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    • Meh, the book was better. Seriously, hope no longer term problems for the guy in the video.
    • Yeah, I slowed it down. You could pad it. Maybe cut a pool noodle in half or something. Most of my posts have the video. I'm all about the video. 😀
    • Legitimately, I think 30 minutes a month at the range would be enough for this stuff. You go and you just focus on hitting shots where you're aligned to the target and the ball is curving the right way. It seems like you do enough practice and other work where this probably doesn't need much time.
    • I agree, the swing looked good at SV. I agree with the losing focus on some minor details we take for granted sometimes. There are times I will find a line, start thinking about something and forget were I wanted to aim. The number of times I find people aiming way left or right because the tee box points them there is mind boggling. Play a few rounds were you have a mental checklist, or try to commit to a pre-shot routine with focusing on alignment.  If you are just hitting shots at the range to hit good shots, I doubt there is a difference. If you are focusing on making swing changes (exaggeration), then there will be a difference. Still, there is no difference unless you have video evidence. Schrodinger's Golf Swing 😛 
    • Almost never. I don’t go to the driving range. I could say that I’ll change that, but I’d be lying. I wasn’t debating over the shot shape, I didn’t know which direction the ball was going to turn. There’s a difference 😃 I’ve pretty much committed to hitting a fade. Slight push is fine which tends to be my miss more often than a pull. I’ve never taken a swing video on the course that looks anywhere near what I’m doing at home. There’s definitely a difference.
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