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  1. I’ve seen all of this and frankly the whole thing has gone from ‘The Making of a Murderer’ to ‘The Making of a Film about The Making of a Murderer.’ It’s like both sides can go endlessly back and fourth making the other side appear wrong or deceitful.
  2. There are many, many options for grips to where I can’t imagine you need tennis tape. Some real good ones: Pure Grips: They’ll last the longest. Golf Pride Z Cord: They are as corded as they come. Rough and good for wet conditions, high sweat times. Winn Dry-Tach: Feel really nice.
  3. Yes. The only issue with putting it on a club other than the putter would be if the grip tape began to come off it might be deemed as ‘altering’ the club. Not likely to happen with the low impact with a putter but could happen with another club. I used Babalot tape on a wedge years ago and had no problems however. Sí. El único problema con ponerlo en un club que no sea el putter sería si la cinta de agarre comenzara a desprenderse, se podría considerar como "alteración" del club. No es probable que ocurra con el bajo impacto con un putter, pero podría ocurrir con otro club. Usé la cinta de Babalot en una cuña hace años y sin embargo no tuve problemas.
  4. http://www.usga.org/equipment-standards/equipment-rules-2019/equipment-rules/equipment-rules.html#!ruletype=er&section=rule&partnum=2&rulenum=3
  5. If it feels good or comfortable, it’s wrong. If you go meticulously through a large bucket hitting beautiful iron shots, your video will show you’ve made zero progress. Then when frustration has reached its boiling point (so you think) you’ll make what feels like a ridiculous exaggeration of a move and again video will show you’ve made no changes. None. Zero. Once you finally twist yourself into the most uncomfortable position you can muster, you’ll have no ability to make any type of swing and hit the ball. If you shank it you swung well. If you stripe it.. you messed up somewhere. So you wanna go at this on your own? Enjoy. Cry if you must, for the oceans are thirsty.
  6. Hello and welcome to TST. Many people under estimate the difference a shaft can make. I really recommend you go for a fitting and see what gives you the best results. The flex of a shaft varies from one brand to the next. Stiff for one may be regular in another. Generally speaking I believe stiffer shafts are suited better for faster swing speeds. Not knowing where you are makes it difficult to know what’s best for you. Take the time and get some testing done on a monitor and see what you come up with. Now if there’s no way in hell you're gonna get a fitting changing to the R flex from your S flex would most likely be the direction to go. Again, that’s a very general guess. Cheers!
  7. I wasn’t able to see any of it. How was his driving?
  8. They’re never gonna get it Phil. Unless they can transport Jack or Tiger through a time machine and see how they do they’re gonna continue to hold that we can’t know. They’ve become Flat Earthers in this debate.
  9. As @Grizvok stated, start a ‘My swing’ thread and you’ll get some excellent swing advice. Take a look at this thread too. Now I understand you were ‘feeling’ you were making brief swings. But in your video you are making very little shoulder turn and essentially lifting your arms up and a little back. You then release early and flip through the ball causing your club head to over take your hands and chicken winging your lead arm. Check out the link I posted regarding the centered pivot.
  10. Hello my friend. Look, I’m happy for ya. I really am. Golf is a cruel and cynical world and the golf gods never cease to punish us at our moments of glory. But hey, let’s see the video and hopefully you’ve managed to ‘change the picture’ meaning, you can actually see a difference from this swing to your previous swings besides just being shorter. Now I mean no harm, and no ill intentions are here. I’m a mess when it comes to making real swing changes and I hope like hell you’ve done a better job than I. Enjoy the feeling and post your video and let’s see what you’ve got going on there. 😃
  11. Probably only Cameron and JS can answer that. Certainly not you or I.
  12. Actually no, I don’t. And statistics do not reflect ‘mental aspects.’ There is no SG Mental toughness’ stat.
  13. Well we all know the importance of distance for sure. But it seems odd that after 2015 JS would think his play needed improvement. You’d think he’d realize his current game at that time was more than efficient to compete. What made you think he tried to improve his distance? Did this come out somewhere? I agree. Certainly not with someone like JS.
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