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  1. The DG you show is a Stiff flex. I don’t think they even make the DG steel in a senior flex. I wouldn’t base it on how it ‘feels.’ Go hit it and get some numbers.
  2. Hello Joe. Welcome back. Lots of great conversations since you were here so you’ve got plenty of good stuff to browse. I lived in West Bloomfield and Dearborn several years back. Winter in Michigan isn’t for me...lol. Anyway, glad you’re back! Cheers.
  3. Well hopefully after 11 years he realized that.😁
  4. Nice! So how was your first time? I always like seeing these guys hit in person. It’s just something to see how pure they hit the ball. Weather looked perfect. Thanks for posting!
  5. Yeah I agree with @klineka. For your price the Mevo is great. I have one and it’s very simple to use, small and plenty accurate.
  6. 16-18 ‘’The Snake Pit”
  7. I think you’re taking it too literal. There’s a level to the ‘wanting’ that can play a role in how successful a player, or anybody really, will be. And it’s on both ends of the spectrum. Being worth millions and having fame, being a household name in golf some may start a family and lose that desire. They’ll play and enjoy it but they’re not seeking out counselors, coaches and firing up the TrackMan for hours a day. Then you’ve got the bottom level guy who makes a living on tour, has other interests and doesn’t have that fire but golf pays the bills. It’s like instructors too. Look what Erik puts into golf. Then there’s my former instructor who’s young but lazy and unmotivated. He complains of wanting his center to grow but does nothing to promote it. You’re right about wanting not guaranteeing success. But Rory truly wanting to catch Tiger is certainly going to help him more than a ‘if it happens it happens’ attitude. Just my opinion of course.
  8. I do too. The only time he really irked me was when he said, ‘....Rugby....it’s American football without the pads.’ Yeah no. Not even close.
  9. Hello! Have you posted a video here on the ‘My Swing’ thread? There are some really solid instructors on this site and they will get you in the right direction. I’m a fellow lifer with the shanks so I completely understand your frustration. If you just upload your video to YouTube then copy/paste the url here you’ll get great feedback. Cheers!
  10. The funny thing is long drives don’t always account to being a beast. It’s a talent for sure but the whole ‘masculinity’ aspect is really irrelevant. Justin Thomas would’ve lost his lunch money every day at my high school and he can out drive any of these guys posting. A club speed of 110-118mph from a non-collegiate amateur is impressive for its athleticism, not by any means a ‘masculine’ entitlement.
  11. One down ..wrong score...but hey...you’re on a roll!
  12. Just something to note here: As @iacas mentioned earlier the posture will change in the golf swing. We’re wanting a relatively relaxed position that allows for a good take away with balance. Here’s DJ at A5..as you can see there’s no lower back curve at all.
  13. Yes but I just don’t think it’s anyrhing of any consequence. DJ also has a bit of a curve in his lower back just from his build. He’s got a long thorax and low body fat and his upper body is well developed...thus the gunslinger stroll he has.
  14. You need to look at the angle from the top of his back just above his shoulder blades to the back of his head. In Mike’s pic from the left it’s much more acute of an angle and more obtuse on the right. And your pics of DJ show him to have the obtuse angle.
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