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What Hybrid did you get and why?

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I'm looking at getting a Hybrid to fit the 3 wood 3 iron gap. Essentially I want something longer off the tee and fairway than my 3 iron, and something more accurate than my 3 wood.

I recently hit a nike 2h sumo hybrid and was astonished at how easy it was to get the ball in the air, how far it went, and how straight it was. However, it's the only hybrid I've tested seriously. Also, while this may not be an indiciation of much, it doesn't even show up on the Hot list by GD. It's on the golf magazine ratings, but doesn't seem to be a standout.

So what did you get and why? If you have two hybrids, did you get two of the same brand/family or mix it up?
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I have played a number of different hybrids over the last few years (after resisting them for quite a while). I am currently playing the Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK hybrids and love them. I really like the solid feel I get when hitting the ball with them - they almost feel as solid as a driver. They are great off almost any lie and have a great ball flight. They are more workable than many others on the market, but are still forgiving. I currently play 3 of them - a 2H with steel (close to a 3H because of steel shaft, but with a lower trajectory which I love off tee), and a 4H and 5H with graphite, which have a nice high trajectory. Typically a hybrid tends to be about 1/2 to 1 club longer than the iron with the same number on it. My 4H is about same distance as a 3I and 5H replaces my 4I.

The last hybrids I played I also liked (Callaway FT Hybrid), but just didn't feel they were as versatile as the Mizunos (they have a taller face which makes hitting them out of rough a little easier). Also worth checking out are the Adams hybrids as they are really easy to hit as well, but because of the different models you can find one that you may prefer the ball flight on (I also liked the Pro models). Try several different brands and models as some people say they do not like them and then find the right model and suddenly love them (I'm one of those people).
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When I was looking for a 5 wood I tried the Callaway and Titleist hybrids. I chose the Titleist 585.H, I like it a lot and then I bought the 21° because I had trouble putting my 3 iron in the air. I bought also the 21° Titleist because I really liked it. I want to try the 909.H to see if there is a real difference to the 585.H.

I didn't chose the Callaway because the I didn't liked the shaft it was too light for my taste. But it also feels good.

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I have heard some good things about the Taylormade Burner Rescue, but have yet to test it out. I just recently sold my Nike CPR Hybrid after using it for 3 years and loved it so I may test out another Nike as well.
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I just picked up a 26⁰ Nickent 3DX for $60 at Golf Galaxy. This will be replacing my 3 and 4 iron. I tried out the Adams and Ping offerings as well, but liked the address of the Nickent the best. It happened to be much cheaper too! I also tossed on a Golf Pride New Decade grip and will be playing 18 tomorrow morning, I'm looking forward to hitting my first drive into the rough 180 yards out :)
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I have 2 Cleveland HaLo's. They fit my eye really well and have a great feel to them. I got the #2 and #3. They are forgiving and get through the rough really well. I only paid $50 for them brand new on eBay and couldn't pass up that deal. I got graphite shafts and just try and swing easy.

Hit a few and see how you like them.
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I play the titleist 909h as a 3 iron replacement. Despite being a titleist club, it's very easy to hit. I had a tendency to snap hook a lot of the other manufacturers I tried.
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I know they aren't top of the line, but after trying a few hybrids, I borrowed a couple of Slazenger Wraith hybrids from a buddy, and hit them like nobody's business! I pulled the 3 i & 4i from my bag, and replaced them with the hybrids. For me, they work great. They don't hit as far as my Launcher 5 wood, but they are more accurate.
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I tried a few...., but settled on the Cobra Baffler DWS 3/R. This thing is incredible. I had a Wilson 3h, but I did not like the setup that much. I was able to hit straight and long, but just didn't feel right. I used a Cobra DWS 2/R when I was debating on wether to buy a 3w or a hybrid, and loved it! It was super, super, super (did I mentioned super??) easy to hit! my first attempt ever was 215 slightly to the right (normal for me).

I ended up getting a 3w afterall for short par 4 off the tee, but anytime I'm over 180, i use the 3h. Nice low flight, beautiful sound when it contacts the ball, and for me the setup was great!

The DWS is a 2008 and loder model, I found mine on eBay for $65 new (still in wrapper).

In one word "Incredible!"
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I swapped out my 3 & 4 HL irons , plus my 5 wood, & added a Cleveland Halo 3i (22°) & Cobra Baffler 2/r (18°). I also added a 60° CG10. Much better setup for me. Both these hybrids are awesome out of sand, thick stuff, just about anywhere. The weight makes them pretty versatile. I like the Baffler a bit better. It was hard the first few times for me to NOT play them like woods.

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Used to hit Hogan hybrids, changed to Titleist 585H 17* and 21*, now using the 909H 17* and 21*... Just picked up the 909H 15*... Have only hit the 15* on the practice tee, but it should be a nice club in the Texas wind... Titleist clubs just look good to me... Took me a couple of rounds to get used to the 909H after the 585H but glad I made the change
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I ended up with a Mizuno CLK Fli-Hi. A lot of people I talked to spoke very highly of these clubs, saying how easy to hit they are and how well they work, so I bought one cheap on Ebay (I think it cost me about $20) and I like it.
Its easy to hit, forgiving and I can hit it out of any lie (sand, deep rough, whatever; this club can handle it).
The reason why I wanted a Mizuno was because I already had an all-Mizuno bag, was pretty happy with my clubs and didnt want to mess with a good thing.
Id probably have an MX-700 driver right now if I hadnt won the R9 in a charity raffle.
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Bobby Jones 2H new off Ebay for about $90. Much better than the Nike and some others I've bought and sold/given away. Its a keeper to replace my 5w and 7w. The head is smaller than others so as long as I concentrate on good ball contact it performs great.
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Note: This thread is 4522 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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