit on my priority pieces with a new drill to feel the left leg push back. Then worked on tempo.
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