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  1. From a marketing perspective it's better to be able to say #1 on the LPGA Tour compared to #40 on PGA Tour even though we know it's not really.
  2. Agreed, but she ranks much higher in the LPGA than the men they have under contract do on the PGA Tour.
  3. I had Golf Channel on last night and saw a video of Jack talking about watching Gary Players swing and how Gary set up at address in his impact position. Jack said he made a conscious effort to copy that within his own swing. Jack then went on to demonstrate his swing which appeared to include very little hip slide. I'm not sure at which point of their careers this method was adopted (Jack appeared older than the clips you're using), but given Wie has copied Jack's putting method I thought she might be trying to duplicate elements of his swing as well.
  4. She sets up almost at impact position, doesn't appear her hips slide much, if at all, kind of how Player and Jack were.
  5. Horschel made it to the playoffs last week and Moore did pretty well prior to Ryder Cup and at Ryder Cup. I wouldn't consider Hahn, Horschel, Howell, Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore and Schwartzel to be the best of the tour so I'm not sure you can blame PXG for their performance any more than you can credit them when they win. Every golfer takes some time to adjust when they switch manufacturers, remember when Rory went from Titleist to Nike? Ko is a big win for PXG, where she joins, Kerr, Lee, Piller and Recari.
  6. I started the season at a 21.2 and finished it at a 16.4 which I'm happy about but was hoping to be at 15. It was a uneven season for me, I started out okay, then ran into difficulty mid season with my irons and all tee shots which lasted almost a month. To answer the question I'm definitely better than I was at this time last year. My biggest problem is still my driver, only 52.4 fairways hit, which is the major cause of my average of 6 penalty strokes per round (includes OB, hazards, drop shots as well as bunkers and fairway sand), biggest portion of that is OB. Once I got past the issue with my irons I hit them well and improved my GIR% which improved to about 25% down from 17% earlier in the season. Putting slightly improved from 40 down to 37.2 during that same time period. Plan for off season is to work on driver and putting but also improve flexibility and swing speed.
  7. Is the OP is quitting golf because it's takes too much time and it's too difficult or is it because he hit a deer?
  8. The 5 per member limit was there before they sold out the first time. People are taking advantage of their limited availability and selling them at a premium on eBay.
  9. Unless you get a really good price on the "hold me over" driver so you can resell it at a minimal loss I'd pass and wait to get fit properly. I've wasted a lot of money on clubs that weren't fit properly for me.
  10. It didn't take long for them to sell out again. 4.9 stars out of 135 reviews is pretty impressive.
  11. I don't mind wearing some cold gear under my shirt and pants but I don't like when my hands are uncomfortably cold as I don't like wearing gloves on both hands. Usually that means anything under 45, especially if there is a wind, is too cold for me.
  12. Golf is hard, but I disagree on the time and cost being a real issue. Sounds a little like the Fox and The Grapes. Nothing worth while comes easy. If you're a 19 index you've gotten past the hardest part, you can go to any club and play a decent round. Off the top of my head I can't think of many activities that are fun, take little time to participate and are cheap. I guess you could start a vegetable garden or ask your wife i'm sure she'll find some "fun" things for you to do.
  13. SM Global is the import / export company Costco is using, they are the same company that they used to purchase the balls from Callaway which is leading to speculation that their is some relationship between Nassau, SM Global and Callaway. The balls are still being made by Nassau Golf.
  14. How many beers did it involve? Just kidding, I've played like crap for 3 years and I always had a great time. It's only now that I've improved a bit that bad rounds ruin the fun a bit.
  15. Our starter / ranger tells us that rather than wait to tee off, we should hit our tee shots, locate our balls and then allow faster groups (if they catch up and are ready at the tee box) to hit up and play through because that is the most efficient method.
  16. Looks awesome, just don't blade a sand shot and kill a neighbor.
  17. Agree that technically both terms are correct but hole in one without qualifying it's a par 4 feels like it's downplaying the accomplishment.
  18. Agreed, for basic word processing or web surfing older computers are fine. I do mostly heavy graphics and video processing so I find that 3 years is about the point I'll start looking for a new box and hand down the current one.
  19. I agree, I buy computers with an expected 3 year life / usefulness period. You can sometimes push a little more performance out of a laptop with upgrades but they typically aren't worth the cost.
  20. Because TM has an uncertain future given Adidas (parent company) is trying to sell the business. Prospective buyers may have differing views on signing Tiger to an expensive long term contract. Tiger will dictate what the clubs look and feel like when he chooses a manufacturer, so it's pretty irrelevant who he picks. Pro's don't play the same clubs we buy. Dunlop is actually a major player overseas, especially in Japan. The XXIO brand is a Dunlop company and their equipment is much more expensive than most of the mainstream manufacturers.
  21. I expect he'd test every club out there to determine which he likes best. With Adidas trying to unload TM Tiger could be a great addition to their Tour Staff but it would have to be at the right price to not scare off prospective buyers.
  22. This Spring I played an orange Volvik Vista ball and thought it was a great ball. It was easy to see in the rough and follow off the clubs in the Spring sunlight. Once summer hit, I went back to standard white balls and have kept using them through the Fall as the orange Vista's blend in too easily with the leaves on the ground.
  23. When you're playing well your confidence builds and you tend to relax which improves the results even more.
  24. It looks like the warm weather is going to break next week so I can't imagine at this point letting a nice day pass by. I really need to move south.
  25. Shorter clubs are easier to make better contact with, as others have said, by choking down you may be making better and more frequent contact with the sweet spot. I'd try using some impact tape and see if choking down improves consistency of where the ball is hitting the club face. It's also possible you're prone to flipping the club and by gripping down a bit more that isn't happening.
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