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Day 50: Range work with 3W and driver. For driver, worked on hovering the head at set up. Also played with loft and position. I’m working on launching higher by playing the ball forward and lowering loft to reduce spin. Didn’t MEVO because the balls at this range are awful.

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Day 3 Week 6

Making progress with my grip correction, stating to become second nature.

Today I got out some painters blue tape and put it on the face of my clubs to check my contact.  Really helped a lot and I logged each hit to get an accurate picture of my ball striking.  

I worked on my 7i, 9i, 6i, 8i and Driver. I hit 10 balls with each of the irons rotating each shot in the order listed.  After going thru a set of 5 shots each I pulled out my Driver and hit 5 shots with that.  Once I finished with the Driver I went thru my irons again in order.  Finished up with 10 shots with my Driver.

Great range session utilizing my alignment sticks as well as the blue tape.  I am very happy how my alignment sticks made a strong impact on my game when I played last week in South Carolina.

I am going to keep using the blue tape as i get a real clear picture of each shot on the face of the club

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Day 338 - December 2, 2020

Worked downtown with @NatalieB after the Steelers game (I'm pre-posting it as I'm heading down now). Same stuff as I have been working on.

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Day 3 Week 6

Training items used today, alignment sticks, SKLZ Swing Grip Trainer, SKLZ Gold Flex, Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer Aid, Painters Blue Tape

Did my sklz sets, core work out and worked on my PW, 48*, 52*, 56* and Driver as well.  Blue tape is telling me a lot about contact point.  Figured out why my 52* wedge has been my favorite as I consistently find the center of the club.  I was surprised by my contact with my PW as I started out way out on the toe but as the session ended I was finding the center of the club.  

When I finished up with my Driver I used the Izzo Smooth Swing Trainer and with that I was constantly on the center of the face.  I am going to continue training this week with this and my Driver.  It will give me time to see if it will translate next Tuesday on the course. 

Great session today 

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Day 83 - Spent more time filming swings. It seems I’m correct at A2 or A3, getting both to be what I’m looking for isn’t working. Have more work to do before sending in more swings. 

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Day 4 Week 6

Warmed up with my SKLZ Gold Flex going back and forth for 10 swings and did this on cool down as well.  

Utilized my alignment sticks and Izzo smooth swing trainer band and painters blue tape.

Clubs I focused on were 5i, 2 Utility Iron, 3 Utility Iron, 5 Wood and Driver.  I put blue tape on all of the club faces to see where I was striking the face.  Since I had a very productive day yesterday with the Izzo and hitting my Driver I decided to use the Izzo with all of my clubs. 

I went in order as listed above from 5i to 5W and hitting each club with the Izzo on 9 times. Last round I took the Izzo off and hit each club once without it.

Wow, ball striking started out way on the toe almost off the toe at first with the 5i. My first 8 balls were all on the toe with the Izzo on.  I started to get frustrated but stopped myself and just relaxed.  Made a couple small alignment changes and then I started to move my ball striking towards the center of the face.  

As the session went on I kept moving to the center and then stayed pretty much on the center with all clubs.

I finished up with just the Driver using the Izzo.  Today my ball striking was more center high on the face where yesterday I was very consistent center low on the face.

Total it was a 50 ball session.

As the work day moved I have been going back and hitting chip shots with my 52* and the Izzo on.  That has relaxed my arms and I am starting to get a real nice pattern of contact with the 1/4ish swing

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3 minutes ago, iacas said:

Why do you add the week number? The week doesn't matter (for the topic). It must matter to you, somewhat. So why?

I am using the week to keep me focused on getting work done on a continuous basis this off season.  I am not trying annoy you, it just helps motivate me to work at getting better.  

I went thru the worst year of scoring in 45 years.  I scored better when I was in 7th Grade then this year at 58.  My GHIN went from 8.4 in 2017 to a final 18.9 this year.  I had different injuries in 2018 and 2019 that kept me from playing no more then 4 rounds in each season.

You may never realize how important this site is to me.  It helps so much, in so many ways.  From fighting depression to learning about golf.

If you want I will stop mentioning the week number, I understand

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Day 356

The holes in my net have become unmanageable, and I've ripped holes in the target cloth blocking the holes in the net now too. While I wait for my warranty replacement (not sure how Rukket earns money considering all the nets I've been through), I just hit some 50% speed 5-irons with the feeling of the club head moving before the handle to start transition, and tried to keep the trajectory low to hit an integral part of the net.

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Day 5 Week 6 

Max out day.  I build the week in my S & C program to max out of Friday, this gives me the weekend to let what muscles I have heal.

Tools used, alignment sticks, Izzo smooth swing band, sklz gold flex, sklz grip tempo trainer and blue tape.

Expanded core work out, expanded sklz gold flex work, kept sklz grip tempo at normal levels.

As I did a lot with the sklz training clubs I throttled back on hitting the ball.  I hit 40 balls today with 5 shots each on 7i, 9, 6, 8i going in that order rotating each club 1 shot at a time.  I used the Izzo with each club and each shot.

Finished with the Driver hitting 10 balls using the Izzo on 9 with the last ball as is.

I am glad it dawned on me to grab blue tape for the face of my clubs regarding ball striking.  Learning a lot 

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Day 357

Played 18 this morning, working on the new feel I have for starting the downswing. Still a feels a little out of sync at full speed, so I dialed my swing down to what felt like around 80% speed on full swing shots. Played pretty well, but have more work to do on this.

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    • Had two chip-in birdies today on difficult par-3 holes. The first one was a bit lucky. The course was absolutely drenched due to heavy rains, and the hole was cut at a low point on the green. My pitch shot would have rolled 10-15 feet past the hole under normal conditions, but the water on the green killed the speed and the ball one hopped into the hole. The second one was actually a good shot. I was on an upslope with the green above me, and hit a perfectly weighted pitch that landed on a downslope and rolled into the hole, which was cut on a well drained part of the green.
    • I’ve always been intrigued by hickory golf. There’s a guy I see sometimes playing hickories with the full getup and it it looks like tons of fun. I’d love to get a starter set, but not interested in restoration, and no clue where to even begin. 
    • Day 117 (24 Oct 21) - P3-P4 work with the 8i using Birdie Balls to complete the swing move focusing as well on keeping the weight forward.  Resulting ball flight bordered on a slight draw.  
    • Every year they have a "big deal" hickory tournament south of here in Oregon.  Totally fascinates me.  Hickory clubs, dressing the part, flasks etc.   Personally, I'll take my hickory on the BBQ pit... USHO/2021 – Northwest Hickory Players  
    • I was always a big Mighty Mouse fan:  
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