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Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

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1. Get out more with my son
2. Practice chipping and putting more
3. Change swing to stop hitting from the top ( aka hit impulse)
4. Slow down
5. Win lottery so as to have more time for #1,2,3 and 4 above
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As a beginner (just started this Spring) I have LOTS of golfing goals .. .. but I guess I'd prioritize with:

1. smooth and consistent swing
and 1(a) ..out on the course with every shot
2. better short game and more confidence on those approach shots
(practice, practice, practice...)
3. decent "recovery" shots after the not-so-nice ones

My scoring goals are:
1. 9-hole score of 54 consistently (avg 6 per hole)
2. 9-hole score of 45 (avg 5 per hole)
and also..
3. 18-hole score of
See ya~!

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my goals were to break 100, and I practice 95 percent of my days during the '09 season, I didn't achieve that goal, so I'm a little bummed.

When I started golfing last summer, I thought that since I have way more free time than the average person, I'd be able to get really good really fast as long as I practice constantly and take a few lessons.

I was able to see very very slow improvement, and then I somehow sprained my elbow and ever since, I've not been the same.

I've been working my ass off with the hope that if I practice as much as humanly possible for a full season, I'd be really good by the end of this season, and then I could start expecting to be a pro some day after another 2 or 3 years of practice.

But this is proving to be way too hard.
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My goals for the 09 season was:

Get a handicap around 8.
Cure the damn slice/fade
Improve with the driver.
Stop putting short.

And so far:

Hcp gone from 10.8 to 8.2
During late summer, I transformed the slice/fade into a gentle draw. But that time has come and gone :(
Too few good rounds with the driver.
Short putting has stopped, but now I'm putting way too far. But hey, that's better in my world.
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After a 5 year hiatus (health and family issues) I'd like to get back to being a 6 - 7 handicap. To do that I'd like to play more, but get a chance to practice at least 3-5 times between rounds in order to be comfortable again with every club in the bag. I plan to walk as often as possible (on and off the course) and be comfortable playing 36 holes on foot in one day - if the opportunity presents itself while on vacation.

With the outdoor season over I can safely say I didn't meet all my goals.

6-7 hdcp? Was I drunk when I typed that? I broke 40 on a few nines, but by the time the round was over, I didn't break 80 this year. But, next year I think I will - I used to do it a few times a year - father time you bas####!! I did manage to practice more than play. I managed my practice time and didn't suffer any injuries - healthy as a horse for the indoor season.
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Well I guess this would be goals for over the winter...

1) Improve swing
2) Become a more consistent ball striker

Which should hopefully lead to breaking 90 on a regular basis next season.
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I need to get my total # of putts down. 32-35+ putts every single round just doesn't cut it. It would be one thing if I was hitting an absurd amount of GIR, but I'm not.

Part of the problem is my chipping, it flat out stinks. Rarely do I put myself in a position for an easy one putt. I always have to work for it, i.e. drain some snake 8 footer for the up-and-down. Would be nice to have a tap in once in a while. Can't remember the last time I hit a chip that I was happy with.

Time to get to work and get that short game up to snuff.
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Note: This thread is 4308 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 28: Long day at work, so not much time left for golf practice today. Managed some work on downswing priority piece, hit 10 balls, 7-iron, lots of rehearsals between shots. 
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