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  1. Vinsk

    Short Siding on the PGA Tour

    I think this stands true and is most important when making a strategical decision. I imagine at the tour level and maybe elsewhere you may even find yourself considering this from the tee. An example would be a fairway that is designed where the safe side to land your tee shot forces you to be short-sided to the green (tree line). If it's a severe short-side situation (deep nGr rough and a steep downhill to pin) then you may have to decide if the risky tee shot is worth it to avoid the short-side. Just a thought.
  2. Vinsk

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    Yeah this. Anything less is a slippery slope.
  3. Vinsk

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    You’re not understanding ground force at all. I’m done with ya. These ‘flat earth’ discussions are pointless. You’ve presented nothing but opinions and personal observations. You’ve made no attempt to debate the evidence presented. And for the bold, nobody is suggesting to solely focus on the arms. The topic is about the significant contribution to speed the arms have which you disagree with. And you are completely wrong as shown by the evidence presented here which you simply ignore.
  4. Vinsk

    My Swing (mvmac)

    Great work Mike! You’ve certainly ‘changed the dang picture.’ With all your hard work and diligence your swing thread makes a great read. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me and many others. Cheers Mike!
  5. Vinsk

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Lol! Ok....I get it now. Sorry I’m slow. I thought you were serious...you got me.
  6. Vinsk

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Yes. Yes it does. And where do you suppose this force comes from? Gravity? Maybe you’re joking? I mean ...come on.
  7. Vinsk

    Hi from CA

    Lol. Ok...I was just referring to you saying this. Always good to hear other people’s views.
  8. Vinsk

    Hogan Twist Takeaway

    Good point Mike. As you said..did this guy ever watch Hogan swing? I don’t get what his motive is to present such blatantly wrong info. And it’s not like a bunch of terms or speculations as to what Hogan said...it’s plain as daylight to see.
  9. It’s unbelievable how often I get notes from school teachers that have those errors. ‘Please be sure to sign the waiver if your going on the field trip.’ ’Their all looking forward to it.’ 😒
  10. Vinsk

    Should I Get a Lob Wedge?

    Without going over a hazard, what do you like about the 60* rather than a 56* for say a 40yd pitch to the green?
  11. Vinsk

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    I mean not to razz the LPGA....but she qualified for a US OPEN at 11 years old. She’ll be fine I’m sure.
  12. Well I do believe the DG S300 promotes a low trajectory. There are so many shafts out there it can be overwhelming. It would really be good for you to compare your ball flight with the DG S300 and a shaft more geared for a high trajectory. It’s very noticeable when you hit different shafts. I believe you would certainly see a difference and be able to find a shaft that will yield a higher trajectory. Testing is always best because flex varies from brand to brand.
  13. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    What amazes me is how often (for me) a pretty drastic swing thought can produce no change mechanically in golf. If I’m facing a bag and practicing a spinning back fist and focus on hitting the bag higher up...I’ll do it. But I can focus and think, ‘ don’t let my trail elbow get stuck behind me’ or ‘ take the club more upright and not inside’ and although I feel myself doing it...my proprioception seems on...video shows I did nothing different. So I wonder if there are people who have a swing thought that produces a good shot... but in actuality they’re not doing what they think they’re doing? Doesn’t matter I suppose if the thought is working.
  14. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I see your point. It would help to know what he was reacting to. If he was thinking, ‘remember, hands high..’ then at the top he didn’t feel right and was quite remarkably able to stop ...then I think it well defines a swing thought action/reaction process. However if he heard a noise or some distraction and canceled the swing..then perhaps there wasn’t a swing thought but just an immediate reaction with no thought.

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