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What Do You Do for a Living?

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I'm a business analyst for the city I live in. Work 10 minutes from home and don't have to get on the highway which a lot of people don't get to say in Dallas

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I'm working as a Real Estate Agent since 2011 and I'm currently getting my degree as a confederate approved agent (that's what they call it in Switzerland). Currently I mostly work on client contracts and other areas that need some land register law expertise.

Additionally I also help building an IT Company for my maybe on day father-in-law.

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Retired Carpenter/Locksmith... Just retired in May.been so busy that I'm golfing less now than when I worked..lol

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Retired at 42 (6 years ago).

All I do is drink, play golf, and gamble. The only one I do well is drink.

It's a pretty rough life.

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I'm a construction manager on a golf course in the UK.it was bought by new owners nearly 2 years ago. I was approached and employed to undertake reconstruction and to turn round play ability of the course, Some really nice projects on the go. Couldn't wish for a better career move,working where I love to play. Happy days

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I do apologise, soon as I asked I realised, I only heard of the recently link was sent by golf buddy of mine, articles on fading the ball,which I do far to often,been playing just over a year now,wish I'd have taken it up a long time ago,really enjoy playing though

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I'de like to say I play golf for a living but its tough out here on the Mini Tours. One Day!

Professional Caddy is what currently pays the bills + Pizza delivery at night.

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    • Thanks! I can go. We all put in for our vacations at the beginning of the year (healthcare vacation days can be annoying). I can def get the time off. Just need to know the dates by like February, no hurry on them.
    • MEH. I haven't watched TGC other than golf coverage for decades.
    • I know enough to be dangerously wrong, but also wise enough to know when great advice is given, such as @iacas has given above.  When I am in my practice zone, which is my backyard, I am focusing on one area of my swing - is it impact, is it backswing, is the downswing - what do I want to accomplish/see today.  Great thing is some days I see the mountains move, other days I can't hit my way clear out of a very wet paper sack, but I press  on. Often when doing work at the desk, I am turning my body - working through the torso motions.  My stretches in the say are to replicate what happens in a swing.  Flipping my wrists - I can show you video from about 2 yrs ago and some more recent.  I have gotten better at ball striking, not flipping wrists, but using the the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Son. One part at a time - Erik gave a great reference many moons ago when he spoke of how a classically trained violinist learns a piece (you can insert any instrument here).  At first is seems like disconnected, dissonant notes, yet as they accomplish a piece, they move forward little by little. Then at the end of the day, when it is time to play the notes are fluid and flawless.  This process is about learning it note by note - the YouTube guru's all have a fast cure - the only good one is hard work on A SINGULAR KEY POINT till it is automatic.  Muscle memory is a fantastic thing - it makes things automatic.  Please pardon the ramblings of an old man who had a good day on the course!
    • Golf: $600-900 depending on what courses we decide to play.   Stay is free, no cost for any of the nights at the lake house.   Everything else is kind of unknown at this time.  Am I missing anything? I'd provide a good portion of the food and drinks for the meals at the lake, but we may want to go out a couple nights for dinner, and I am no cook. We do have a grill and a full Kitchen at the Lake that we could use.   Btw, I'd recommend anyone who would be flying in to go through Minneapolis. It's only about 2 hours to the lake vs 3 from Milwaukee.    
    • Day 70 spent an hour on the range chipping/putting and getting some video of my full swing. I’ll get it up either tonight or tomorrow. 
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