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Who has two sets of irons?

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10 hours ago, iacas said:

Most haven't been hit in years.

Same here! I have a bunch of iron sets laying around. I haven't seen a First Tee program in this area, but I'll ask at Mill Creek this Spring. If anyone would know it would be them. 

10 hours ago, Balls_Deep said:

Was thinking that spending the whole winter hammering balls off of a mat might put some wear on the clubs. That was my thinking anyways. As for your other comment - I haven't had the best luck playing lower lofted clubs. I absolutely hate offset and thick top lines and most of the lower lofted clubs are GI. I moved away from true GI or SGI irons as fast as I could. My club repairer has a set of PX 6.0 he can throw in my clubs for $100. Maybe I'll just do that. Should be a slightly better wind shaft.

Ah, good reasons all. There's a chapter in Tom Wishon's book In Search of the Perfect Golf Club where he describes the process of designing Payne Stewart's last set of clubs. He also hated a thick top line, and while his irons were slightly offset, Stewart didn't want to SEE the offset! This was quite a conundrum for Wishon to work through, but he got it done. 

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On November 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM, boogielicious said:

Any iron will do for practice that is close in weight. Check out used clubs at a golf store or even a thrift shop.

+1 to that.  Golfers Warehouse near me has a barrel of loose mid irons.  They also have about 10 Taylormade p790 6 irons they sell individually.  Play it again sports usually has a bunch of random loose irons too.

On November 20, 2018 at 9:36 PM, Patch said:

At one time I had six sets of irons. Until 6 months ago I had three. I donated a set of Topflites to a charity

I now have two sets of irons.. One is set of Tour Edge Ironwoods (2-LW). I am playing these right now. They are pretty old, but I still hit them well.

The other is a short set of Tour Edge G-2s (5-LW). I play this set when I am looking to change my bag make up for what ever reason(s). I add my metal woods to these irons to complete my bag. I have had these sticks for several years, but they are considerably newer than the Ironwoods. 

Honorable mention goes to set of Karstem 1 Irons. (Pings) These were given to me a few days ago, and will soon be going to a collector when we meet up next month. I am going to play a few holes with this set just for the hell of it. They are almost 50 years from what I have been able to find out about them. 

Patch, don't go planning your retirement on those Karsten 1 irons being collectible.  I just got lucky and sold my 2-SW for $100 including the woods.  There's been a few sets here on Craigslist for well under $100 too.  My friend Paul walked into work the other night with a set he got for $25 at Goodwill.

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REAL golfers have now, have had or will have multiple sets of clubs because we obsessively believe that surely we can find the perfect clubs with which to hit the perfect shots with an imperfect swing. Just a theory, of course. Best and Happy Thanksgiving to all, -Marv 😎

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  • 5 months later...

Hmm....   3 sets of Ping, 2 sets of Hogan and then there are the hickory clubs -3 sets of those. Don't even ask how many putters!

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I have four sets now, (I just sold a set), including a set of Ping Eye 2s steel shafts which I take out every now and then. I also have a collection of wedges, 11 putters, hybrids, 5 drivers, fairway woods, a chipper and God only knows how many balls. My wife is after me to get rid of stuff to clean the garage out, but I just can't part with it, you never know when you'll need something.

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 I have 3 sets now. I've been playing a set of DCI 990's for the past 5 years. Just picked up a set of TM RBZ. I don't play as much recently, and the DCI's are not friendly to my inconsistent swing. I also have a set of Hogan blades from the 60's or 70's that I learned to play on. Those are definitely not friendly, but I keep them for sentimental reasons. They never see action, just storage. 

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I just picked up a set of Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons just because I have always loved the look of them and the DGpro shafts are based off the True Temper Monaco shaft that my fitter had me try years ago and was great.

I'll probably keep my Ping Ie-1 irons too.

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I technically have two sets.........    a set of Titliest 735cm 3-PW      and a set of blades i put together Titleist 690mb 2-6 irons and 716mb 7-PW


I was trying to do a full set of 690's but all of the 7-pw's irons were trashed, and at the time i was too stupid to just buy a full set, which i probably should have lol......  but it started out with me buying a iron here n there off ebay....   but the nice thing is my 690 irons are mint and the 716's i bought still had the wrapper and i got them each at a good price...          

plus i do have a few extra 690 irons, that i was going to experiment  with or just use for practice, but never got around for it....   

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