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How many different courses have you played in 2007 (so far)?

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15 different courses so far this year and I should probably double that before the season is over. I'll be spending 2 weeks in South Jersey and a week in Myrtle Beach at the end of the summer, playing every day. My handicap always goes down 5 points when I have a stretch like that. Then it'll go back up over the winter and in the spring when I don't have as many chances to play. Just wait'll I retire and play every day in Florida...
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Not many yet, waiting for the summer, about 4 at the moment, but definately going on a few different courses around the UK in the summer. At least 50 rounds on my home course though.
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The Buckinghamshire ( my home course in the UK)
Pinheiros Altos ( my home course in Portugal )
Old Head
Ballyliffin Old
Ballyliffin Glashedy
Royal Portrush
Gleneagles Queens
Gleneagles Kings
St Georges Hill
Sunningdale Old
The Grove
Hanbury Manor

Still to come next month Olympic san fran , Pebble Beach , Spyglass and Monteray country club . Later on in year Muirfield.
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19 rounds this year so far on 11 different golf courses.

Of those 11, 6 are courses I played for the first time.

Looking forward to playing a lot of different courses this summer to take advantage of the low season rates (Phoenix AZ).

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Ive already played a good amount

Forrest Creason
Stone Ridge
Red Hawk Run
Riverby Hills
Whiteford Valley
The Quarry
Roses Run

Most in the state of Ohio. Whiteford is in Southern MI... Glenmoor is my home CC.
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The Buckinghamshire ( my home course in the UK)

Your courses surely have more colorful and interesting names than the courses I've played so far in '07:

1. Echo Farms 2. Olde Point 3. Topsail Greens 4. Pine Crest 5. North Shore 6. Greensbridge 7. Caverns 8. Carolina Sands 9. Wicked Stick 10. Myrtle Beach National (Southcreek course) 11. Founder's Club (St. James Plantation) 12. Sea Trail (Willard Byrd course) 13. Leopard's Chase (Ocean Ridge Plantation)
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For my 23rd b-day I was given three days at Kiawah island with one guarenteed round on the ocean course. Should be a nice weekend and a nice capper to my golf season as school starts back up as soon as I get back home which means the gradual end of my season. I also get to play 1 round each summer at Firestone, hasn't happened yet this year so it doesn't look like we will get to play the South since its so close to tourny time.

And whomever said they were going to play muirfield... save your time and your money. Its a famous course only because of the tournament. Glenmoor (my CC) is a Jack Signature course and is far better. Muirfield isnt even the best course in the area either. Tartan Fields, Little Turtle, Scioto and Longaberger are all much nicer/ tougher courses. But if your going for notariety then by all means spend the $150 its going to cost you to play at Muirfield... at least Glenmoor is only $100.
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Note: This thread is 4849 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Many thanks to all of you who have responded - with a special mention to nevets88. When you say 'Don't just blindly hit balls. You should know what you're trying to do before you hit a ball. For example, I know that for me, I like to do the following/have these feelings on approach shots: good setup, preset forward lean, face pointed at 0*, move off the ball some with my left shoulder, feel the club head hinge up vertically, and then on the downswing make the head "whoosh" and hit the ground after the ball at the same time.' I would say that's pretty much exactly what I do in both practice, and on the course in my 'practice shots' - where it all works and feels fine.  I'm not saying I always make a great shot - sometimes my timing or control is out and I make poor contact, hit it thin or fat etc - but the point is my body is doing approximately what I want it to.  When I'm on the fairway for real, with the ball there, I can feel it's wrong as soon as I start my backswing -  it's as though it's having a spasm and I just can't repeat the action. It's nothing to do with the lie - we have a practice ground where I can stand in short rough on a slope and still make my 'good' (ie intended) swing.  I've just been reading up on the yips - which are described as  a "brain spasm that impairs the short game." and a "focal dystonia," a neurological condition that provokes involuntary movements around specific actions This sounds spot on except it's my long game that's affected.  I've also realised that it's nowhere near as bad on my shorter clubs (anything from my 26 degree hybrid down) where I'm only slightly affected - but my longer clubs and driver are hopeless. So I'm now thinking it is actually a version of the yips. Does that sound nuts?
    • Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. It was a great birthday. Played golf, took a bike ride with the family, ate chocolate chip waffles... great day.
    • I had the same issue with my left elbow, physiotherapist treatment worked for me to reduce the pain. Then strengthen the forearms and wrists, I'm stronger and pain free and enjoy hitting a golf ball, I looked online for golf stretch and strengthen exercises and now have a routine that helps me. Good luck...
    • I like the KBS out of the two you mentioned, but a lot of variables to consider so I think a trip to a professional fitter is the best suggestion I got...
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