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The Tiger Woods/PED Thread


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  1. 1. Do You Believe Tiger Violated Rules and Took PEDs?

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On 6/7/2017 at 9:20 AM, boogielicious said:

Does, as in present tense included unfortunately.

Noe. If PED's and Blood doping were happening, The Tour de France might be exciting once again....


Same as pro sports, baseball, football, hockey. People want to see home runs, they want to see freakishly large line-backers, bigger, stronger Hockey players. It brings in viewers, big time. During the home run races, McGuire and Bonds, and a few others, had bodies just short of IFBB pro bodybuilders (which is a competition that truly requires and encourages PED's, natty's need not apply. People tuned into see those powerful home runs, to see how fast man could run 100m, to See the doped up Americans completely shutting out a field at Tour de France, and to see hockey players play real, rough hockey instead of the current poke checking, nobody touch me, why does it seem like Ballet hockey game.

They are pro's, the best of the best, so why not choose to get better? As long as its no amateur sports, I say let the dogs loose.  There are plenty of safe steroids, as found in many studies and medical journals, Testosterone and HGH alone can help us be healthier and happier, less prone to muscle and bone density loss, increased sex drive, and a longer, and more active life. It can make all of us better athletically (until you finally start suffering from megorexia, (Can't get big enough, fear of losing muscle, etc)), and it can make up much more productive in every day life. Why not remove the stigma of "steoids are bad" to "some steroids are bad". Not huge doses of either. 100mg 2x week of Test Enanthate, with 3-4iu HGH, and a healthy diet, and within 12 weeks, you will be a better, happier man, in a healthier body than you have ever had. You become your best you. 


Now the problem is, "bad steroids", such as trenbolone, d-bol, Oxy Menathol, and any other Veterinary grade steroid, create a bad rap for all steroids, those are the ones that cause "Roid Rage", and other serious health problems. But when used properly, hormones like test and hgh only help maintain a higher quality of life much longer. Just as long as you don't cross over to dark side of gear. 

Thankfully in Canada, you can legally posses steroids, you just can't sell them. As for me, I haven't done PED's since I was 22, once I finished university hockey(like the rest of the team), but I have been on HGH for almost 3 years (prescribed, and not something I ever asked for, but with 3rd degree burns and nerve damage, it can help rebuild). 


TLDR: Some steroids should be legal for all living humans, others should never be allowed in the hands of humans, but the ones that should be legal only help the average male.


Sorry for going on and on, but it comes down to one thing, TW has never done PED's, the guy isn't big at all, just at his peak, natural musculature. Thats what happens when you spend 25+ years in the gyum

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