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PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

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I'd like to try my hand at a bit of an independent, review (having never reviewed an item before) so bear with me guys.

The item in question is the PuttOut pressure putt trainer, an item the manufacturer claims can drastically improve your putting, so can it live up to the company spiel? 


What is it?

As many of you will already know its a kind of hybrid putting aid, part putting target, part auto returner but with a built in "pressure putt trainer" which is a little fold down plug in a hole in the ramp . The manufacturer claims the parabolic shape used for the PuttOut is ideal for its purpose but more on that later.


What do you get for your money?

Well, for 19.99 of your English pounds you get a nicely packaged perspex and rubber contraption that, at first glance, doesn't look like much. However, once out of the box the initial impression of it looking a little flimsy soon disappears. It feels robust and well made. Once unfolded it even looks the part and when put on the floor the white "putting hole" stands out against the clear ramp and really draws your focus. The base of the aid is covered in small pyramid spikes so there is no worrying about it moving on carpeted floors or grass.


How does it work?

As with the case of many things of this type, the simple ones are often the best and this is no exception. In "easy mode" with the pressure hole covered it acts like a returner but due to the nature of the parabolic curve good putts go up the ramp and back down rolling back to the user. As it uses gravity to return the ball it will only roll back about half way between the aid and the user. Not problem as such as a little reach with the putter and you have the ball back. Bad putts will fall off the sides and over hit puts go all Dukes of Hazard and leap off the back.

Pop the little hinged plug out of the back and you unlock "hard mode". Good and bad putts react the same as above but now a putt of perfect line and pace will stay in the hole.

Is it any good?

Well, i have had it since Christmas and have used it every day and i have to say, in my opinion at least, that it lives up to the hype. I like the fact you can use it just about anywhere and have few putts then fold it away and pop it on a shelf or in a bag. It's inobtrusive, looks smart and feels like a lot of thought has been put into its design,

Even in a short space of time i feel more confident on short putts thanks the the repetitive practice this aid enforces. I generally get bored of doing the same thing over and over but this seems to make even short putting practice fun. Long puts are fun too but i would suggest using two or three balls to save you going back and forth collecting your ball. The "hard" mode is actually quite tough, i've managed a couple from under 10ft and one super lucky shot from 20ft (but to my 4 year old im now a putting god!). Because the PuttOut is fairly narrow (the white hole target is regulation diameter) it really focus's your aim and every time you fluff a putt you end up thinking "just one more putt", 10 minutes later you're still at it.

How does it compare to the alternatives?

I have an auto putt returner and to be honest, as something to help you improve, the PuttOut wins hands down. The auto returner is too forgiving, the "hole" being just a white outline with half a centimetre either side so a putt that would miss the hole on a real green is scooped up and shot back to you, realistic practice this is not!.

Other advantages over the auto returner are fairly obvious, the PuttOut is smaller, takes less storage space, can be used on the practice green as it has no electronics in it so a little water wont hurt and of course you dont have to buy batteries or plug it in.

A less obvious advantage, one that all you golfing parents with small children will appreciate, is that the PuttOut is quiet. There is no "zzzzzzzzzzzzz TONK" as the motor whirs and launches the ball past you into the skirting board, waking up the 1 year old having a nap in the next room!.

All in all, I think this is one of the best aids on the market at the moment. Yes £19.99 is more expensive that the £10 an auto returner can be bought for or the couple of quid a fake hole can cost but these don't give the feedback the PuttOut does. As a man who rarely likes to spend money on training aids and such this is money well spent.. Like Ronseal, It does what it says on the tin but its also a lot of fun too. My 4 year old loves it and has already made his own putting games up. If you are looking for an effective putting aid then its certainly worth a look or a quick try at your local golf retailer. Its a sold performer at a fair price and i have no problem giving at a solid 9/10.

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Russ, from "sunny" Yorkshire = :-( 

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Just want to say I got one 5 days ago and have been loving it. Really helping me to nail down starting putts on a straight line. You can get a lot of reps in quickly.

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I have one of these too and I really like it. The worst thing about it is that my back starts to hurt faster because I don't even have to get up out of my putting stance. I find "hard" mode to be particularly difficult. I've barely ever managed to get the ball to stay in the hole. 

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  • 3 years later...

Okay, I know this is an old thread. But I believe its still relevant. I got a Puttout and Puttout mat and I have to say its kind of growing on me. It's off to the side in my office and since I've had it (about a month now) I've hit quite a few putts on it every day and I like it. 

When I first got it, it would take me somewhere between 10 and 20 putts to get a six footer "stuck" in the little hole on the Puttout. Now, after having it about a month, I can get one in the little hole in about 5 to 10 tries. Sometimes I get it on the first try and I'm like "Whoohoo!" 

The mat is also interesting. My first impression of the mat was "Oh my, this mat is slow." I'm not sure what it is on the stimp meter but its slower than I expected. Since I plopped it on top of my existing "office green", I can tell you it's much slower than that one. Again, after having it a while now I kind of like that aspect of it. I roll 3 putts from left to right on the Puttout mat which seem to be about the same speed as my local muni. Then I roll 3 putts from right to left on my previously existing office putting green, which seem to be about the same speed as some of the "nicer" courses I get to play. 

Over all I have to say I like The Puttout. It's fun, and kind of addictive. I'm not sure how much it truly helps my putting. But I'm positive it is not hurting my putting. 696931302_puttinggreen.thumb.jpg.d45caa6fea5a218de07b2d9549a44251.jpg

Anyone else out there using a Puttout? 

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These are fine reviews but I'll offer my own opinion. I was loaned one of these things, along with the official PuttOUT mat, from a friend. I played with both extensively over the winter and felt the actual PuttOUT devise worse than putting to a beer can, table leg or anything that could be considered a target. In fact, it's relatively useless because your good putts are not rewarded as they get stuck in the quarter size hole, and it takes an absolutely perfect putt to achieve that. The red target, representing a golf hole, actually looks much too large to my eye. I prefer practicing by putting to a target much smaller than a real golf hole. The mat, on the other hand, simulates the roll and speed of a green better than most carpets and the alignment stripes pointed out the fact to me that I typically would be misaligned to the target on my setup. But putting on a surface with stripes can become a crutch not available, obviously, out on the golf course.

Both are way overpriced, in my opinion -$30 for the target, $90 for the mat (which is totally ridiculous). Walmart has a knock-off, $19 for the target, but that's still a lot more than a can of beer.

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