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Golf stag/batchelor party

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Davie81    0

Organising my stag/batchelor party and for part of it, a few close friends and I are going to have a round on a nice course where we normally wouldn't play.

Any suggestions on what we could do to spice the round up a bit while remaining sensible on the course.  It will be groups of 3 balls if that helps with any ideas.  All I could think of was loud attire etc.

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Hardballs    41
Don't bother! The problem with this is 1, the golf will get in the way of the drinking 2, the drink will get in the way of golfing I did it and so have my friends and we all wish we hadn't bothered! So.... Have 2 stag do's!!!! A drinking one AND a golf one! Twice the fun!!!

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Davie81    0
Im having the proper stag the week before but this is just a stag round for a few close friends.

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Originally Posted by Davie81

That idea is awesome however I'm in Scotland. Lol

In my experience, Scots like a pretty girl as much as the next guy.  I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't something similar over there!

And if you can't find a similar service, it's not like you're bringing them along for their great golfing skills. So...just get some strippers. :beer:

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Yukari    88

Playing in groups of 3, you'd have room in each group for one more......



I am not trying to hijack this thread, but thanks, David for the links.

I have a buddy of mine visiting from over seas and wants to play golf during our road trip from SF to CO.  We'll be definitely playing in Las Vegas, and you just gave me a great idea for a round in LV.

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Foursum Golf    13

Last bachelor party I went to, we dressed up the bachelor in a pink golf skirt and tank top. He is tall and skinny and looked like a flamingo. It was great. We also had a party bus pick us up from the course to take us to our hotel/dinner so nobody was stuck being DD.

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