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What are you Reading Right Now?

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Last night I started re-reading Dave Pelz's "Putting Bible" book. 

Not looking for any tips, or instruction, as I am happy with my  putting game. 

It's still a decent book, and  I think some would benefit from the info it provides. 

I just like reading about golf, and this book serves that purpose well. 

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I am reading "Walk the Winning Ways of Golf's Greatest" which is a collection of how the great players in golf got to where they are now. Backgrounds and training of Koepka, Rory, DJ, Tiger and more.

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    • Possibly I should be playing the forward tees.  That's 5800 yards on my home course - middles are 6088.  My drives will go between 200 and 220, so that's borderline 6000, and my 5I about 150-170, so again borderline 6000. When I play by myself, I usually play yellows, and likewise when I play with my father (short hitting, 20 handicapper) and my main golf partner (longer-hitting 28 handicapper), but I have no issues playing from the reds - just habit.  I tend to play the reds when I play with my son, as he's (even) more of a novice than me, and it's nice to be on the same tee - feels more social.  It'd be interesting to see the difference in score those 288 yards make... 288 / 18 - 16 yards a hole on average - what do folk reckon?  I don't tend to score when I play with my son - just practice a few things and enjoy being outside.
    • Hey guys, it's been a while. I had made steady improvement and kind of checked out a bit as life got in the way. After getting down to an 18 I'm now at a 20 and going backwards. I'm back to working on my original issues and rereading this thread has been helpful. I'll try to post some video even though I still don't have the perfect equipment to film. (I really need to do this)
    • LSW doesn’t always say center of the green. We need to apply the gray and black areas to our shot zones. If bunkers are on the left and only light rough all the way around the other sides, then right center may be our target. The shot zone can include areas off the green.
    • Yes, most of the time, but I sometimes have mixed feelings about it. I'm 67 and a fairly short hitter (so far, working on improving but not a huge amount of success). Realistically, I probably average around 180 on drives (nail it for 200 or maybe 210 but then there's the non-optimal hits). Also, my goal this year was to improve by half a dozen or so strokes and also to break 90. Yesterday I shot an 85, best score this year along with two 89's, but did play from the most forward tees which were a little under my "ideal" 28x driver yardage. Waterlogged course so no roll. I have to admit that playing from the senior/forward tees does work, a lot of the par 4's are now a driver and an 7/8/9 iron rather than a 4/5 hybrid, but sometimes it feels like breaking 90 was a bit of a cheat. May have to just get over it if I can never get the distance I used to have 50 years ago. Larry
    • Got my Bullet 5000 today. It should do the job I believe for as long as I live besides the brake possibly.  Very lightweight but hopefully not to lightweight. It appear to be designed well enough. Holds my carry bag well despite the legs. the handle of my wilson carry bag is perfectly placed to lift the entire cart together with the carts handle if needed. 
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